Snapping Turtle Hamburgers

Now, we’re going to share something with you guys today that I saw once before. I forgot about it, and for some reason or another I remembered it last night. After looking around I found it again.

I first saw these quite a while back. They were being prepped by a lady who had taken several pictures of this while doing them. I believe her to have been from Louisiana, but I’m not positive.

I think you guys will get a kick out of this, as I know I did when I saw them, I thought they were a hoot. I know your kids, and grandkids will love it, and I’m sure they’d even love to help in making these along with you.

One of these we make today will be going home with Red to give to Shelby Lynn.

We’ll be including a video along with some pictures with this recipe, to show you all how to make these dern things! Again, I think you’ll all get a kick out of these.

“Snappin Turtles”:
3 lbs. hamburger (ground chuck)
2 packs of hotdogs
2 packs of bacon
black pepper
Cheese (your favorite)

Patty your hamburgers and top with cheese. Basket weave your bacon around the hamburger and cheese patties. Then strategically place your hotdogs as needed.

Place on a rack in a baking pan, and cover loosely with foil. Bake for an hour, to an hour and fifteen minutes or so, take out and serve.

The video is just a tad risqué at the end.

Patty out your burgers, layout six slices of bacon to basket weave, add a slice of cheese to the burger, and cut three hotdogs in half for each burger.

You can also add a slice of onion, some mushrooms, basically anything you like on your burger.

Weave your bacon around your hamburger, and prepare your legs, tail, and head for your turtle

Stick your hot dog pieces into the burger. Slice the feet twice for the claws, or toes, and make a point for the tail

The finished product…

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