Oh My God…It’s a Gun!

Hey guys…and gals! Thank you for stopping in today, and we hope all goes well for you!

Well, I feel you may be able to guess the topic of choice today, huh? Sadly the exclamation used for the title of today’s column, blog, shoot whatever it’s called, is being said far too often today.

This is not meant to be from walking into a restaurant, or store and spotting someone on the inside holding a gun on someone. Actually it’s meant to be the reaction of too many today, who only see guns from this standpoint…as something bad, even deplorable.

This is whether they see one inside your home, or possibly in your vehicle, or even if you have a concealed carry permit and you mention you are armed, the response…”Oh, my God, it’s a gun!”

The left has become very vocal in their fight to relieve us of our weapons, and this is on someone’s political agenda constantly. Their solution…disarming the population.

Looking at our family as an example, and I’m sure this is true in millions of households across our Country, guns have always been a part of our lives. They’ve always been in our homes, our vehicles, and most times even on our person.

This is a right bestowed upon us by the Founding Fathers, and done so as a means to protect our families, and property from harm. By people knowing you may be, or are probably armed, this in itself is a deterrence from you being involved in some type of crime upon you or a family member of yours.

.They allow us to hunt, or just plink some cans with 22 rifles, but the Founding fathers even took this a step further and justified gun ownership as protection against a tyrannical government… imagine that? Those guys were pretty sharp fellows in their resolve to pass legislation to insure the freedoms and liberties we’d just won would be able to be enjoyed by their children, their grandchildren and so on.

Today, all of the above are under attack. We lose more of our freedoms and liberties on a daily basis anymore, and where, when, or how will we bring this all to an end? I don’t know the answer to this question, but I promise you, it wouldn’t, or couldn’t happen with an un-armed population!

How simple is it to understand, you lose your guns, you lose your freedoms? You only have to take a look back in history to see this is simple fact. The numbers below are of people killed by their government during, or after a regime change. You also have to understand, that under these types of regimes…the killing NEVER stops. You show individuality…where’s DB, anybody seen Dub?

You try to practice your religion…you’re gone. You don’t adhere to the social equality propaganda…bye-bye!

  • China under Mao- 49 to 78 million
  • Russia under Stalin- 23 million
  • North Korea under Kim II Sung – 1.6 million
  • Cambodia under Pol Pot- 1.7 million
  • Cuba under Castro- 30,000
  • Vietnam under Ho Chi Min- 200,000
  • Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milosevic- 100,000
  • Yugoslavia under Tito- 570,000

A little jingle I found…this is just for you Bonnie!

“There was an old Marxist called Lenin,
Who did two or three million men in.
That’s a lot to have done in,
But where he did one in,
 A Marxist called Stalin did ten in.”

Anyway, it’s pretty plain to see what happens when a Country’s citizens are not armed. We have a political group here in our Country today that look at someone in past history, like Mao for instance, and believe in his philosophies. Would you look back once more at the numbers of Chinese killed by Mao?

Mao was hanging from a Christmas tree on an ornament, in the white House…but no one knows how it got there?

Anita Dunn during a talk, said that Mao as one of her favorite philosophers…Mother Teresa was the other she mentioned. Boy, that’s about as far apart on the scale as you can get, wouldn’t you think?

Ron Bloom stating, “We’re beginning to feel like Mao, and your political power comes from the barrel of a gun…”

Or Mark Lloyd talking about Chavez, and “his great revolution…”

Well, isn’t what these people are saying totally against what our Country stands for? It sure is, and what’s crazy is the fact these people are in power…in our Country, the “United States of America!”

What do these people advocate?

Gun control, less religious rights, less freedom of speech (unless a liberal), less individuality and more social equality, take from the haves, give to the have not’s, political correctness (boy is this one just killing our way of life…giving up our standards and morals, and having to accept different standards and morals from people who aren’t even citizen’s here, and many of these hate us AND our Country), health care controlled by the government, the same for all…but them, they own the car companies (along with the unions), and it goes on, and on, and on…every day. Then, ask Susan Elaine about the White House Rural Council, and Agenda 21…

Once more, is this the Country we’ve always lived in??

Now understand, I’m not preaching ANY type of hateful rhetoric, and I surely DO NOT want to see violence of any kind take place in our Country. I like most like me, still have faith in our election process, and through the polls are voices are heard, BUT, if we start giving amnesty, slip in an illegal right to vote or voter fraud, or keep changing the laws making the right to vote available to peoples who don’t have this right, then our democracy will crumble only from a numbers standpoint.

Two more questions…Why do prisoners have the right to vote? Is there any logical explanation for this? Why do we have voter forms in English AND Spanish?? I mean, honestly I have no problem at all with the Hispanic speaking Countries having their voter forms only in Spanish, just like the Koreans should have theirs written in…Korean, right?

But here’s another example of “watering down” our system, to benefit one party of politics, and many of these people it enables to read a ballot, simply because they won’t or don’t want to…learn our language. Which by the way, to ALL our elected officials, IS the language of our Country!

On top of this, many, and I’m not saying all, but many…a whole lot of them are here only for the benefits, the free care (get that FREE CARE, you and I have to pay out the nose for it), and on top of this, they HATE our Country, and are a big reason for our standards and values being watered down as I said earlier.

It boils down to our government condoning there entry illegally into our Country, then they furnish everything needed to live, the poor taxpayer gets raked over the coals from all the giveaways, and the party giving all this away has in essence, bought all their votes.

The more they bring in to “get on the programs,” the longer they stay in power until eventually…THEY ARE THE POWER…no way to beat them at the polls…the numbers are no longer there to do so.

We end up letting politicians use our freedoms, and our democracy, to change this a little, change that law a little, until our Country’s majority, literally is a majority that doesn’t love our Country, actually, could care less about it. Boy, isn’t that going to be a pretty society?

Understand as well, this was done with your money…we will have ALL funded it for them! How’s that for taking the cake?

Sorry, I got completely off the subject didn’t I? We were going to talk a little about…Guns.

No, I was going to talk a little this morning about the left and their quest for gun control, and this I guess is where I got side tracked. My intent was talking about gun control, but I got to thinking about TOTAL control.

Quickly though, the left doesn’t want us to have guns, right?

They believe this will create a “safe society.” Really, for who? It surely won’t make society safer for the average law abiding citizen. How could it?

Outlaws are going to get, and have guns, this is a no brainer. You deny it, you’re on another planet, it really is that simple.

So if you’re an “outlaw,” and you know that NO one is armed in their homes any longer, and you are, where or what, is the deterrence from this man coming right on in? You have a ball bat, and he has a 45…who wins here? For those who don’t know the answer, or are liberal…it’s the man with the 45.

Guns do deter crime.

Yearly, in the U.S., there are nearly 2.5 million times a handgun is used for self-defense. What might have been the outcome had the victim not been armed? According to a FBI crime report, the states which have “right to carry” laws enacted, there is a little bit of difference when compared to states with no right to carry laws.
Such as:

Crime, involving gun owners with carry permits have been consistently about 0.02% in Florida.

After passing concealed carry, Florida homicide rates dropped from 36% ABOVE the National average, to 4% below.

There are I believe, 40 states that are, “right to carry.”

The general public is 5.7 times more likely to be arrested for violent offenses than concealed carry (CCW) permit holders.
13.5 times likely to be arrested for non-violent crimes as well, than a CCW permit holder.

A four year study in Texas concludes, that violent arrests for CCW holders is 128 per 100,000. For the general population it is 710 per 100,000.

In Florida, again a state that has allowed concealed carry since 1987, you are twice as likely to be attacked by an alligator than by a CCW permit holder.

66% of police chiefs believe that citizens carrying concealed firearms reduces rates of violent crime.

Regardless the left continues to carry the banner and wave the flag in its quest for gun control. If their reasoning of a “safer society” is being shot down (pardon the pun), by the documented numbers and data, what then, is the REAL reason?

I keep thinking back on their quotes on Mao, Chavez, and they like Castro as well. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just not “Progressive” enough?? I only hope the day doesn’t come to pass where we have no choice.

My parents, Deb and I, and all our kids are CCW permit holders. We’ve been around guns, and taught gun safety since a very young age. Not an authorized, go to school or take a class version. Only an upbringing of guns in the house, this is what they are, this is what they’re used for, and keep your hands off of em, until you’re told to use one, or NEED to use one. You disobey, and we’ll tear your tail up!

Now, I’ve done gone and I’ve done it again, and opened up another “can of worms.” Shoot, you can’t whip your children today, can you? The “gov.” says no. I oughta throw my two-cents in on that this morning, but I’ll try and stay on topic.

If children were taught as we were taught ,and have taught ours, you’d see many gun accidents no longer taking place. By hiding, and keeping them away from guns, the guns become an infatuation, no different than anything else a child can’t have.

The more they know you don’t want them around it, the more they want to. They just have to touch it, feel it, or hold it. Suddenly you have a child, or young adult with a weapon in their hand they know absolutely anything about. THIS is where the danger comes in. Know working knowledge of the weapon that is suddenly in their hands…with NO supervision. That…is a wreck fixing to happen.

Teach your children about guns. Take them to a range, let them begin to understand the workings of the firearm, and teach and instill the safety that has to be a part of being around the firearm. Take em to Grandpa’s and let them plink cans with a 22. Get involved, and get them involved as well. Shooting sports are really a lot of fun. Teach them.

We have a friend in Alabama that told me a while back she had gone to a range, and I believe she told me it was the first time she’d even shot a gun before. Says she loved it, and enjoys going to the range. I was so glad to hear this.

Honestly, more and more people today are looking into the purchase of a firearm. Sadly, mainly it’s not for sporting, but for self-defense.

Regardless, guns are part of our heritage as Americans, whether the left wants to own up to it or not. I must say too that I believe, without a doubt, as a whole, that an armed society…is a polite society.

One of my favorite quotes is from Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch. Why do you carry a 45?

Because they don’t make a 46!! GOOD Answer!

We hope you guys enjoyed it today, and we wish the very best for every one of you! God Bless.

As Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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11 Responses to Oh My God…It’s a Gun!

  1. Great article and I agree 100%. Keep up the good work………God Bless

    • Peter Wilson, CD. says:

      Great article! I wish we had the 2nd. Amendment in Canada.

      I over heard an American say, when asked why he carried a concealed gun: “Son, with my heart, carrying a cop is too heavy!”

  2. Eric Pearson says:

    I enjoyed reading your news article about people and guns.
    Eric Pearson at Washington Politics News.
    Site address: http://www.washingtonpoliticsnews.com

  3. Texas Gal says:

    Write on, fellow patriot… right on!

  4. Kunoichi says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I totally agree with your points. You did forget Hitler on your list – 10 million dead because of him.

    As you can imagine, in Canada things are a little different. We don’t have the right to bare arms in our constitution. We do, however, have a gun culture, no matter how much our liberal media and their fan base would like to pretend otherwise. After the massacre of 14 women in Quebec years ago, a long gun registry was brought in. It accomplished nothing other than make people with no understanding of guns feel better and waste billions of dollars. Our current federal government has just announced that they are scrapping the registry this fall. To those on the left, this is the equivalent of the end of the earth (but then, so was electing a majority conservative government, and we’re still here).

    As a farm girl, I grew up with guns. No farmer was without at least 1 rifle. Usually, people had at least 3. A 22, a shotgun and hunting rifle powerful enough for deer, moose, elk or whatever they preferred. My BIL, an avid hunter, has been able to extend his hunting season by 4 weeks by including a muzzle loader and compound bow in his collection of hunting paraphenalia. I was given a rifle as a wedding gift – a WWII Polish sniper rifle. *sigh* That thing had quite the kick! When the laws changed, however, we ended up passing it on to someone else to avoid the new hassles of owning it.

    I admit, I view handguns differently. I see little use or need for them, other than in very specific circumstances. People can buy them here in Canada, but they have greater restrictions than long guns. Unlike many of my fellow Canadians, however, I have nothing against citizenry legally owning and carrying hand guns.

    My husband never touched a gun until he joined the military. As an officer, he had to be a sharpshooter with a 9mm handgun. Both of us like guns and consider knowing how to safely handle one to be very important. We’ve always wanted to make sure our girls knew how. Unfortunately, with city living, we don’t have much opportunity. The best we’ve been able to do is get my husband to take them to the range for their birthdays. The range is in a local mall and only has handguns available. The cost of rental plus bullets is prohibitive, so we haven’t been able to afford to take me yet. *sniff* The girls loved it, though. My younger daughter (now 15) proudly keeps her target sheet on her bedroom wall. She did pretty darn good for her first time shooting!

  5. patricia in ontario, canada says:

    At 50+ years I got involved in handgun target shooting because I was afraid of guns. I found the sport quite interesting, lots of physics, and was shocked at how relaxing it is. A few years earlier I had tried skeet through a local college, but didn’t really like it. I also worked for many years with young offenders and will never forget a 16 or 17 year old fellow, 6′ tall, who had been charged with attempting to rob a small variety store with a mask and handgun telling me he just about s— his pants when the Vietnamese store owner pulled a shotgun out from under the counter. The YO ran. Says something about deterrence doesn’t it?

  6. susan elaine says:

    Well said!!

  7. Peter Wilson, CD. says:

    Hi Patricia, I’m from Ontario Canada too.

    Like they say: You don’t need a gun until you need a gun and then you REALLY need a gun! :-)


  8. "gunner" says:

    to the canadians replying, including the ladies, you might try visiting down over the border, in vermont, and making friends with gun club members. we have none of the silliness about guns that you endure. no “permits” of any kind required or issued. if you’re visiting a friend here and get invited to to the range to shoot your host can lend you a gun, pistol, revolver or rifle with no hassle. i once had a canadienne friend down for a visit with my wife and i, we went out for a day at the local gun club range and she fell in love with my old m1911a1 service colt .45, and was royally annoyed to learn she could not have one in canada. she aso enjoyed shooting my daughter’s ar-15 with a 30 round magazine. do come and visit, its just over the border to a taste of peace, safety and firearms freedom.

  9. Bonnie Hollingsworth says:

    Great article, great comments! Very interesting to hear the thoughts of others on this matter. First and foremost, we are given the right to “keep and bear arms” under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly, our “powers that be” have the annoying little habit of ignoring our founding documents and just doing what they darned well please. I have hoped the NRA or someone would start a website or blog that tells every week, day, or SOMETHING, how many gun owners did NOT kill anyone that day, how many gun owners diverted a crime or saved a life that day, vs. how many thugs with illegally-owned or stolen guns killed and robbed that same day.

    I get really angry when I hear the anti-gun nuts come out of the closet spouting their illogical rhetoric! My children were introduced to weapons when they were (GASP!) 6 and 8 years old. They learned safety, the seriousness of the item in their hands, the common sense uses, the dire results of carelessness with same, and yes, even shooting just for fun! We have NEVER had an accident with a weapon in our family and all of my children are marksmen/women. Actually, I have one daughter who is an “expert”. Her weapon of choice is a 38 S&W. It has served her well. When her son was a toddler and we were camping at a commercial campground a big rattler came crawling through the campground. People were yelling for anyone that had a hoe, a shovel, or anything else. Sharon whipped out her 38 and blew it away with one shot. Result? A couple thanked her, one asked where the heck she learned to shoot like that (she was a cop, by the way) but we also got the “OMG, she’s got a GUN!” Yeah! She had a gun! Nobody was hurt, nobody was shot, and she possibly save a camper from getting bit! That’s insanity; the attitude of people that were there.

    There was a man stabbed to death over in Buncombe county last week. There was a person beat to death with a bat down in SC. Gosh! Perhaps we should ban knives and ball bats. How about the young lady found a few days ago hanging from a balcony. Shouldn’t we also ban ropes?

    How is the government going to take care of us with all these weapons around? Well, they should NOT strive to take care of us, the assumption being that we don’t have sense enough to take care of ourselves. They need to leave “We the People” to hell ALONE! I submit that a small group of us have more common sense than our congress and the president and his cabinet all put together.

    There is a lot of truth to the bumper sticker that used to be around. It said, “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”! True.

    Kunoichi, you’re right; it’s a personal choice. My weapon of choice is a handgun. I can outshoot Steve with a handgun, but he can outshoot me with a rifle. I guess he can shoot the game for the freezer and I can protect the premises around here from thugs and intruders.

    Have any of you ever read the Communist Manifesto? You can see it unfolding right here in our nation, rapidly! I call on all of those too timid to speak out to remember that this is YOUR nation. It does NOT belong to Obama or the other politicians. It is ours, and only we can save it! If it’s not worth you fighting for it with words and deeds, what the heck are you doing here? Wake up, stand up, SPEAK UP, before it’s tooo late!

  10. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

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