Didn’t Stay Gone Long, Huh?

Hello friends. Ya’ll thought ole’ Dub was outta’ your hair didn’t you? Well, I ain’t…not by a long shot!

We’ve had really, a very good weekend. First Mom and Dad came down Sat., ate lunch, and just sat around visiting. I really enjoyed that part! No, not the visiting, the just sittin’ around part! Hadn’t done much of that at all lately!

That dern Deb’s a pusher…c’mon Dub, drink this juice! C’mon Dub, it’s time for our walk! C’mon Dub, get outta’ that sugar! C’mon Dub, c’mon Dub, C’MON DUB! She’s doing just great, and honestly I’m beginning to wonder if all you nice people…might outta pray for ME awhile!!

Seriously though, ole Deb is a pusher. I’m so proud of everything she does and how she goes about it. Very, very positive and since the short time we’ve been involved with her battle, she has no conception of the word, no!

I tell you guys, I was wearing out. But you know what? Just by me making the decision to slow down some in regards to this column, I feel much better already. God I love visiting with all of you, but I have to say that with everything else going on, it was becoming a bit of a drain.

Being committed to it, every day, well 6 days out of the week, had gotten really tough. But you can’t believe what a load has been lifted, only by stating I need to cut it back to 3-4 times a week.

We were doing 9 columns, and 6 recipes a week. It had become a bear after finding out the issues Deb’s dealing with now. We have had absolutely no schedule for over a month now, but this will change very soon in Deb’s regard.

We get the second opinion, find out 100% in our hearts what road we’re faced with, and then the treatment starts. From a schedule standpoint we’ll at least be pretty much afforded that.

By letting you guys know of cutting back on this column a little, you wouldn’t believe the load lifted. Now, I can holler at you guys and not feel I’m faced with any type of deadline, and no pressure of trying to turn out X number of posts.

Don’t get me wrong, we love doing it…until we found out about Deb, and for the time being, and the immediate future…that was a game changer! To me, simply being told what we were told, took a lot of fun and enjoyment out of my life and it was happening…NOW!

I’ll fess up something to you guys, too. Some of you already know, but all these writings we do…are done with the third finger of my right hand. I’m a one-finger typist. I see people typing so dern fast, all the while looking up and holding a conversation with someone, and their fingers are literally a blur…I could just slap em!

So conversing with you guys, what you could do in twenty minutes or less, takes me two dad-gum hours!! Now, what does that tell you of how I feel about you guys?

Now, aren’t you ashamed of some of the thoughts run through your minds before, in regards to ole Dub? Here I am peckin’ away with one finger, hard as I can go, just so’s I can say hello each day to you, our good friends!

Now Deb’s kinda’ a different story, she does use two hands, but she’s no Mario Andretti, setting any type of type track records either, but she is head and shoulders above ole Dub here.

Actually I just wanted to tell you all that as often as we can we’ll be in touch. We do enjoy conversing with you all, and kinda’ feel like we may be short changing you guys to an extent, but honestly, dropping in on you guys like this is really a stress reliever.

We love you all, but for now I have to give Deb my main focus, and she has to stay focused on her end in this as well. Thanks for being there for us! Anyway…

Yea, Mom and Dad came by yesterday as I said earlier, and we had a great visit. Deb lost her Dad very early in life, and her Mom’s been gone quite a while now as well. Personally, I have been very fortunate in this regard.

Both Mom and Dad, though aging, are both still in really good shape, and stay busy most all the time. They can’t do what they used to, and this bothers Dad more than Mom, but shoot, I can’t either. A big difference between 55 and 35, huh?

Debbie had a really nice day today as well. Josh, our oldest son, and his family came down to take Deb to lunch, and then I think they stopped off and picked up their oldest son some new boots. Deb I’m sure was right in the middle of the little shopping spree.

Actually I know she was. She came home with a new shirt for me, and three for herself. You hear me…ONE shirt for me, and THREE for her! I didn’t say a word, because last time I asked in regards to the discrepancy of the number of items for each of us, she just said, “Well, if you total the amount of material for one of your shirts, it just about equals the amount of material used in three of mine!”

Don’t you just hate it when someone argues a point in such a way as this? I mean, from a number standpoint I’m getting the shaft, but from a material standpoint, even though it has no bearing, not to me anyway, she is mildly correct in her statement! A woman’s justifications…the poor ole’ man just doesn’t stand a chance!

She’s doing absolutely super though guys, and I’m so proud of her and her mental strength…she’s one tough cookie!

Again, I just wanted to drop you all a few lines to check in on everybody. I hope all goes well in your own lives, and your families as well!

Please, if we could possibly be of any help to any of you, please once again, just holler at us! You guys have been the best thing that has happened to Deb and I in a long time, and honestly, you still are!

God Bless you all, and as Deb likes to say, “Until next time, keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to Didn’t Stay Gone Long, Huh?

  1. Bonnie Hollingsworth says:

    re: “Please, if we could possibly be of any help to any of you, please once again, just holler at us!”

    That goes two ways, Dub and Deb! I think I speak for many other when I say if we can be of any help to the two of you, just give us a hollar! We love y’all!

    Will be praying for a clear path from your second opinion this week. Life gets easier if you at least know what road you have to travel. Hang in there!

  2. Sandra says:

    Got all the bases covered. The Bible is out on the bible stand open to my favorite verses. Got some incense going. candles burning, spirtual music playing. Then move on to some tom-toms, sage and cedar, chanting. Changed the music to Zampir and his magic flute. Throwing rose petals in the air and trying to walk on some coals from the BBQ pit. Got plenty of river water to cast about. Have I missed anything? Oh, it ain’t Sunday and time for dumplings, so I ain’ killing no chicken. Hope you take this in the spirit given. Because laughter is the best medicine. Thinking of you guys and know you are going to come through like Champs. Prayers your way for Deb and some intestinal fortitude for Dub.

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