Just Talking to Our Friends:

I’d like to start off this morning thanking all of you that have become a part of our family here in Ridin’ Out the Recession, in Miz Judi’s Kitchen.

This has been some of the most enjoyable times Deb and I have ever experienced. This statement is so true, and the reason behind it is because of all of you, our readers, our contributors, and our friends.

Since day one, your response has been just great. We wanted for you to feel at home around Deb and myself, but I have to tell you, that you showed us your own hospitality, concern, and you’ve even shared with us your love. We just can’t thank you guys enough! You’re all truly wonderful people!

What little knowledge the two of us possess is yours for the asking, and to an extent we’ve tried to share it with you in an honest and open way. The bonus Deb and I received from you all was the response you gave in return of your own knowledge, and the openness with which you’ve shared with us. We truly do look upon you as family, because simply, you’ve acted towards us as if you were!

I know I have read comments from you, where you’ve been speaking with or to, different readers of this column, and were describing the fun you’ve had, and the opportunity you’ve had to connect with other liked minded people like yourselves.

Isn’t that a blessing for us all? It has been for Deb and I. I’ve made this statement to Judi and Brian, as well as all of you before, in regards to what a tremendous blessing this column has been for us too! Once more, this is only because of you. I really don’t think you guys can understand in depth how much you all mean to us, even though I try to tell you this from time to time. It honestly is heartfelt.

In saying all of these things, this brings me to the point of my column today.

Since Deb’s diagnosis, we both have been just kinda stumbling around. Having never experienced this, close hand before, and we actually were lost as far as, okay, what do we do, or what can we expect, or how will we react to this or that?

Time has become such a short commodity in our daily lives anymore, and by saying this, it has nothing at all to do with Deb’s prognosis, only that this hand we’ve been dealt, along with the other daily activities we’re involved with is, taking a little toll on us.

Mainly it’s just me. I have to tell you guys that honestly, I’m mentally and physically tired right at this moment. I am.

Deb though is just so positive, and so driven, that what a truly remarkable inspiration this lady is to me. She’s doing absolutely fantastic! A little lippy, but I never liked a “Yes man, anyway!”

I’ve been so blessed by Deb coming into my life, and now, honestly I’m at the point where I just have to take a little break, or breaks here and there to keep wind in my sails, if you know what I mean.

With the business we’re in, which Mark (Red), has just “grabbed the bull by the horns,” in this regard trying to help his Mom and I deal with this as little as possible, but we still have to stay involved, make decisions, and be coherent enough to feel confident those decisions are the right ones.

Our garden is coming in full force, and honestly, when you can as much as we do, this in itself is a job, and in the same breath, we both enjoy it, but it, too is time consuming. We’re spending more time together in healthier activities, walking, and biking, and also finding our little moments to spend together as often as we can. No stress time, I guess is what you’d call it.

You then add in all the little curves and surprises life in general throws your way…next thing you know it’s 10 o’clock at night??

I’ve got to say that we love you guys, all of you. Some have become basically, “a part of our lives!” We feel literally that…you’re family too. We do.

We’ve ended up having enough on our plate, that we’ve had to make a tough decision here, and quite frankly, it’s not one I like doing, but one we feel we must do for a little while.

We’re going to cut our column back some, and to many, this may not be a big deal, but to Deb and I, it’s quite a big deal! We just don’t have any other spots to take time from anymore. We’ve tried to balance this here some, move this to this spot, cut back on this or that, but no matter what we shift, slide, or slow down on, there’s still more coming in to take their place.

I’m not talking about stopping Ridin’ Out the Recession by any means. But we’re going to have to step it down some, we can’t keep up without it lacking in content, which by the way, it has been lately. Also I feel as if I’m not doing you guys any type of justice in regards to this.

When I do something, I want to do it to the best of my ability, and that’s anything I do. I have to admit that in most cases my ability is limited, but…I give it 100%! LOL. This said, I don’t feel I’m giving you guys the best I can give by any means, at least right now.

Take just a look at your comments, as an example. I like to ALWAYS answer each of you back. Why? Because of the appreciation we have that you thought enough of our story, article, whatever it is, to drop us some lines in this regard, and now I seem to be too busy to holler back at you.

I mean, you took time out of your day to stop and give us a shout, huh? Then, I ought to shoot you a line or two…right back at ya! Correct me if I’m wrong in this Mississippi?

You guys mean too much to Deb and I, to shortchange you in anyway, and are not deserving of it. So, after today, we’ll not be changing our stories as much, and we both regret having to cut back here, but we just have to for now.

We’ll be giving you all probably three columns that I can guarantee you a week. Some weeks we may have four or five, but at this time I can’t promise you any more than that, I’m sorry.

We’ll keep you updated on Deb’s progress throughout her ordeal, and you don’t know how much I’d like to tell you guys down the road…that she’s beaten this! Life is not a given, and this has become such a reality to me anymore, and I have to spend more time with Debbie, I just have to!

I know without a doubt, if these roles were reversed, she’d give me her undivided attention, and I must her as well. She’s my life guys, and I love her. I would expect the same for you and yours, and I know you guys understand what I’m having to tell you this morning, and for that, thank you all so very much!

Okay…enough of that.

Here’s your first update…

We had surgery scheduled for Wed. morning of next week. This has been postponed…for now.

After scheduling this surgery, for the first time in quite a while Deb had some quality time. Time to think clearly for a change. She has decided she wanted a second opinion, and honestly, that in itself is such a relief to me, and so many others.

By scheduling the surgery, she saw that finally, she had a game plan in this situation…finally. After thinking of her surgery overnight, she finally decided she would like to hear from one other Doctor in regards to her prognosis.

We got lucky. After her praying on this subject of getting the second opinion, she felt God was indeed supporting her in this thought. Out of the blue, we get a call from a Doctor in Orlando, who is regarded as the best in the Orlando and Central Florida area. His specialty…breast and lung cancer.

Deb’s diagnosis is breast cancer, with a tumor found below the tracheal tube as well, which happens to be his specialty, once again. I’d sent him some info on Deb and requested an appointment if at all possible. This Doctor stays covered up, and honestly we’re very, very fortunate to get in to see him, but we have been blessed once more. Praise God!

Thursday morning at 9:30 we have a sit down, and will hear his evaluation. We supplied him with all the tests and results we have already, so he’s up to speed in this regard.

We don’t expect by any means to hear too much if any, different news, but, we may hear different alternatives. Regardless, even if we hear exactly the same, this does allow her to know, in her heart, that she is indeed doing the right thing! That’s enough!

Understand that we feel very comfortable with the two Doctor’s who we’ve been seeing, and this is NO knock on them at all, but merely this is allowing her to be at peace with her decision.

We’ll elaborate more on this later, and thank you all for being concerned with Deb’s plight. Not only is this a morale booster for her, but for me, you guys are simply a Godsend! Thank you all so very much.

In closing, you all are more than welcome to shoot e-mails to us, and we’d love for you to. Don’t feel as if you may be imposing, because that is farthest from the truth. We love you guys!

I’ll be posting up on the site once more, of how we’re doing, how the garden is coming along, telling you all a tall tale or two, and dropping you a recipe in here and there as well.

If any of you would like to share anything at all on any of the subjects or topics we talk about in the column, we’d be happy to post anything up for any of you. Please don’t lose contact with any of us, or the friends you’ve met in regards to our columns. This is the blessings we’ve all received from Ridin’ Out the Recession, in Miz Judi’s Kitchen, and friends are hard to find!

I want to say one more time, we love you all, and this is not goodbye by any means, only an explanation as to why we’ll be posting just a little less frequently, okay?

Judi and Brian…you guys are the best, and thank you both for just a wonderful opportunity to meet, and relate to such great people through doing this column. You both are a blessing to us as well! Your support and help in this endeavor has been unlimited, and we could not have done it without you guys!!

One other thing I’d like to request from you guys too. READ the CANADA FREE PRESS…because without America, there is no free world!!

Please keep my wife Deb in your prayers, and I know that you all are in hers! God Bless every one of you, and you’ll be hearing from me (us), very soon!
Ole’ Dub ain’t goin away that easy!! You just may be stuck with me from here on out, so how bout them apples?

Oh…as Deb likes to say, “Until next time… keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

With love for you all,

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Just Talking to Our Friends:

  1. Michael says:

    My prayers are with you and Deb. I just found your blog yesterday. I too have some experience in this area. I will not get into it here.
    Last weekend my wife and I participated in the Relay for Life. Our small little town raised $35,000 for cancer research. We walked for 24 hours because cancer never sleeps. It rained that night but it did not stop us, but we did make it optional for walking in the rain in the middle of the night. Please feel free to contact me via the email address that is on this post.

  2. Kunoichi says:

    Thanks for sharing with us – it’s always a pleasure to read your blog, whatever the subject, Keeping up a blog takes a surprising amount of time and energy, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to step back and converve both. You do what you have to do! :-)

    Getting a second opinion sounds like a good idea. No matter how good someone is, there’s always going to be someone with more, or just different, information and ideas.

    Take good care of yourselves! :-)

  3. Ann says:

    My neice has stage two breast cancer and is using a 5-prong attack:
    1. Chemo therapy to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery. This has succesfully reduced the size of the tumor by one-half so far.
    2. When chemo is finished, she will have surgery.
    3. She had a fairly good diet before her diagnosis but now she is focusing on eating even more nourishing foods, especially vegetables from her garden.
    4. She is taking selenium and other vitamins and minerals.
    5. She has been able to raise her pH from 5 to 6 and is working on raising it more. Just like bluberries grow best in acidic soil and some vegetables grow best in more basic soil, the pH of our bodies should be around 7.3 to 7.4. Some researchers (found in online search) say cancer cells do not thrive in an environment with this pH.

    Seeking a second opinion is usually a good idea and it is not offensive to good doctors.

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