Become more involved in your children’s lives

Welcome back to Miz Judi’s Kitchen. I hope all are doing well today. Thank you for coming back to visit with us once again.

It’s another beautiful day here in Florida, sunny and warm. Now I would like to take a few moments to talk with you all about our kids.

How many times have you heard our kids are weak and have no responsibility? That they don’t respect anything or anyone?

Why do you think this is true? Is it their fault we find ourselves in this type of predicament when it comes to our children? As a matter of fact it’s not. The fault here lies with us, you and me. I have to take my share of blame just as much as any of the rest of you out there.

The simple fact in this problem is that we, being parents and grandparents, it is up to us to teach them the rights and wrongs through their childhood years. But, we’ve gotten away from that. Is it because we’re afraid of what people might think? Yes, I believe this to be a factor.

Is it because through these tough economic times the Mother has had to join the workplace as well? This being necessary to contribute to the family’s existence through another paycheck coming into the family unit. Yes, this is also a factor, and I totally understand and condone this. You do what you have to do, right?

How about one more factor involved today, which Dub and I both find ludicrous…our government involved in our children’s lives to the extent of our children being able to pick-up the phone, and dialing 911. Is this to report abuse? Sadly, most of the time it’s not.

Most of the time today, it’s mainly a case of the child about to be disciplined for, Lord forbid…misbehavior! Oh, and the left plays this to the hilt.

There were no food stamps back then to rely on, and frankly I must say, most, if not all wouldn’t have accepted them. Why? Too much pride!

If we didn’t have the money, we figured out how to get by without, until we did have the money. But I swear, I see parent’s today just buy, buy, buy, for their kids, and for the life of me I can’t understand these actions.

How does that help your child? Can someone please make me understand such thinking? If this is done daily, what does that teach your children? Does it teach respect, dignity, accountability, or a work ethic? Of course not, this is simply counterproductive to any morals or values in the family unit that need to be instilled into our youth.
You take twenty, thirty years ago, you were made to mind and to have respect for others, and I don’t mean abuse either.

WE haven’t done this for our kids today, and we’re paying the price for it. Think about this for a moment. If times continue to be hard, or get even worse, and they surely may, how is this going to affect our children? How will they possibly adjust to this if the time comes… and it very well may? All many today know is getting just what they want, right when they want it!

So take some time get to know your kids. Turn off the video games and go outside to spend time with your children, as a family.

I know and understand times are tough now. But think about your parents and grandparents. Don’t you think times were hard for them too? In their times they didn’t have the convenience that we have today, but they worked long and hard so that we could have what we needed, not what we wanted!

Remember also, us setting down to dinner together as a family, not one at a time. This was family time, and good times, and our kids desperately need this today.

I also know that we want our kids to have more than what we had growing up, but I do think that we have gone overboard with this, and have forgotten about the main things in life. One example of this is you must earn things, you don’t just get them because you want them. On top of this, when your mess up, there are consequences for doing so. Does this in fact boil back down to getting a whipping when you do wrong, and know you are doing wrong? Yes, I think it does, not out of anger towards our children as many would like you to believe, but actually love for our children and grandchildren…tough love.

Please understand, I’m not trying to tell you how to raise your kids, that’s entirely up to you, and no one else.
But I do feel that we need to take our kids back, and quit letting the schools teach them that everything we stand for is wrong! Start looking at your kids’ work in school, and be more involved. Take the time to learn what they are teaching them.

Remember, they are our future! Don’t you want them to live a life like you, our parents and grandparents have experienced with the freedoms and liberties always provided for us by our great Country? Do we want to be remembered through history as the generation that didn’t pass these things onto our children and grandchildren?

I believe if we in fact do not start becoming more involved in our children’s lives, then please understand one thing. This simply being that all the lives sacrificed by our fellow countrymen throughout our great history, have literally been in vain, and We’re the ones who dropped the ball!

So looking back, Dub and I have been telling you to start covering the bases on food and other things, well, let’s also start covering the bases in regards to our children as well!

Thank you all again for coming in to visit with us, you’re all wonderful.

Be sure to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

God Bless!


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One Response to Become more involved in your children’s lives

  1. Sue in OH says:

    Thank you so much for this very wise article.

    You are a thousand percent right – no doubt about it. If these simple principles were to be applied today on a large scale acroos our culture, we’d have a chance to save our heritage, our values, our culture, our freedoms, and our very lives!!

    But, dear Deb, what to do when it’s too late?

    I’m realizing this too late, and now my “children” are gone – geographically, philosophically, and emotionally. I so want to talk to them – to take back the mistakes I made – to “start over”. And, believe me, I’ve tried. But now they’re young adults, they believe my ideas are “radical” and “extremist”, they resent any attempt on my part to intrude upon their lives (such as trying to get them to visit me, talk to me on the phone, or even answer my emails).

    Now, you see, they have been through the universities, they have been indoctrinated (whoops- I mean educated), they know more than I do, AND – of course – they are busy, busy, busy. Visiting with their friends (who deserve their time and respect, no matter who they are), playing video games, texting and networking, reading (they have learned how to self-indoctrinate now that the “correct” materials have been shown to them). There’s no time at all to listen
    to a mother who so wants to love them, to warn them, to hold them close to herself in these terrifying times. I can’t do any of those things – they literally run from me if I try to do so. I feel totally alienated from them. I can’t reach them. It really doesn’t even matter that I know their phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

    Deb, my heart is broken. And I know I’m not alone. I know so many other mothers who are becoming aware, too late, that they have lost their children. I have found that, since I have no means of reaching my precious children, the only option is to try to hold onto my own sanity. I had to give them to God, who I know DOES have the power I don’t, and who I know loves them even more than I, a mere mortal, ever can.

    Any response or suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated?

    You are so right… I was so wrong. But having that knowledge, at this point in our lives and our relationship, seems to do me little good right now.

    Again… my heart is broken.

    Thank you…

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