12 Pints of Butter Canned Today

Good morning, and welcome back to Coverin’ the Bases! We’re glad you guys stopped back in to see us!

I tell you what, since Deb and I, along with the help and support from the Canada Free Press, which they still do by the way, Hey Judi and Brian, this project has been a testimonial to us of the goodness in our friend’s and neighbor’s hearts!! This is how it is supposed to be, friends helping friends through thick and thin!

I was beginning to wonder if we as a people and as a Nation, or Nations, had lost these values. But all of you who come by and visit with us, share with us, laugh with us, as well as advise us through your own experiences, show that we as a people do care about others.

You guys simply come to visit with us, because you want to. I think many, or most of you feel just like Deb and I, we’re only trying to help give people a place where we can all have a laugh, whether it be, at ourselves, or others. It’s all in fun.

Plus, what I mean when I say you come because you want to, is that simply, you share your knowledge with us freely. Our government doesn’t think this way anymore, THEY have to line us out, and TAKE CARE of us, we don’t know how!

It’s also a shame they’ve convinced so many that this is really the way it is, and these people have literally “sold their souls” to the government! They’ve done this for a mere pittance of what they could have, if only they’d see and realize a handout is just that, a handout.

Also, through the selling of their souls, they’re obligated to elected officials who really could care less about them, only their vote, and if they keep doling out crumbs to them, and that’s what it is, crumbs, they have their “bought” votes for their entire careers.

It’s really very sad, and something needs to be done to educate and enlighten these people of how short they’re selling themselves out for! The saddest part is they’ve sold their children and grandchildren’s souls as well!

What kind of a “breed of people” have our politicians become??

So with all this crap, excuse me, taking place, it’s time for us to step back, take a deep breath, and help out a neighbor, a friend or family member. These may be the very same people you HAVE to depend on down the road.

If you know how to grow a garden, and are knowledgeable enough in this to have good yields, show or teach someone else. Any knowledge you have, please share, it’s becoming an, us versus them, mentality anymore, so who better to help out, than like-minded people!

Thank all you guys for being just who you are! We’ve met some wonderful people in doing this, and still continue to meet more! It does our hearts good to see the goodness you guys share with us each and every day! God Bless you guys!

With that being said, Deb and I canned some butter yesterday. You wanna see how it turned out? Well c’mon, and let’s go see!

12 Pints of Butter Canned Today

Well, we finally stopped long enough to can some butter. Deb and I put up 12 pints today, and to be honest…it felt pretty good!

We’d been debating on doing this for a considerable time now, and just recently had made the decision to go ahead and do so.

There were a couple reasons for doing it. First, if you haven’t noticed, food costs continue to rise. Also, take a look at your gas pump prices, boy they’re looking good too, huh? Higher gas cost, higher food cost…1 +1 = 2!

Just those two things are enough to make Deb and I, nervous. Add into the picture floods, drought, earthquakes, less acreage planted, more food grown out of the Country…it ain’t looking too swift, is it?

So, once more I’m going to ask everyone to just heed a little advice, and put some food up for a rainy day, and let’s hope down the road that this doesn’t turn into rainy MONTHS!

We have got a government today, that I’m really becoming more concerned with in regards to “We, the People!” We have no voice, or at least one being heard, sadly this is simple fact!

The second reason for canning the butter was freezer space. Again, we both feel our freezers are much more useful in having our meat in them, versus things like butter. We have 40 lbs. of butter and all this was in one of our freezers. No it didn’t fill it up, but still took considerable space.

It’s just like hamburger, whether you like plain ground beef, ground chuck, or any time of ground meat for that matter, when this goes on sale, we pick up 15-20 lbs. every time, and if possible you need to as well.

Why, you may ask? Well, to Deb and I, we both feel ground beef is one of the most, if not THE most versatile meat you can have on hand, bar none.

Chicken is still fairly cheap, but a lot of bone and the bone is a freezer space restrictor too. We both love chicken, or pork, fish, shoot, we like most any kind of meat! But hamburger is ALL meat, NO WASTE, and if times were to get tougher in the future, we’ll sure be glad we had put some up.

Just stop for a second or two, and consider the meals that can be made from only a pack of hamburger. It’s virtually endless, honestly! For the money, and the product received for your money, ESPECIALLY if you catch it on sale at 1.39-1.99 per pound, what else can you buy that has anywhere near the variety of meals that can be prepared from it, that hamburger has? None that we’re aware of.

So once more, look out in front of you some, and think about what if? What if our economy tanked? Pretty good possibility of that happening since our politicians don’t seem to understand that in tough times…you CUT BACK, not continue to spend!

But no, not Washington, they believe in spend, spend, and then go to REALLY spending! Why not, it isn’t their money…it’s ours! We’ve become simply…a bottomless pit, but you, me, and everyone just like us does indeed see, that this bottomless pit is going dry pretty quick now!

FORTY CENTS, listen, I’m sure many if not most know this to be fact, but again, FORTY CENTS of EVERY DOLLAR they spend…IS BORROWED!! This has to stop!

So just from the above example, if you haven’t already, you just may want to set back some food for a rainy day.

You then have gas prices rising, food costs rising, inflation has GOT to hit big time…so have you considered food actually getting to the point where it simply may become too expensive to just run down to the store to pick up what you need?

This is only my opinion, so take it for whatever it’s worth…but put some food up for you and your family’s sake! It can’t hurt, that’s for sure, and I’ll say this once more as well. Food is an INVESTMENT today, it really is, so look at it from that standpoint if no other!

Back to our canned butter, it turned out really well, both of us were impressed, and feel it was definitely the right move to make for us!

We both were a little nervous about halfway through with the process, because it separates, and you have to shake it to keep all ingredients mixed, and this was concerning us for a little while. But after refrigerating for an hour, and shaking it a couple more times, while in the “fridge,” we saw it was going to come out fine. You only put in in the fridge to help it set up, then no refrigeration is needed afterwards.

It’s also really pretty in the jars! Course, that’s what Deb said, that didn’t come out of ole’ Dub’s mouth…it’s pretty in them jars!! LOL!

Give it a try, I think you’ll enjoy it…just think, butter sitting on your pantry shelf, with a life of three years! Pretty neat stuff to us!

Here’s a link to an earlier article that is telling the process we used for this.

Here’s a couple pictures for you guys…tell us what you think!

The first (A) is the butter melting down in the pot. There’s 11 pounds, and this will give you 12 pints. The second (B )is Deb pouring the melted butter into the pint mason jars…be sure and leave about a 1” gap from the top of the jar to where the butter is. This allows you room to shake the butter up well.

The third picture (C) is after filling the jars with hot butter, and the fourth (D), and fifth (E) is after taking out of refrigerator and process complete, ready to go on the pantry shelves!

Thank you all for coming back in to see us, we really appreciate you guys doing so!

Remember to keep your eyes open, and your nose in the wind!

God Bless!!

Dub and Deb

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11 Responses to 12 Pints of Butter Canned Today

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    After seeing this the pumpkin bread may have to be put on hold and I give this a try…..
    Boy……….Ya’ll are keeping me busy……..

    • admin says:

      Go ahead, Sandy! I do want to know how your pumpkin bread turns out though…when you find the time to make it! The butter turned out really well for us. A lot of fun making, and looked really, really good too. No, we haven’t tasted it yet, kinda wanted to wait a month or so to see what happens with a little age on it. Had a neighbor stopped by yesterday, saw how it turned out, and dadgum if she didn’t beat me outta a jar of it! I told Deb not to show her the dern stuff! LOL!! No, she’ll be letting us know how it tastes I’m sure in the next day or so.
      Will be having a little article on the butter topic again today. Many say you can’t do it, many say you can. I believe you can, plus Bonnie does it too. Will be supplying links to hopefully clarify the topic up somewhat. I’ve read where women have done it and had opened jars, still good after 5 years. I can’t prove it, but take them at their word. We do it because, it frees up space in our freezer. But also because we think it’s fun stuff. It becomes a personal preference, you want to try it, or you don’t. Try it…I think you’ll like it, we did. Anyway…great hearing from you as always!!

  2. Sandy Grant says:

    forgot to include my political views when I got excited over the butter. Have you opened a jar and tried it? Jus curious.
    All I can say is DITTO on your politics and what little I truely understand about Revelations………..Well……we may not need all this food but I am having to much fun to quit.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, we try to keep politics out for the most part, but son-of-a-gun, I just get so dern mad sometimes, I can’t keep my big-mouth shut! Sorry…not really, hee, hee!

      I have to agree, we’ve got a pretty good stock on food ourselves, but like you, we find doing a lot of this stuff, just a HOOT! Plus, it gets more costly every day!
      Thank you Sandy!

  3. Sandra says:

    I hold my head in shame. wrote this on your first request. too busy to post.
    so here it it anyway.

    Dub is at it again. Canned butter indeed!
    Don’t go to Dub’s house, he will want to keep you forever, root cellar, pantry, attic. Mail him some post cards people he’ll keep those for ever, just take them out look at them and smile. Don’t take up too much room either.

    Checked this out on the net. Several sites on canning butter. Not sure this is a good idea.
    Before you decide to can butter think first what you are going to use it for. Cooking, butter on veggies, mashed potatoes, in baking. If you are thinking big wad of wonderful butter on a biscuit, don’t think so. Freezing butter is reccommended,
    shelf life frozen is short. Upon storage butter can develope strange odors, chemical compositions can change due to the amount of liquid in butter and presevatives. For butter storage at my house I make ghee. Long storage life, stores in pint jars. Can be used in breads and pastries, for frying, cooked vegetables. Even brushed on toast. The flavor is always good.
    Kudos to you guys for jumping the ner’sayers. Gonna keep making ghee.
    Want a big picture when you open first jar and put it on a biscuit.

  4. Sandra says:

    I have more of that post but you just went ahead and done it.
    ds.net/forum/preparedness/canning butter


    Yes you can ‘can’ butter but it is much much better and easier and so much tasier of you order it from Australia. The butter and cheese for that matter will last about 20 years on the shelf.
    We canned butter and though after 1 year it was not ‘bad’ it looked gross. So yes you can
    but there is a better way. I will have to get the company and it is shipped out of California.
    It is the best both the cheese and the butter. Commercially canned it safer, esp. with working with butter.
    Australia again! Last time I saw an Asutralia peddler he was trying to sell me chicken Poop. No offence to our Aussie neighbors but we have lots of stuff here.

    • admin says:

      What’s up Mississippi? Hey I will be using cow tea today as you suggested! Snatched up a pair of Deb’s pantyhose, filled it with manure, and put it in a large plastic trashcan. It’s been sittin a week or two, so should be some good stuff!

      Thanks as always, “Sport-model!”


  5. Texas Gal says:

    Dear Dub and Deb,

    Enjoyed your making butter (well, enjoy ALL your writings!)

    I often say I was careful not to learn anything about farming and gardening when I was growing up out here in this farm — too busy riding my horse! — And guess I’d better add “careful not to learn about canning.”

    But, we Depression Babies don’t throw ANYthing away… so I still have my Mama’s old processing thing with the gauge on top… likely needs new seals, etc… not sure whether to use it… I was afraid of it as a youngster… guess I still am.

    You two have such great tales to tell about both gardening and putting up the produce… how ’bout teaching me (us?) what kind of equipment I need… and some HOW TO!

    Loved watching Darling Deb cooking up that chicken, and knowing how you folks are diligent in the “alkaline eating” so’s to finish up Deb’s battle with the Big C! I also need the contact on the guy whose program you use…

    Thanks for a breath of fresh air every time I read “Ridin’ Out the Recession”…

    (I’d almost swear you both sound like Texans!)

    Never drink downstream from the herd!
    Blessings and Shalom,
    Texas Gal

  6. Nita Turrell says:

    “Food is an INVESTMENT today, it really is, so look at it from that standpoint if no other!” I agree with you totally. I would love to do the same thing. putting butter in cans sounds like a good investment.

  7. Trevor says:

    Now that it has been a year, I would be interested in knowing how the process has held up. Is the butter still edible? How about appeal, 1 year later?

    • admin says:

      Hey Trevor…what’s up? Listen, I’ll try to do a video of the butter here in the next few days…it’s lookin good! Might taste like crap though??? Just kiddin.

      Thanks for stoppin by my friend!

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