Where’s the Check?

Good morning guys…what’s up?

You know, I was reading last night, and it struck me while reading, of the greatness we as Americans have always enjoyed simply because we are (possibly were), the home of the brave, living in the land of the free.

Also, we are (or were), one nation…under God.

Boy, steppin on some toes with that last statement, huh?

Ain’t exactly “politically correct,” is it?

Course anymore, neither is flyin the Stars and Stripes in your front-yard, huh?

Personally, I feel there are far too many toes in this great Country today that need steppin on in this regard, as I see more and more the downward spiral we as Americans are experiencing from lack of morals, virtues, standards, integrity, and…Godliness.

This post this morning isn’t so much about God and religion, as important as both are, as it is about, well, doesn’t your name mean anything to you anymore?

Does the statement, “your word is your bond,” carry any importance at all to you, or is life simply about…what can I get for little or nothing?

Where in the world, or better yet, how in the world, have we as Americans elected…time and again…as our leaders mind you…people as corrupt, people as greedy, people with no regard of their own names or actions meaning anything at all to THEM, much less what others may feel about them, whose main goal is the destruction of the greatest Country on earth?

I guess the most amazing thing to me about this situation we’re in today as Americans, is our inability to band, or bond together to put an end to this madness. Worse yet, is the simple fact that we, as law-abiding, hardworking, taxpayers, are literally…funding our own demise.

Adolph Hitler once said, “How fortunate for governments, that the people they govern…don’t think.”

Or, something to that effect.

Through years and years of continued politically based ideas, theories, enacted laws, community organizing, our educational systems and news media being compromised to the point where they teach and report agendas, and generally, our rights and liberties being stripped from us daily, we find ourselves in the morally corrupt world in which we now live.

Have we as a Nation…turned away from God?

Unquestionably we have, and I don’t know about the rest of you guys out there today, but I firmly believe we are being held accountable for this turning away.

But again, this post is more about morals, convictions, integrity, and literally feeling good about yourself, through the way you live your life, and the type of character you have because of your lifestyle, than being any type of religious beat down.

I mean we all know through our religious views, that we should treat others with respect. We should consider our word our bond. We should help out when and where we can. By living this type of lifestyle, how could you not feel good about yourself most times?

But today, our leaders take our Christian views and misconstrue them…looking back at a previous remark, “help out where we can,” is a good example of this twisting around, or spinning it by our politicians. This ploy or play on words, has literally enabled them to crank up this “great society” as Pres. Johnson called it, which in reality it has become…the great welfare society.

If we as hard working Christian Americans balk at this, our leaders proclaim…”Oh, but you profess to be a Christian! How could YOU not possibly want to help someone out?”


It isn’t that I don’t want to help someone out at all. It’s simply if I choose to help someone out, first off it ought to be of MY own choosing, not our elected elite choosing them for me, PLUS, if I help someone out…I’d like to know that first off, they’re willing to help themselves as well!

BIG, BIG difference in helping someone out who has just hit a bump in the road and needs a little helping hand getting back on their feet, and most important yet, is they…APPRECIATE it!

The flip side to this is our politicians taking our hard-earned money and just handing it out to ANY and EVERY ONE anymore who walks up with their hand out…gimME, gimME, gimME.

From our Country or not! Illegal or not!

Their constituents today DON’T appreciate it, they EXPECT it anymore, as they’ve been indoctrinated by our politicians that…what we’ve worked for is THEIRS too! It literally is their RIGHT for them to TAKE from our table to put on their own!

Work be damned!

Worse yet, is our politicians don’t care one bit about them, as they profess to do! The political scheme today is to govern people who don’t think, and by a little gimME, gimME, gimME, they buy their constituents votes…for life!

In reality, the politicians didn’t help them at all…they ruined them! Destroyed them as literate, functional, contributing parts of society.

Again, I don’t mind helping someone out…BUT, I feel we all should refuse to help out someone who won’t help themselves! I feel we all also should refuse to help out someone who has gotten to the point where they EXPECT us to share our hard earned money with them, because…they’re entitled!

Entitled to what…entitled to sit on their rear-ends and draw a check from you and I?



Because they don’t want to work?

Do you realize that we have literally generations of people here in our Country today that have family members who have never worked a day in their lives?

GENERATIONS of family members who have NEVER worked!

We have surely created…a great society, have we not?

Oh, by the way…the ad I was reading last night referring to the USA as being the home of the brave and the land of the free was from National Geographic.


Times have changed, haven’t they?

God Bless America, and God Bless you guys… “Keep a smile on your face and one in your heart.”


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2 Responses to Where’s the Check?

  1. Wapitiman says:

    Firstly, If I wanted to destroy America, I would polarize it by splintering up the people into many antagonistic groups. (Look familiar?) Then, the country being paralyzed would be easy pickings.
    Secondly, If we turn our backs on God, we have no complaint if God turns His back on us! This happened to the Old Testament Jews, but we seem to have forgotten about God’s Word in our dusty Bibles.

    • admin says:

      Appreciate you stopping by, and your comments. History repeating itself, and yes, most do need to knock the dust off their Bibles!

      God bless!

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