Ya Miss Me?


How are you? Let me start off this morning by wishin all a very Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Ya miss me? LOL!

I think my last post was around the 26th of November??

At that point I became, as some have said…a recluse. Actually I considered it more along the lines of… “prairie-doggin!”

I’d pop my head up ever so often, then, disappear again.

After a couple weeks I started getting calls and e-mails from friends and family, and it reminded me of Jimmy Hoffa when he went missin.

Alright, I guess it WAS more along the lines of Jiminy Cricket than Jimmy Hoffa…

Anyway, there was a lot of concern…from A LOT of people. Shoot, I didn’t remember that I EVEN KNEW that many people???

Okay, okay, ya take off the bill collectors and there REALLY wasn’t that many people callin on me!

Seriously though, there was a lot of…


Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure either, if ya wanna know the truth of the matter.

BUT…I’m back!

I think?? LOL!

Man…these holidays were ROUGH, I’m here to tell ya, but, here it is 1/1/2013, and dern if I ain’t glad!!

2012 was great…up until June 14th. From 12:15 pm of that day forward, I began a whole new life. Not one that I had chosen, but actually one God chose for me.

Was I angry?


You betcha I was! Not at anyone, or anything, in particular, but I was in fact angry.

I thought I was over the loss after a little while, thought I’d grabbed the bull by the horns once more, a character trait that has always helped me through any type of adversity that ever reared its head in my regard.

The truth of the matter was that I was lost.

I didn’t think I was, but yes sir, I was lost!

Thanksgiving was rough, but Christmas…was off the charts!

You know what though? I know in my heart now that this has passed. Darkness is indeed light once more.

I may not totally healed as of yet, but I gotta tell you guys, that the healing HAS now started…in earnest!

Life IS good again!

My “prairie-doggin” days are done!

Well, maybe not with the bill collectors! LOL!

But, with this being said, I’d like to say I’m sorry.

You guys have all been so awesome to Deb and I both. I love you all!

ALL your thoughts and prayers in our behalf are SO appreciated, and to be honest with you, my simply, “goin underground,”or, my “Dub time” as I like to call it, although much needed, and of much help to me, was unwarranted in your regard.

You deserved a heads up, for sure, and I failed to give you guys that. Not from my stop posting for a while standpoint, but from a, I didn’t drop a line or two here and there just to say…I’m fine.

Well, once again…I’m back, so suffer the consequences! See, YOU DO, have to be careful what ya wish for, huh? LOL!

So you’ll be getting “Dub’s point of view,” on most anything and everything that comes to mind!

Remember…you asked for it! LOL!

So startin off with that, here’s a” little food for thought” this mornin. Thoughts that I hope, can, or may, help others.

It never mattered to me what obstacles I faced! I simply…worked through em!

Never say never, was my motto. I never considered the word no as an option, about anything. In most cases, if I wanted something bad enough, my perseverance, my work ethic, and the word no, once again, never being a part of the equation, I just…went after it!

I gotta say though, that when Deb and I first met… “that Heifer” made me REALLY WORK for it! I’m not sure if I ever worked so hard in my life for ANYTHING, as when I fell in love with her.

Lookin back, there’s an old sayin that is SO appropriate in her and my regard…mostly HERS though!

“If ya want something bad enough…it’s worth workin for….and waitin for”

Well, the “workin for it part wasn’t too bad…but that waitin for it part, was killin me!” LOL

I always knew in my heart, that the only thing that could ever keep me from reachin my goals in life, ANY of them, was simply me.

If you fail from time to time at something, and we all do at one point or another, you don’t consider, “Oh my goodness, that didn’t work out so good, huh? I’m through!”

Many think, “Dern, I failed because of him or her, or this or that, or I failed because life just isn’t fair.”

Well, in reality, life ISN’T fair, BUT, life IS…what YOU make it!

God created us all, right?

Yes, he surely did.

Did he create us all equally? Yeah, I’d have to say that he did just that.

BUT…that’s where the equality factor stops.

It’s up to YOU, whether you’re a leader or a follower.

It’s up to YOU, whether you’re successful or not!

It’s up to YOU, to decide if you want something bad enough that you’ll put forth the EFFORT to work, “daylight to cain’t,” if that’s what it takes, in order to see it through, or, “seal the deal.”

In all reality, YOU DO indeed, reap what YOU sow!

Proverbs 6:6 begins…

Take a lesson from the ants…you lazybones!

Read it guys…you’re supposed to work!

Another example is from Proverbs as well…Proverbs 16:26

It is good for workers to have an appetite;

An empty stomach drives them on.

Doesn’t seem to be the case today, does it? Seems as if our fellow citizens and our children as well, are being taught this is simply NOT the case. No, no!

Today we’re told that what others have…is ours too. This through what our elected leaders describe as…social equality, yet in truth, actually is much better described as…social poverty!

The “dumbed down,” yep, it really is indoctrination, society our leaders have been so outrageously successful in creating, actually BELIEVE, our leaders are in fact…helping them.

Now in all honesty, that IS dumbed down, is it not?

Today we read about our leaders working so hard, so exhaustedly, in saving our butts from going off this…Fiscal Cliff.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it so hard to grasp that these leaders of ours working so hard to save us from this, are in reality, the very SAME people…who got us into this mess!

We’ve become a Nation of…IDIOTS!

The worst part of all this is simply that…we’ve got NOBODY to blame except ourselves! We allowed this to take place…a little here, and a little there!

Have we been complacent?

Ya reckon??

In our regard, from a complacency standpoint, we now have a government that runs amok in self-centeredness, self-greed, and self-power.

We’ve turned away from our Godliness as a Nation, yeah, they’re taking that away from us too, and in turn have become…a Nation of fools.

We turn to Proverbs once again…Proverbs 17:12

It is safer to meet a bear robbed of her cubs

Than to confront a fool caught in foolishness.

Our leaders today have become pretty arrogant in their power, huh? Actually pretty arrogant being possibly the understatement of the century, huh?

Evil seems to be more appropriate I’d say.

Look at Proverbs 16:30

With narrowed eyes, people plot evil;

With a smirk, they plan their mischief.

Then Proverbs 16:27

Scoundrels create trouble;

Their words are a destructive blaze.

Hard to imagine any type of destruction being any more disruptive than the continued loss of our freedoms and liberties that our Founding Fathers laid out for us.

Overreaching government is the name of the game today. More and more power for them, while “We The People” have literally became a past tense.

Through things such as political correctness, a media gone to bed with the left, our educational system in bed with the left as well, excessive government spending (there’s another one of those understatements again), excessive government regulation, excessive taxation (which is fixin to get much, much worse), unionization, reverse racism, and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, our liberties are no longer liberties, but instead…allowances!

We’re ALLOWED to do this, We’re ALLOWED to do that.

We’re no longer ALLOWED to think for ourselves, raise or discipline our children as WE see fit, right down to…what they eat!

Look around you guys! Are any of you happy with society as we know it today?

Now they want our guns.

Was this past shooting a tragedy?

How could anyone in their right minds not consider it as that? Sure it was. A tragedy in the worst sense of the word!

Yet, once more, in such a senseless shooting as this, it was perpetrated by…a NUT!

My heart goes out to all the victims, their families and their friends! It is terrible that once again, society has stooped to such a level. Once again, I have to consider the restraints applied to us anymore of our religious convictions, and our governmental restrictions placed on them.

BUT, I have to again consider the restrictions placed on our lives by our elected officials as well.

It’s everywhere people, and now, through a shooting once again carried out by a “bad apple,” “We The People” are clearly being targeted once more by a government that’s whole objective is to simply control EVERY facet of our lives.

Don’t let a crisis go to waste is their motto, and boy howdy, have they gotten good at NOT letting a crisis go to waste!

This latest, is one more fine example of this.

Multi-capacity magazines, rifles, pistols, and the like, are all under attack.

Funny thing though, the hardworking, freedom loving, LAWABIDING , tax paying American is the one most likely to suffer once more.

You outlaw guns, then quite frankly, only the outlaws WILL have guns! Yes, it really is that simple.

Our leaders tell us, “Oh, you don’t need these types of weapons to…hunt. ‘

No, actually you don’t, BUT, their statement is only a smokescreen for their TRUE intent….CONTROL!

Contrary to our leader’s statement of hunting as the reasoning for this new round of gun control activity, in reality, our 2nd amendment states it a little differently…as our protection from a tyrannical government.

I won’t bore you with the numbers of all the different regimes worldwide that oppressed, silenced, and MURDERED their own citizen’s.

I will say though, that you only have to look back in history, and the numbers are in the tens of millions.

One reason for this taking place…gun control.

With the atrocious conduct of our leaders today, and their TOTAL quest for ABSOLUTE power, what is probably the one most detrimental fact they realize that can indeed put a stop to their madness, or at the very least, cause them caution as to how they go about…finishing the job?


Give em up people…and kiss your remaining freedoms goodbye! Sayonara!

I, by NO MEANS, am advocating violence of any kind. It goes against all my morals, virtues, and standards, BUT…so does the loss of my freedom, my children’s freedom, and my grandchildren’s freedom.

This is too heavy a price to pay, or cross to bear. We must not, or cannot, allow this to happen.

It is OUR RIGHT, as citizens of this Great Nation…to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!

Again, not to hunt, but to protect ourselves from our own governmental powers!

It’s pretty obvious that citizen’s armed with single shot, three shot, or even five shot weapons have little to no chance of protecting their freedoms from governments run amok.

Broken down into “football lingo,” the best offense…is a good defense!

Well, I’ll closeout on that note…

See, I tried to tell you to be careful of what ya wish for, cause…I’m back!

Still miss me?? LOL!

Thank you all so much, once again, for all your concern. I’m just fine. Thank you!

God Bless you all! I hope with all my heart that 2013 is the very best year any of you guys have ever experienced!

Let me say goodbye for now, with a saying from one very special lady, who I promise you today, is one very special angel.

She lived this expression each and every day of her life, and I promise you she wants every one of us to live it as well!

From Deb to us all…

Please be sure to “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

I love you guys, and thanks for everything. You truly are a blessing in my (our) regard!


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11 Responses to Ya Miss Me?

  1. Sandra says:

    Well? There you are. So glad to see you back in this world of living. Shame you decided to hide out. You missed a bunch. Now it’s time to catch up.
    Forever yours and Deb’s

    • admin says:

      Well? There you are?

      REALLY??? LOL!

      I don’t guess ya wanted anyone else to know…we speak on the phone occasionally, huh? DID I SAY THAT?? LOL!

      Nah, it really wasn’t shameful I decided to…hide out, but just that I NEEDED to! Man…the holidays were much rougher than I’d ever dreamed of them being! PHEW!! I know you saw this statement first hand in your own regard…

      Some evidently are tougher than others Mississippi, and it became pretty obvious that I’m literally…just a Wuss! Or is it, Whuss? Maybe, Wusse?? I don’t know! LOL!

      Deb just called it…bein a “Titty-baby!” She always had such a great…choice of wording! One thing about her…you KNEW where ya stood with her!

      Thanks for bein there Sandra. You know how we much we both love you!

  2. Gary says:

    Luv ya Buddy
    Happy 2013

    • admin says:

      “Love ya buddy????”

      MAN…I’m beginning to WONDER bout you!! Ha-ha-ha!!

      Thanks Gary! Happy 2013 for you too, my friend!

  3. barbara says:

    Hey Dub,
    You did what you needed to do, and I’m glad you’re back.
    Take care. Barbara in NC

    • admin says:

      Hey Barbara…I’m glad somebody is!!

      Yeah…Dub time, and yes Ma’am, I did need some of that. I feel SO much better now in all honesty.

      Thank you SO much for all your concern, Mrs. Laviner! In all sincerity, you can’t imagine how much it really means to me!

      In the words of James Brown…

      “I feel GOOD…doodle, oodle, oodle, oo!…Ya know that I would, now, doodle, oodle, oodle, oo… I feel NICE…doodle, oodle, oodle, oo…sugar and spice, now…”

      Happy New Years!

      You guys take care too!


    • admin says:

      Thank you Barbara…for everything!

      You guys take care too, and God Bless!

  4. Chris says:

    Yeh, all this drives me nuts, too. A friend who recently passed on who was from a skandinavian country when the nazis occupied said we are seeing that again. He said that with certainty,
    But..a more important friend said,
    “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
    26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”

  5. Sandra says:

    Yes definitely glad to see you blowing and going. February and March not far away.
    Time to plant some beans and stuff and work on that compost pile.
    Oh. forgot you citied up and got some green houses. Al Gore would be so proud you went GREEN! Jus kiddin. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gotta be better than last.

  6. Betty Jo says:

    You just got a new friend! You have really ministered to me today as I read your post you put up after the election. Thank you! God bless you!

  7. Karen says:

    I’m so glad I just kept praying for ya Dub…You know we’re so glad you’re feeling better. God continue to bless and keep you. Amen!!

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