Our King Still Reigns!

Good morning to all our friends. We hope this day finds you all doing very well.

Here in “sunny” Florida, it’s just that…SUNNY! It’s an absolutely beautiful start to another day! Though it reached 41 here at the house, things are going to warm up nicely, with the coming week being in the low 80’s for the high.

Most know that my walk with our Lord is literally in its infancy stage. Yes…I’ve always believed, shoot, I’ve talked to Him daily for years now, sometimes several times a day. Yet, I really never came to know His word.

In all honesty, so many of you have become so close and dear to my heart. We’ve laughed, joked, and shared many things this past year and a half or so. In Deb’s regard, we’ve even shared tears together. You all have been so much help and support to both Deb and I, and I could never, ever, repay you guys for such concern and love you’ve given me.

It has been awesome, but the incredible thing to Deb and I both was simply that you guys, in all reality…didn’t even know us. We were in the true sense of the word…total strangers. Yet, through the kindness in your heart, your love shown was not only sincere, but heartfelt!

I know on many occasions that Deb would come up to me and make the statement, “I can FEEL their love!” Honestly, through your contact…I could as well!

Thank you all so very, very much!

My walk with God is because of you guys once more, at least to a heavy extent. SO MANY of you talked with me on this subject, and through, once more, your love and concern for me, you’ve blessed me once again!

Here’s the kicker, in my regard at least…through the heartfelt e-mails, phone conversations, and talks with friends that I have here around me, you guys were concerned for me enough in regards to my spiritual life, that you stepped up…and made yet another difference in my life.

This simply by pointing me in the direction of…eternal life.

I honestly can say to each and every one of you, that by this, I cannot believe where I’m at today. Life IS…so much better! Thank you again.

Now, in studying HIS Word, I haven’t even scratched the surface, and I pray each day for God to give me more knowledge to learn and absorb HIS Word much more profoundly.

I believe that total understanding of His Word is probably not possible, not during our time here on this earth, but the teachings are there, in black and white, to grasp thoroughly HIS intent! Through this we at least grasp the reality that our life with Him is simply…a choice.

Do you want to grow in God, or, live life without God? This really is our choice.

Personally, I want to know our God, and as I get a little further along in this journey, I see that without a doubt, I want to possibly help others have an understanding of HIM as well. Just like you guys helped in me in my own choice.

This is really what it’s all about isn’t it?

Am I a good Christian? Well, I honestly think not…not at this point, but I try to work on this. Shoot, I’ll still get aggravated by someone, or something, and let some language fly, that I know full well is not appropriate.

The difference in my life in this regard now is that when I let this happen, I’ll walk off…and ask for forgiveness. It bothers me to act in this way now. I understand this, and through this understanding, I’ve changed.

Enough of this though…

Wed. morning, I got up at 2 am, only to see that Romney had conceded. I liked to have fell out of my chair. I was crushed in the fact that our Country now had come to the point, that the people in our Country had literally rejected…all our great Nation has stood for, for so long.

Virtue, integrity, morals, strength of character, love of Country, a strong work ethic, the family unit, respect, not only for ourselves, but others as well, had literally, pretty much became a thing of the past…OVERNIGHT.

It was devastating to me. Literally…I was ashamed.

Ashamed for our Country, number one, ashamed for the people with the same moral values I hold so dear, like MY WORD meaning something, ashamed for all our children and grandchildren, and what WE had allowed to happen on OUR WATCH !

I think about the number of lives lost by our veterans throughout our history that now seem today to have been in vain. This deeply saddens me.

I voted at my polling station, then took our daughter-in-law to hers. We stood outside for 2 hours surrounded by constituents that obviously did not hold the same feelings I have in regards to our Country.
Not all, but I know in my heart that most of them were voting, not for the freedoms and opportunities our Country provides, but in turn a political agenda introduced by our politicians as a way to, in the end, create a constituency for their own power, basically for as long as they want it.

Sadly, this has come to pass.

We are now living in a Country where something for nothing has become the norm. Where in all honesty, right…has become wrong. We all KNOW, although our leaders declare this as…not right, but receiving something for nothing is totally, unabatedly…WRONG!

Wrong in every sense of the word. It is incredible to me that the hard-working people of our Country have even CONSIDERED this an obligation (ENTITLEMENTS), much less ALLOWED the sweat of their own brow to be taken from them, AND GIVEN to a class of people that could care less about us doing so, number one.

But to allow our leaders to destroy us from within, and that’s exactly what has happened, is on us people. WE allowed this to happen. Human nature itself is to get as much as you can, for as little as you can, right? Well, we as the true believers are to blame.

We watched as our rights were taken away, little by little.

We watched while prayer was taken from our schools. We watched as the political powers that be became more and more socialist in THEIR regard, through excessive taxation, government regulation, awarding the unions 20% of GM, the takeover of GM, Insurance companies, political correctness, no child left behind, affirmative action, and the massive programs that now are unsustainable, as we now see.

Entitlements being only being one of these, not just for the poor, but the entitlements our political elite have now bestowed upon themselves. Once again…it’s on us guys!

By our sitting still and taking everything the politicians have enacted, we lost the Republic. I’m not feeling very secure in my thoughts today over the future we have bestowed upon our children. Again, I’m ashamed, BUT, I too sat back while our elected elite literally took over our Country.

There is no more meaning to the phrase… “We, the People.” WE…gave this away. WE, the silent majority have been silent for way too long, and now, we’re reaping exactly what we’d allowed to be sown.
I’ve read many of the comments that have been put out there by the far-left, such as, “Ha-ha-ha. We won, etc., etc., etc…”

The powers that be surely think this is funny, this is where their uncontested power originated from, BUT, their constituency, now laughing as well, will see down the road that the last laugh…will be on them as well.

Their give-away programs WILL come to a stop eventually. They CANNOT be sustained! It’s only a matter of time…mark my word.

At this point, they will finally come to the realization, as their free world comes crashing down on them, the error of their ways. The me, me, me mentality that enabled the politicians to play them like the fools they have actually been, will hit them right between the eyes, and they’ll FINALLY realize that the political elite that professed “SUCH CONCERN” for them was…nothing but a lie all along!

They’ll all be asking the same question… “WHAT HAPPENED?”

The day will come to pass…the checks stop! IT has to happen, yet, what does our elected elite continue to promise these people? EVEN MORE giveaways!

I read a piece by Rush Limbaugh. It simply stated that the reason we lost this election is not because of our morals, or beliefs in our freedoms. It simply is because…we cannot defeat… “Santa Claus!”

It can’t be done.

When will we realize that it’s not our politicians who are Santa Claus, they only pass the “gifts” out. Santa Claus is in reality…YOU AND I! WE are the providers, through our taxes, that enable our politicians to put on the air that it is them who are Santa Claus!

In a child’s terminology, because in reality, IT IS as simple as a child’s understanding, that you know what…our politicians, and sadly the majority of our fellow neighbors and Countrymen, HAVE BEEN…naughty and not nice.

Does Santa leave presents to the naughty and nice? Not in my knowledge of “ole Santa,” so, when do we decide as all, “the Santa’s” out there that, you know what, NO MORE GIFTS! You’re not deserving of our gifts any longer.

Until you change your way of thinking, we’ll just skip your house this year, and the next, and the next!

This is what it’s going to take people. No more funding of our own destruction! We’ve been funding this, our own destruction, now for the past 40 years or so.

We don’t come to this simple revelation…we’re toast as a Republic. It’s over!

Didn’t Johnson’s statement of creating a “great society” so many years back, create exactly that? We, as Americans, have little to be proud of today… “of this GREAT society.” Why? How in the world can you be proud to live in a “Nanny State?” To me…it is inconceivable!

So simply, do we as a people decide to quit funding such blatantly wrong ideals, remember, if you enter a state park the first thing you see is a sign declaring…please, don’t feed the bears! This “handout” will cause the bears to become dependent on…just that…handouts!

Our elected elite knew this, and depended on, a constituency that could not, or would not, think for themselves!

Our fate is now in our own hands. Use it, or lose it!

Back to Our Faith

In reality, we, and our fate, are truly in God’s hands. This is inevitable!

Our election is now a thing of the past. Don’t let it bother you any longer. The cards we are to play have been dealt…live with them!

God will always be there for us, in good times as well as bad!

So, if you haven’t come to know Christ, maybe you should. We are going to see some very, very hard times in our Country.

But this too, will become an opportunity for us…an opportunity to withstand all that the left throw at us. We don’t have to continue to be the “silent majority.” We don’t NEED to continue to do so.
Our voices need to be heard, and by this, making our political elite UNDERSTAND…you know what…we just might have pushed these guys to far!

If you’ve ever been going to stand up for your rights…now is the time.

Also, look to God for guidance. He’ll show you the way.

With that being said, I’d like to share with you all, an e-mail I received from a dear friend…Sallie Kay. It is very appropriate in my opinion in regards to trials and tribulations we may soon come to see, and experience, in our Country!

Hey Doug,

I found it strange that while I was disappointed at the results of the election last night, I was not really even surprised. I just could not believe the polls and didn’t want to get my hopes up just to be devastated by a loss. So, I guarded my heart and asked God to help me through this just as I did four years ago.

1. The just shall still live by faith. The political situation of
Jesus’s day was probably far worse than we have it today, and yet it
didn’t keep Jesus from fulfilling God’s calling for His life. He
came to love and set people free. The fields are still white unto
harvest.(John 4:35). May we pray, as Jesus taught, that God would
send more laborers into His field. (Matthew 9:37,38)

2. God is still on His throne and God is the one who sovereignly
appoints and deposes rulers. (Daniel 2:21) God has His reasons, and
causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him (Romans
8:28). Even if Satan does intend something for evil, God still
intends it for good (Genesis 50:20). Throughout history, many godly
men and women went through hard times and yet fulfilled God’s
calling for their lives (Joseph, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.)

3. Our citizenship is in Heaven. (Philippians 3:20) Our whole life on
earth is but a split second compared to eternity. Our future is

4. We are to pray for our rulers and pay them honor and obedience as
best we can, but if ever the time comes, we must obey God rather
than men. (Acts 4:18-20)

5. As a hospice chaplain I often see this, that the worst things in
life physically often turn out to be the best spiritually. If this
world continues to get darker, as I think the Bible clearly says it
will (Matthew 24), then the light of Christ in us will shine even
brighter by way of contrast. We just keep on loving and serving
others in the name of Jesus. May our hearts not grow cold. (Matthew

6. Don’t let the things of this world rob you of your joy in Christ.
Remember, our future is bright! Our names are written in Heaven!
This earth is passing away. A million years from now, it won’t
matter a whole lot whether it was a Republican or Democrat who got
elected! Jesus will returning riding a white horse, not an elephant
or a donkey.

7. Read the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, chapters 2 &
3. There are some strong warnings to believers to be overcomers, not
in some political sense, but in faith, purity, perseverance, etc.
Especially note Revelation 3:10 where it talks about the trials
coming upon the whole world to “test those on the earth.” May we be
counted worthy to escape this coming “test.”

8. Here in America, we have become very materialistic, yet we are told
not to love this world, that to love the world is hatred toward God
and friendship with the world makes us an enemy of God. (I John
2:15, James 4:4). Those are sobering words but true. Are our sorrows
(or joys) over the election based on how it may affect us
financially? Or, is our focus on advancing God’s Kingdom? Is our
security and faith in the Lord or in the government? In hard times,
people are more receptive to hearing the good news of the gospel.

9. From a worldly point of view, we do live in scary times. The whole
world could easily plunge into economic and/or political collapse,
and WWIII could easily occur at any time. Therefore, Paul says we
are to “set” our hearts and minds on “things above,” NOT on the
things of this world. (Colossians 3:1,2).

10. Lastly, God loves you and wishes to rejoice over you with singing.
Those words, found in Zephaniah 3:17, were written to a people who
were living in hard times, and yet God saw them, loved them and
wanted to shout for joy over them. As we see how much He loves us,
may we love Him in return. Our greatest sorrow in Heaven will not be
because of who won, or didn’t win, some political election. Our
greatest sorrow in Heaven, I believe, will be when we realize how
much He loved us and how little we loved Him in return. No election
can give or take that away from us. It is a choice we make day by
day, to walk in the light of His love.

May you walk in the joy of the Lord today. Our King still reigns!

Love in Him,

Prior to closing…read a chapter of the Bible for me, or yourself today if you would…Isaiah 53. I read this last night. It was suggested by my good, good friend, Sonnie.

You guys all have a great day, and God Bless! As Deb always said, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”


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5 Responses to Our King Still Reigns!

  1. Susan Bieda says:

    Thank you! I needed your column today and feel much better already!

    Peace be with you and our great country!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Susan, I’m glad it helped out a little. I know I have so many friends that “lift me up,” on a regular basis!

      God Bless you!

  2. Sharon says:

    That is the most encouraging thing I have read since the election.

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      “That is the most encouraging thing I have read since the election.”

      Dern Sharon, had you read anything since the election before this?? LOL! That’s kinda like I used to come home from a race and Dad would ask, “What place you come in?” I’d go, “Second.” He’d be like, “Only two of ya runnin, huh?” LOL!

      You’re very welcome, and God Bless you!

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