“You Didn’t Build That”

Good morning guys! How are you today? I hope this post finds all in good health and spirits. To all that aren’t, then you’re in our prayers.

Let me kick this off this morning by making a little statement…GO GATORS! Whipped up on them LSU Tigers, didn’t they? Yeah, man! Florida is on the road back! Kudos to Coach Muschamp, his staff, and the players themselves…great job!

Today I’d like to discuss a statement our President and his circle of insiders like to throw around to the less informed…which by the way is exactly the way they’d like to keep you. I’d like to say the less motivated, but I won’t.

Through the process of “dumbing us down,” which by the way, includes our children within our educational system today, that in many cases are simply teaching “agendas,” they are accomplishing JUST what their true intentions are….a socialist America.

This being the ones in power, ARE the power, STAY in power, and in their totally anti-American mindsets understand by doing so, they’ll ALWAYS be the power! Scary stuff, but true.

Look at affirmative action, political correctness, the government regulations in place today, the “new” definition of hate crimes enacted by our Attorney General, and the right to “Free Speech” enjoyed by our far-left counterparts YET, no longer enjoyed by us…the believers in our Constitution, simply because ANY belief we may have usually falls under the title of…anti-government, anti-American, and racist.

All totally fabricated myths.

We’re even branded as religious radicals, by the left as well. But, it seems to be okay for a religion that tolerates, and by doing so I’d have to say advocate… honor killings. Your wife doesn’t act just as you see fit? Kill her. Your children fall into the same category.

YET, these same people are PROTECTED in many ways through…the hate crime act among others. I wish someone would explain to me how my being against, or disliking the beliefs that these people have, could possibly be considered a hate crime?

It’s pretty obvious to me that these people really don’t seem to care for us either, SO, am I missing something here. Even my describing them as actually HATING us, is not going to any extreme…is it?
I must be though, when an Islamic terrorist, who was a Major in our armed forces, kills over 30 of his fellow soldiers, all the while shouting “Allah Akbar,” and OUR President declares, “Let’s not jump to conclusions,” and this is exactly what I’d done when I heard about it.

I DID jump to the conclusion Hassan was indeed a terrorist…a religious terrorist. Maybe it was just me, but the Allah Akbar thing was kinda a dead giveaway. But, that was just my opinion.

From my standpoint, this very “religion of peace” pretty much advocates them not even LIKING THEMSELVES. They kill their own family members and by doing so, it falls under the banner of…HONOR? C’mon folks, gimmee a break here.

With this literally being the case, how could these same people give one hoot about me, MY family, or any other citizen of our Country, and what we stand for? That in itself is very scary too.

Yet our President sidesteps around this issue daily. Wonder what’s up with that?

We live in a society today created by our elected elite, the media, and all their little community organizing splinter groups where simply, WRONG, is now right. Our Country has literally been turned upside down, wouldn’t you agree?

Returning to today’s topic, our President recently made a statement, on July 13, 2012… “You didn’t build that!”

Take a look at this short, 3 part video STARRING Elizabeth Warren (the Cherokee wannabe), Barack Hussein Obama (LOOK, I USED his middle name!), and Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley (WHERE ELSE?), George Lakoff.

Three people who have used our freedom of speech, our freedoms provided for them through the bloodshed of tens of thousands of American veterans, along with the compassionate goodness of fellow Americans, who in many cases, have footed the bill for their educations and ambitions.

Do they know how to… “work the system?” You bet!

Although no more a “person of color” than me, Warren claims to have an Indian heritage and “rode that horse” to further her career… “working the system.”

President Obama has no idea the work ethic, sacrifice, integrity, or fiscal accountability involved in starting up and running a private business. “Well spend our way out of debt” comes to mind.

If this were at all possible, which it isn’t, if you were to add up what he and our First Lady have spent of your and I money on vacations, meals, entertainment and the like, shoot, we’d have been out of this economic downturn LONG AGO!

Also I wonder…WHO PAID for their educations?

Then we have Professor Lakoff…what’s in it for him? Probably not much, huh? Couldn’t be with all this talk they throw around so freely about SOCIAL EQUALITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, and all the other “chain jerkin” they do.

An example of this “chain jerkin” you ask, well, listen to them. They promise the poor and oppressed that… “We’re in your corner. We’re fighting for YOU!” Bull malarkey.

Generations since “The Great Society” was introduced to “we the people,” nothing is better for the people who live in the… inner cities.

The inner cities are still…inner cities with skyrocketing birth rates, which we pay for, high school dropout rates off the charts, an educational system in our Country that has teachers going on strike leaving hundreds of thousands of students not attending schools, AND illegals DEMANDING more Spanish speaking teachers, nurses, and Doctors. Comprende??

Joe Brown people, NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER! (Joe Brown being an expression learned from a good friend of Deb and mine’s that she uses when angered or awestruck)

This a headline from CBS Detroit…

Enter At Your Own Risk: Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Detroit is a fine example of this “socialist utopia” many today speak so highly of.

The slums are STILL the slums, and in most cases when we relocate these people to “nicer neighborhoods, or apartment buildings, it’s only a matter of time before these too look just like where they were relocated from!

WHY…because they have put absolutely NOTHING into them. Everything for free! Why would anyone respect and have the desire to keep something up if they’ve sacrificed absolutely nothing to have it, PLUS, you screw this up…we’ll relocate you again!

This is insanity, AND many of these “slumlords” operating today are elected officials, who once again profess to “fighting for the poor and oppressed.” Running water, leaking roofs, needing paint, etc., etc., etc!

They’ve become so complacent and “dumbed down” as a whole that they STILL vote the very same people in each election??? Good night a livin, how our society has changed!

Back to Professor Lakoff, sorry for the rambling, but I get SO AGGRAVATED looking in at all the literal, or should I say liberal, stupidity of “these constituents,” AND at we the people for sitting by and letting these “officials” destroy everything our Country stands for…right before our eyes?

BUT, in regards to Professor Lakoff, let’s only look at one other “professor, or college president.” This one is named Eduardo J. Padron. Padron on May 31, 2006, (2006 mind you so what could possibly in these packages in 2012??), terminated his participation in DROP, Deferred Retirement Option Program.

He collected, are you ready for this… $893,286 in lump sum benefits, AND began receiving $14,631 a month in retirement pay. Can you believe those figures?

He then RETURNED to his job as President of Miami-Dade Community College and began receiving his annual pay, once again! It’s not much though…only $328,860!

Oh, but there’s a reason for all this…A spokesman, Juan Mendieta, for Padron said, “the president WAS ASKED TO RETURN when he told board members he was retiring. He went on to say as well, “That the process is perfectly legal AND acceptable.”

Really? Legal and acceptable??? To whom? This is literally STEALING from us my friends. I don’t give a hoot about whoever TRIES to convince me it isn’t!

I just have to believe that if you took Professor Lakoff’s paycheck weekly, and divided it up among “the people,” his own view of this social justice and social equality would be looked at from an entirely different perspective, wouldn’t you

So you see clearly that these three, using all the above in the betterment of their own lives, and by such, being grateful to our Country and we the people for affording them these opportunities, is it appreciated? Not in the least.

They all are grateful for one thing…that these very same freedoms our Country affords us, is the exact freedoms they can use to destroy it!

Really…You DIDN’T Build That

If you listen to the points used by these people, IF YOU CAN EVEN CALL THEM POINTS, is incredible to me.

Your company used the roads to get to and fro? You’re protected from marauding gangs?? SO…you didn’t build that???

I’m a small business owner, and I’m here to tell you, yes I did in fact build that, and it SURE wasn’t with any help “from them!” ALL other business owners know this as well.

Excessive taxation, government regulation, all are detriments to building a business here in the US today and is EXACTLY why so many of our jobs lost are to companies moving overseas.

For them to make a profit…THEY HAVE TO!

Let me stop and play Elizabeth Warren again. I’d already posted up but after watching this video I decided to throw it up as well.

Here is a very good example of a typical liberal response to a question. She talks about literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…except the question she was asked. DIVERSION is an Alinsky teaching. Cheat, lie, disrupt, anything is okay, just so long as you don’t admit…YOU lied! “The ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS!”

Elizabeth Warren…Cherokee Wannabee!


THEN, we have Obama care looming on the horizon. I read yesterday that Darden, a casual dining company, is already gearing up for Obama care through cutting back fulltime employees to part time status…through the number of hours they’ll be allowed to work.

Boy, that sure helps our economy, and in keeping food on those employees tables, huh? What are we thinking people??

Plus, what else is in the Obama care legislation? I know I’m hearing horror stories in this regard. THEN, prior to the bill passing, Pelosi declares, “We need to pass the bill first…to see what’s in it.” Once more, WHY do we as the backbone of our Country tolerate such as this? It all is just incredible to me!

Here’s a lighthearted look at the “You Didn’t Build That” statement. It was sent to me by our friend Bob. Too bad it is exactly what our leaders are suggesting to us or it would really be funny!

You know, our officials today no longer appreciate the facts of what our Country was built on, and the opportunities for people to come here and work hard and grow.

They advocate today the policy of…we the government, need to be MORE involved in your lives, and through this…we’ll take care of you. We’re the power…we know best. You don’t want to work, no sweat, we’ll see you get everything you need…

Let me share a verse or two I read last night…I think it portrays the very ideals that have made our Country great. It talks about excellence, knowledge, self-control, Godliness, and other things as well.
All things today that our elected officials don’t seem to put much faith into in regards to our Country, themselves, nor their constituents.

It begins by stating that God has bestowed upon us HIS divine power, and through this has given us everything we need for living a Godly life, and through this, we can weather anything and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires…

In view of all this, make every effort to respond to God’s promises. Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence, and moral excellence with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with patient endurance, and patient endurance with Godliness, and Godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love for everyone. (2nd Peter 1 5-7)

Pretty powerful stuff, huh? Without trying to “preach” to you guys, I’m only suggesting you possibly start studying God’s word to some extent.

Personally, I have come to find out that God does love me, and by studying his word, although I don’t nearly as much as I should, I AM, understanding more and more, just how great and loving a God he is.

In closing today I’d like to thank you guys for stopping back by. God Bless you and yours, and work hard at…Keeping a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Talk at ya later…Comrades!


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4 Responses to “You Didn’t Build That”

  1. ARNOLD PRAVER says:

    Doug one of your besf if not number #1……at least I can understand no videos please, or you will lose 65% of your English speaking followers……….Yankee Doddle

    • admin says:

      “Daddy Warbucks”…how are you my friend. I didn’t know you could read???

      Thanks AP, in regards to the post…I’ll mail your 50 bucks just like I promised! LOL!! Seriously these guys are so obnoxiously arrogant anymore I almost blow a gasket at times. Shoot, I’m supposed to be talkin bout growin a dern garden, but this election is very, very important to people who believe as you and I. Hard work, morals, integrity, OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS AMERICANS…you know the story, yet, “We the People” FREELY elect this guy and all the baggage that comes with him. Phew!

      Hopefully our Country has realized the mistake we made. Ah, excuse me…THEY MADE! Let’s keep the faith that soon we’ll right the ship! We don’t have long too wait to find out now.

      AP, God Bless ya buddy, and tell the Missus hello for me!

      Hey…I almost forgot…my computer beat me at chess today, BUT, it was no match for me in kick boxing!

  2. Joey Clapper says:

    Hey Doug…why isn’t the Romney campaign going to you for advice; great points. I’m now busy trying to figure out how at my age I can go to work for the government. However the job has to have certain criteria;
    1 – My pay is based on what I and my colleagues decide.
    2- I get special medical and retirement benefits.
    3- I get to show up when I want.
    4- I have no oversight.
    5- I have no performance goals.
    6- I don’t pay for postage.
    7- I get to blame whatever I do wrong on everyone else.

    If you have any ideas of where I should apply please let me know asap.



    • admin says:

      Hey Joey! Haven’t pulled any “Joey’s” lately have you?

      Checking out the credentials you bring to the table in regards to landing a government job, I have to say all are pretty impressive!! I particularly like 1,3,4 and 5. With what you’re bringing to the table, shoot for the stars my friend! Honestly, I believe…you’re Czar material. No telling where it may end up for you. For mainstream America, possibly “Dancin with the Czar??” For the Southern audience, maybe a remake of Gomer Pyle with you playin the part of “Czargent Carter?” Shazam! For the youth, how bout a reality show starring your family… “the Czardashians??” If, and when, this takes off for you, don’t forget about me pal…SHARE the wealth ole buddy, share the wealth! I love my friends with money…get to get my “piece of the pie!”

      Hope it all works out for you!!


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