Finish Up Planting Thursday

Hey guys. I hope you all are doing well. Tryin to play a little catch up here as it’d been a while since I’d posted. So, here’s two…back to back! See ya’ll again in about 6 weeks! LOL!

My last post was about how God works in our lives, and the day I had Sunday in regards to feelin kinda down and out was so inspiring in that sense. Honestly, everywhere I turned I was getting the very same message.

It truly was amazing to me how the frustration I had been feeling was literally crushed out by the messages I was getting from different people. Again, all were basically telling me the very same thing.

It was uncanny how all this came together and I felt I really needed to share that with you. I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my entire life, and I’ve been around a few years.

I have to emphasize once again that I’ve never been what you’d call a devout Christian. I’ve always believed in God, and through the experience I shared with Deb during her ordeal, it became very evident to me he was a very loving and caring God.

Once more, on more than one occasion while talking to Deb she’d make a statement to me and I’d ask, “Where did you hear that,” or “Who told you that?”

Her answer would be simply, “God told me,” or, “God showed me.”

Deb was rock solid in her commitment to God, and from her talks with me, there was absolutely no doubt that his commitment to her was rock solid as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it to the day I die, “God walked with Debbie, and I saw with my own eyes he smiled on her daily!”

I believe that with all my heart.

I had seen all this joy in Deb, yet I could never put my finger on it. Sunday, I lived a little of this…the power of God. I tell you guys, it was amazing.

Now…let’s talk about the garden some.

First off…MAN, I’m getting a late start! LOL! Slow but sure…that’s me. I believe most everything will come off if we have pretty much a typical fall and winter. But again, you factor in my luck and this could get interesting! LOL!

What’s in the greenhouse I’m sure will be fine throughout the entire winter so we’re lookin good in that sense. This is also the reason I need to somehow find the time and the moola to get those other two set up as well.

I set out some eggplants today, and like our tomatoes we’ll put the overflow from the greenhouse grow area into the garden out front. That poor ole thing hasn’t been a producing garden in a while. It won’t know how to act!

I’ll take in our radishes tomorrow, and set out some more seeds. I juice these daily as well, so between that and a dern salad or two, they don’t stand much of a chance round here!

The beets are doin pretty good too, and looking through them today the beets are forming up well. You all know I’m a firm believer in the nutritional values of those guys. Still surprised though of how hard to find they are down here??

I set out about 30 or so He Shi Ko onions we’d grew off from seeds, and they’re doin well. I have about 60 more of them in seed trays getting close to bein set out as well. They’re a bunching onion if you guys haven’t tried them before, and I love em.

But, once again that’s not really a good recommendation comin from me…I LOVE everything when it comes to groceries! They are good though.

I also have set out about 20 of the Crimson Red bunching onions as well. They too are good, but I prefer the other. With these we also have maybe 30 more that are pretty close to being ready to set out. Won’t be long.

Let’s talk just a little, actually very little, about the okra I set out next to the greenhouse. Why do I want to just brush on this subject? Simple…thinkin I was bein very smart, and getting out of some work, I decided I’d herbicide around those little fellers.

Well, evidently while I was herbiciding “around them,” after about a week it became quite clear that not only had I herbicided “around them,” BUT also I’d herbicided between them, over them and ON them! Tore there rear-ends up!

Most of my okra will now come from the garden out front, and NO, I won’t be herbicided near them anytime soon, thank you! LOL!

The “maters” better look out though…I’m thinkin bout givin them a good fertilizin tomorrow or the next day! LOL! I figure if a little goes a long way, shoot, a handful or two around each plant outta make those suckers jump! What cha think??

In the next week or two I’ll set out some different lettuces, and that’ll pretty much finish me up. I MIGHT set a few greens out front too, but we’ll see.

All in all though, everything is doin pretty good, cept that dern okra, cause it for some reason just kept jumpin out in front of that dern spray nozzle. Craziest thing I ever seen!

I THOUGHT I kept hearin faint cries of “Banzai,” while I was sprayin it??

I hope the dern turkeys don’t get in there and eat some of those things. The herbicide do them like it did that okra, I’d be in BIG trouble they started havin thoughts on the art of…Kamikazee attacks!

Anyway, here’s a video of how things are comin on.

Well, as “ole Bugs” used to say, “That’s all folks!”

You guys take care, God Bless, and keep a smile on your face and one in your heart!


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