In Regards to Garlic, Lemon, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Hey guys, how is everyone? I know it is one hot dude down here. Yikes! We’ve caught a few afternoon showers lately, but no substantial rainfall. Enough though that it seems like every time I turn around…I’m firin off the dern lawnmower!

Listen, I get questions from time to time in regards to ginger, garlic, and lemon juices boiled down with apple cider vinegar. After boiling down 4 cups of this (1 cup of each), until you have 3 remaining cups of juice, you then add 3 cups of honey and mix well. Drink one spoonful a day.

This is supposed to aid in helping to keep your arteries clean and dropping the risk of heart attack. This is from a good friend of mine, and a great guy to boot. He’s well educated, very well educated actually, and has been a close friend of ours for several years now.

He, being from India, is into holistic healing. He doesn’t even take aspirin I don’t believe. He is into the herbal or natural treatments for most of his ailments. He’s a vegetarian as well and is very health conscious as a whole.

He is where I received the advice in regard to this “heart treatment.” It is a natural treatment. I’ve been taking this for over a year and a half now. I’ll tell you what my experience with this is, BUT, that’s all I can tell you, okay?

I’m not an MD, and don’t profess to be, yet I will pass on things I hear or read of from time to time. I too have become much more “open” in regards to the more holistic ways of treatments.

Anyway, since I started taking this, and I miss days occasionally, I do feel better. I had a massive heart attack on June 28, 2008. Fortunately, I survived, the Good Lord willing, and was put on 7, (Yep, 7) types of medication.

This continued until my wife Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer. Deb took chemo one time, and decided after much sickness, dizziness, loss of appetite, and in general not feeling good at all with her positivity level virtually non-existent, she chose to go to alternative treatment.

She stepped outside of the professional medical world and took charge of HER life, and did things HER way.

For those of those who don’t know, Deb was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that had already moved to another spot below her tracheal tube. There were spots on her lungs as well.

Her diagnosis was it was terminal, no cure, and that yes indeed, her days were numbered. She was given 8-9 months without treatment (chemo and radiation), and MAYBE…4-5 years, IF they could get it into remission. This happening was a very, very, slim chance.

By choosing alternative treatments, some of which were juicing heavily, exercise, and a herbal treatment from Wyoming, she literally lived the exact type of lifestyle she’d lived her entire life. She also lived 14 and a half months, so we almost doubled her “expected time.”

She played with her grandchildren, worked in the garden, cleaned her home, and was just such a pleasure to be around. During this time, she never had so much as a cold.

Personally, if I was diagnosed with cancer, I’d do the exact same things that Deb did…and I’m VERY sincere in that statement.

But, Deb also stated frequently that she was not telling anyone to not do chemo by any means. Deb was only trying to let people know that in regards to your own treatments that you have to know IN YOUR HEART, the treatment you decide upon is right…FOR YOU!

Back now to the “heart treatment,” I got off all my heart meds the very same day that Deb chose to go alternative in regards to her cancer. Call it crazy, or whatever you’d like, but by her deciding upon alternatives, my doing so in regards to my heart meds was literally a show of support for her. If she could do it, THEN I could do it.

She was handed a death sentence and decided upon alternative (you can read more about Deb’s struggle in scattered other posts), so I thought to myself, “That took some guts, and I’m gonna do the same thing…and I did.

I also felt that if “Mr. D.” felt strongly enough about this treatment to share it with me, then it must have his “stamp of approval.” That too, was good enough for me., I mean, shoot, he’s been involved in holistic treatments his entire life.

This particular heart treatment came to me, through him, via India.

As curious as it seems to me, most comments or questions in regards to this “juice” come from that part of the world…India.

Here’s the latest…

Dear sir/Madam,
any one has tried for ginger, garlic, lemon, ACV and Honey for their family mamber?
If yes what are results?
Whether results are verified by angiography?
As it is related to heart(life), i think it should be confirmed because their is no second chance in heart function.
i think same email is forwarded by all without confirmation as good being.
most of viewrs had said that they will prepare and try but no one has replied after trying himself
i request you to please let us know if it is verified by clinical trials or have any reference in any books/research papers.
arun, Pune India

A couple other questions from the same person…

Dear jaya kumar sir,
have you tried? what are results?
what benifits your friend had?
arun, pune India

So here’s my answer…

Once more I have been taking this for a year and a half. As far as my health, I’m getting to be in excellent health, and continue to be getting into better health, “shape wise” daily.

Is this from the heart juice treatment? I can’t say. I believe this has had to have benefitted me some, BUT, I walk a lot anymore, most times with leg weights and doing curls with dumbells. I’ve started some weight training, and I am MUCH more heath conscious of my food intake. Probably more today than any time in my entire life.

I also juice daily over 20 different vegetables and fruits as well, just as Deb and I did after her diagnosis with cancer. Even though she did pass away, I continue “our juicing” daily. This too I feel is a tremendous nutritional boost to my body as well.

So, from a health perspective I’m doing several things to…get into better shape as a whole.

Have I been to my heart Doctor? No, not since Deb’s diagnosis, and still haven’t as of today. First off, Deb was my number 1 priority, and was, right up until the minute she left.

2, I just haven’t made an appointment since her death. I intend too, but again, I haven’t as of this post today. I have though, lost over 60 pounds, and I feel…GREAT! I probably will lose another 30 or so.

Clinical results?? No sir, I have none? Why don’t you ask your Doctor about this, or, maybe you are a Doctor?? I don’t know, but, all I can say is this, and it’s MY opinion, and my opinion only…do what your “heart” tells you to do in this, or any other treatment.

You state… “As it is related to heart(life), i think it should be confirmed because their is no second chance in heart function.”

Along with…

i request you to please let us know if it is verified by clinical trials or have any reference in any books/research papers.

Honestly, you’re asking for things I obviously do not have, okay. If you’d like to try it…try it. Once more, this was passed on to me from a good friend that I feel cares enough about me to send this to me, AND request I start using it.

Do I have clinical, medical proof? No, but I’ve been off of 7 heart meds for a year and a half, PLUS I feel better than I have in MANY years. Is this simply because of this treatment we’re discussing?

Probably not, BUT I surely don’t think for one second it has hurt me in any way shape or form.

If you are so inquisitive in this matter…look into it. Talk to your Doctor, or a research specialist. At least that would seem to be within reason, wouldn’t it?

I simply passed along what a very good friend of mine sent to me. Who by the way is a good enough friend that he is concerned for MY health, and sent this with the object of…helping me, surely not hurting me!

You’re also exactly right in your statement that in regards to heart health…there is no second chance, at least from the human standpoint, but there is a greater power that does get involved in this from time to time.

Now, I can talk to you about that statement a little bit because once more, I DID experience a massive heart attack.

The Doctor that treated me was talking to me afterwards, I was also lucky enough to have a stent placed instead of open heart surgery, and he stated that I had had the exact same heart attack that the news host Tim Russert had just a week or so prior to mine. The very same.

He said, “He had the same type of heart attack you had. The difference is that he didn’t survive, but you did.” My response… “God’s will.” The Doctor agreed wholeheartedly.

So you see, I can’t tell you what to do in your own regard. That is YOUR decision. This no different than Deb wanting to go the alternative route with her cancer. You have to do, what YOU have to do, or, what your heart tells you to do.

God has a plan for us all. When your clock winds down…you’re going home, whether we’re riding a bike, lying in bed, walk out in front of a bus, or experience a heart attack or stage 4 cancer. When God calls us home…we’re going home.

Why did I survive the same heart attack that killed Tim Russert? It was God’s plan, my friend, not my or your doing?

Another example of heart problems. This comes from a friend of Deb and I that used to always come to supper with a couple other friends of ours. These too are all good, good people.

This lady and I were talking a while back after supper. She had lost her husband a little over two years ago, from…heart disease. Her husband had been in and out of the hospital the previous two years with all types of heart surgeries and heart related problems.

This example I’m giving you now is but one other reason I personally, again, this is my opinion, but I am becoming more and more concerned over many of the meds and treatments we have prescribed to us today.

Western treatment today is basically…take this pill, and if that doesn’t work, then take this one, followed by three of these, and two more of this type.

You guys, where you live are more into the holistic end, not us Westerners, and once more I’m beginning to advocate less pill, and MORE natural. BUT, this is just ME!

Back to our friend…

They, when her husband’s time was approaching, were told to call Hospice. His time was getting close, and the reasoning behind his time drawing near was not heart failure…it was LIVER failure.

What in the world are you guys talking about they asked? Liver failure??? HOW?

The explanation…the medicines he had been being prescribed to help his heart…were destroying his liver! I couldn’t believe it when she told me this. She said they were both dumbfounded, and THIS was the FIRST time any liver problems had been mentioned to them.

Again, me personally…I’m beginning to like the looks of natural treatment. But again, that’s just me.

Well, thank you all for stopping back in today. God Bless you all, and please…keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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45 Responses to In Regards to Garlic, Lemon, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

  1. Steven says:

    I can’t speak to it as a heart treatment, although it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that it is effective. I can say however, that a regimen of a couple tablespoons a day of apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, with the natural sediment called “mother”), mixed with water and honey to make a sort of tea, is a miracle cure for acid reflux. I have used papaya enzyme for years with great success, but when even that was not enough, when the reflux became so bad that I dreaded going to bed at night and had dark bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, the cider and honey concoction gave me my life back. It’s great stuff.

  2. Albertine Ellinwood says:

    I find all of this very interesting. I do know that living on mostly fresh live vegetables and juicing them too, adds life to your body. Several years ago, I did just that. I juiced spinach, celery, cabbage, lots of carrots and drank one large glass of this juice a day. Also did the same with several fruits of pineapple, apples and grapefruit. Within two weeks, I felt 100% rejuvenated and looked it and people commented on how great I looked. What a difference it made and maybe I should have kept it up. I’ve been thinking, after so many years, about doing this again. I’m getting older and don’t have the energy I used to have. Also I would like to try this vinegar drink drink your talking about. Not sure yet exactly what the portions are. Did you mean 1 cup of garlic cloves and one cup of ginger pieces to the boiling vinegar or do you mean the juice of garlic and ginger? Thanks for this article..

    Very sorry to hear about your wife… Zeena

    • admin says:

      Good morning!

      Yes Ma’am, in my own personal opinion, I feel very strongly you should begin juicing again. I’m 56, and the difference in my health, my weight, and the way I feel is just incredible. Sadly though, it ain’t done much for “my looks!” LOL! Honestly though, if I skip my walks, and or, my juice…I feel guilt. I think this is great though. It tells me that now this has literally become a routine in my life that I feel is important. In other words…I look forward to it! (check out today’s post in regards to my weight loss)

      The vinegar…concoction. It is not using the cloves or ginger pieces…it is their juice. Personally I juice fresh garlic and ginger. The lemon as well. I believe you can purchase these juices through the internet, but I feel that I KNOW what I’ve got when I juice them myself, yet I also consider that when I juice them here at home the end product HAS to be much fresher. But again, that’s just me.

      1 cup ginger juice
      1cup garlic juice
      1 cup lemon juice
      1 cup apple cider vinegar

      Hope this helps ya out! Also, thank you so much in Deb’s regard. She is sorely missed, but gave me 26 years of absolute love. I was, and still am, very, very blessed!

      Have a great day!
      Put all products into a pan. You’ll have 4 cups total, correct? boil this down to a total of 3 cups. Add 3 cups pure honey, give em a good shake to mix thoroughly, then 1 tsp. per day. Keep mixture refrigerated.

  3. Chantal says:

    Tim Russert didn’t survice ’cause they killed him.. : (

  4. Sandy Grant says:

    Well I will have to join you in believing that the above mixture is very good for you and has improved my health to “heart healthy”. I started using it about 1 yr ago but I was taking 1 tablespoon daily instead of 1 teasopoon. My blood work was generally ok in the beginning but I had some problems with Cholesterol and triglycerides. As of Monday my blood work is perfect and I am continuing to take it daily.
    All of my juices have been bought. Could not find the ginger juice locally and had to go to the internet. Ordered it from “The Ginger People”.
    Doug, I would love for you to do an article on juicing. I know it has to be a simple thing but there may be many out there like me that do not know where to begin. You have obtain so much knowledge with Deb that I know she would want you to share. Thanks for keeping her with us………

    • admin says:

      Thank you again Sandy and I’m very glad you’re seeing good results in your regard! Keep it up! Been gonna call you guys, but I’ve misplaced your number. Please call, or shoot me an e-mail, okay?

      Tell Bill hello and dad-gum if “the Tide” doesn’t look awesome again! Killed Mitch–eee-gan in the “Big House!”

  5. candie says:

    I believe in natural ways to heal ailments. I’m asian and my mother usually use herbs or natural ways to cure our illness. Back home garlic is considered to be a natural ingredient to a strong, healthy heart. Ginger is also very important to healing and we use it for sore throats by boiling it and drinking the juice (salabat or ginger tea). I remember she also uses garlic to lower her blood pressure and this is why I believe that this juice recipe could possibly unblock your artery and keep your heart healthy. Someone posted on my facebook page that a fruit that we call “guyabano” or sour sop kills cancer by eating or drinking the juice of this fruit daily. I don’t know any cancer patient who has been cured by this delicious fruit so I could not attest to the validity of this claim.

  6. Terri says:

    I have some ginger grounded into powder,garlic grounded into powder,lime juice,Store bought vinegar,and store bought honey.can I use these to unclog arteries?I cant afford anything else.if so,how much ginger in a cup of water,how much garlic in a cup of water,do I add water to the lime juice to make a cup? If so how much?

  7. Terri says:

    also do I add water to the vinegar?

  8. Carmela Pama says:

    Dear Dub,
    I stumbled into your blog the other day was realy intrigue by the benefits of the vinegar concoction. I have tried apple cider and the other ingredients separately (garlic pills ginger tea, lemonade and maple syrup before, but I’ve never thought of mixing this with lemon, more so garlic and ginger together…

    I will definitely try this and check on my cholesterol levels as well as my blood pressure levels.

    I am sad to read that Deb has gone to a better place. She is with you and guide you through.

    Will definitely come back and report my progress on the results of the benefits of the concoction.

    Cheers… Carmela

    • admin says:

      Carmela, I’m so very sorry for not getting back with you sooner, as there is absolutely no excuse for it.

      Thank you for your condolences in Deb’s regard, they are so appreciated!

      Also, I hope you have tried this concoction, and it has worked well for you. Wishing you the very best in all things, and God Bless!

      PS…cheers too!! LOL!

      Doug (Dub)

  9. Ana says:

    Hey there,
    I made my juices and started taking this on Saturday. It is day three for me and I dont feel so hot. LOL actually I am having a large number of hot flashes and I feel as if i have indigestion, also i have a headache that seems to linger. I am wondering , and have not found a site that describes any symptoms that might be part of the process. I was just wondering if this is normal or should i not take this anymore. I like the taste and all so that is not an issue. I have been a horrible eater for years and live somewhat of a sedentary life so I am sure I have clogged arteries and years ago had high cholesteral (sp but dont want to look it up). I guess I am just thinking that there might be a few days to a week to acclimate to this stuff. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Ana…see above on last comment. LOL!!

      Seriously, we have not heard of anyone with these types of problems??? BUT…some people react to some things differently than others?? Anyway, this REALLY should help your clogged arteries, etc!

      God Bless!

  10. Pat says:

    I have been taking garlic ginger lemon and honey mix for 6months, i have a high colestrol 7 iam hoping that the mix has lowered that, i dislike taking statons as they are not healthy for me, any way back to the mix i have found that taking 30ml each night gives me and my wife a good nights sleep, a few years ago i found out i had an enlarged postrate and could pee properly, the doc wanted to operate but i decided against this and happy i did so, after taking the mix i have found that i have a much better flow i lost a couple of kilo which is not good for me as i only weigh 76kg as is but i can deal with that because i feel much more healthy at 61 than i did at 51 and i still do all the wrong things like smoke, i smoke a pipe but dont drink alcohol at all still no excuses here, my mum who is 88 swears by the mix it has given her back more freedom in her joints, sleeps well at night i put her on to this so am happy it she feels good, you have nothing to loose here so give it a try but also give it time do it for 6months constantly good luck i know youll notice a difference

    • admin says:

      Hey Pat…what’s up my friend?

      I honestly believe this will lower your cholesterol level. Also, as to the other benefits you mention, I believe in this as well. Great properties in these ingredients, and to be honest, I’ve really come to believe in, and see a difference in the quality of my life simply by juicing period, not only the garlic and lemon juice etc., but I juice other fresh veggies and fruits as well.

      Thanks for stoppin in Pat, and look forward to hearin from ya again!

      God Bless you guys!


  11. Jaya says:


    Is this advicable to patients who have blockage in their veins?
    My dad had blockage in 3 veins – 1 – 100% blockage, 1 vein has stunt with 30% blockage and 1 with 50% blockage. Doctors have adviced for life long medication and avoid oily food and salt in his diet.

    If the solution of apple cidar vinegar+honey+Garlic+Lemon can clear veins then i would recommend same to him.
    Also please suggest for how long one has to take this solution


    • admin says:

      Yes Jaya, it should clear veins as well. As for any time frame of taking this elixir, I plan on taking it from here on out. I believe there are other benefits as well, with your immune system being one of them…

      Take care and God Bless you and yours!

  12. Alok says:

    I have chest pain while walking fast, and I have a history of 20yrs of smoking and alchohal, fatty food etc. I am 43 yrs of age. I would prepare this mixture (apple cidar vinegar+honey+Garlic+Lemon ).
    Please suggest how long and how much I should take?

    • anees says:

      you can take this 21 days or 48 days …. Better 42 cidar vinegar+honey+Garlic+Lemon )+ginger also

      • admin says:

        Hello there!

        What’s the reasoning behind your designating number of days? I personally have been taking this pretty much throughout almost 3 years now. Sure there are times I’m gone, or simply forget to take it, but I’ve never heard a set number of days? Again, I’d love to hear your reasoning for this.

        Wishing you the very best and God Bless.

    • Patty Locke says:

      my mother’s 90 years old she’s been so sick every year.and in out the Hospital.her blood work was badshe had colds all the time he didn’t want to live anymore.we got so tired of taking her to the hospital all the time.she started taking then occur honey and garlic and gingershe’s been taking it for year now she has not been sick for a year.her doctor said her blood work was perfect.he even wanted to knowwhat she was doing we told him he want to know how to make it he want to try it.

      • admin says:

        Good morning! Great news in regards to your mother, huh? We so appreciate your stopping by to share that with us! Wishing you guys the very best, and God Bless you and yours! Tell your Mother keep it up!

  13. Bablee says:

    I tried to makw the drink. When i boiled the color cbanged to bluish green. Is that normal. I did not mix honey yet. Please reply. Thanks

    • admin says:

      I tried to makw the drink. When i boiled the color cbanged to bluish green. Is that normal. I did not mix honey yet. Please reply. Thanks

      Sounds like when everything else was not looking good you took the stand of…I ain’t wastin this good honey!! Lol!

      No seriously, this color change you saw, IS what happens. I’ll re-post why here for you…from on post on 3/17/14…you’ll find most questions are answered in previous testimonials.

      this product does indeed turn a bluish green. But the reasoning is the garlic and I’ll give you some of the answers why in just a bit from other sources… I notice when I’m juicing my garlic that while my garlic juice sits, like when I’m juicing my lemon, then my ginger, I see this bluish green tint already forming in my container holding the garlic.

      WHY?? I’ve always thought it was because of the breakdown of the different properties within the garlic. For example, there are two properties in garlic that combine to make an all-natural antibiotic, but it won’t happen until the clove is crushed.

      But, a couple more answers from the web

      Turns out that the reactions that create this blue pigment are related to the reactions that create the familiar pungent aroma of garlic and onions. The chemical precursors of these compounds start out safely locked away within individual cells in the plant, but as you cut or grate them, they get exposed to each other, where they end up reacting, with the aid of anzymes. When these rings then link together in a specific way, they form green compounds that are similar in structure to green chlorophyll. The molecules are perfectly safe to eat.


      Garlic turns green when it is cooked with an acid such as lemon juice or even tomatoes. It is because the Isoallin found within the garlic breaks down when it reacts with acid and produces the blue-green color.

      And, you were kinda right with your pot theory too…

      The reason garlic will turn green when cooked has to do with the sulfur in the garlic combining with trace copper from the pan or water…. (GET THIS….OR WATER) This combination forms copper sulfate, which is a greenish blue compound. The amount of copper needed for this reaction is very small and is often found in normal water supplies. Copper may also be present in butter or lemon juice that may be used to cook the garlic. This compound is harmless in the trace amounts that are involved in cooking.


      Traces of copper in the cookware? Could be, but surely not enough to hurt. Seems garlic will change anyway, but other products simply enhance the change it seems.

      Listen up…

      These numbers are based on a nutritional value of a 2,000 calorie per day diet…I’m showing you also that each ingredient has copper in them already.

      Lemon- (copper)- 0.007mg—————–0.079
      Honey- (copper)- 0.007mg.—————-0.79%
      ACV- (copper)- 0.002mg—————–0.18%
      Ginger- (copper)- 0.045mg—————–4.98%
      Garlic- (copper)- 0.178mg—————-19.78%

  14. Bablee says:

    You r right. I am not wasting honey. But more than that I was concerned about chemical reaction. Thanks for quick reply. Greatly appreciated will poat results Thanks again

    • admin says:

      I hope you understood I was only making a joke out of your experience in regards to not wasting honey…not being sarcastic in any shape or form.

      I’m a firm believer in laughter being one of the “best medicines,” and I try to keep humor a very prominent part of my life. To see a smile break across someone’s face is very pleasing to me. I hope in our regard you were indeed smiling! It was only a joke…or “breaking the ice.”

      God Bless my friend, and once more, the color your mixture turned is absolutely no problem! It was caused from your garlic.

  15. Vivian says:

    I’ve been looking on the web for more info about the garlic/vinegar/ginger juice and honey concoction. Maybe it is healthful but I would like to see some clinical data. I made a batch, using all organic ingredients, my own juicer, fresh ingredients. I started taking a tablespoon a day–I only could tolerate about 4 days. It made me dizzy, light headed, generally feeling out of balance, like I was coming down with something, but the worst thing was the overwhelming scent of garlic permeated my entire being. I don’t think that is beneficial or natural. I would like to be able to use this (3 c of organic honey is very expensive), hate to waste it, but am thinking of throwing it away. I don’t think I could live with that smell day in and day out! And feeling horrible! Now it scares me…just looking at it makes me feel sick!

    • admin says:

      Morning Vivian, how are you?

      Unfortunately, you simply may not be able to take this juice. Everybody’s systems are different, and sadly, using Lipitor as an example after my heart attack in 2008, I simply could not take it, although millions of others do??? I have a daughter-in-law who can’t take this juice because she has a problem with vinegar, whether it be apple cider vinegar or any other kind??? There again, is an example of what works for someone else may not be what the doctor ordered for others??

      This juice has helped many, many others, as the testimonies will tell you, and my primary care Doctor is jumping on the bandwagon too. I personally have had great results, and will continue taking it. Almost 3 years with NO prescribed medicines after being prescribed 7 after my heart attack, which by the way was described as massive.

      We’re very sorry this doesn’t work well for you. Take good care and God Bless!

  16. tiur says:

    i use this miracle potion without boiling it first? is it okay?

    • admin says:


      The recipe we use calls for boiling first. I understand that people think boiling takes nutrition away. This is not totally true. There are instances where boiling literally enhances the nutritional values. Also I’ve read where you boil vegetables in water…save the water to use in soups, etc. The reasoning…you’ve captured some of the nutrients IN the water.

      When you juiced the ingredients in this , “miracle potion” as you call it, it is boiled simply in its own juices…no water added. With this being the case, you have trapped some of the nutritional value you may have lost through boiling. So, you benefit from this by simply drinking the juice.

      As far as taking without boiling…I don’t!

      From my own testimony, making the juice from the recipe we use, and the testimonies from many, many others (read them for yourself), it’s obvious people worldwide are receiving benefits from this daily…through boiling.

      We hope this helps you! Thanks for stopping in and wishing you the very best in all things!

      God Bless!

  17. Paul says:

    Hi regarding the blue green colour of my ‘elixir of life’ , I have just made my 3rd batch in four months and it is a much bluer green than the previous 2 batches maybe because I did not juice the garlic enough? It cannot turn poisonous – can it?

    keep up the good work on the web site that gives some hope to all with heart blockages etc. got to be better than going under the knife for a bypass!



    • admin says:

      Hey Paul…thought I’d give you a couple days to see if the bluer green mixture hurt ya any! You ain’t having any problems are you?? Lol.

      No, seriously Paul, you may see a difference in product color, and it is garlic related. No worries though, it could be from a batch that may not have been heated enough, or even quite long enough. It could even have been from the garlic you used being just a little fresher than what you’d used previously. But you’re good my friend…again, it’s fine.

      Check out our new site Paul. Take a look see at a couple of the pictures…those are the color of product you’re looking for, but again, you do see a small change every once in a while, and once more it is…garlic related.

      Paul have a great day buddy, and God Bless!!


  18. tariq says:

    Hi I made the mixture tonight with garlic, ginger, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey i bought from the local store. I was looking for organic stuff but could’t find any at the local store. Do the ingredients have to be organic or the non organic stuff is also effrctive. Please comment
    thanks a lot

    • admin says:


      The ingredients in my opinion do not have to be organic, but I do stress the importance of using the very freshest ingredients you can find. An example of this is the ingredients we use here on the place are of the very best quality we can find. We juice them here on the place ourselves. We do not purchase juice…we again, juice them ourselves…the ginger root, the garlic and the lemon. Of course the apple cider vinegar we do purchase in quantity already made, but that is pretty much out of our hands. Honey we purchase as well, but from a large distributor here in town. All our honey we use is purchased in 55 gallon drums, and is pure, raw, unprocessed honey. How do we know this to be the case…after purchasing, we literally have to strain the honey as it still has bee wings, caps, etc. in it. This shows us the honey has never been touched and still in its raw state.

      All this to me is very, very important, but again, I don’t feel that the ingredients actually HAVE to be organic.

      I hope this has helped you some, if not, ask away.

      Here’s wishing you the very best in all things, and God Bless!


  19. Dear Sir ,
    I have been taking one table spoon empty stomach of the garlic/vinegar/ginger juice and honey concoction for one month . My recent Lipid profile shows Cholesterol -219, Triglycerides -212, HDL -37 ,VLDL -42.4, LDL-Cholestrol (Calculated) -139.6. I am 71 years old. I find my triglycerides have increased now , one month back, prior to taking concoction the results showed 173.
    Please advice and also indicated duration for which this concoction is to be taken.
    With regards.

    • admin says:

      Good morning Col., sir…thanks for stopping by!

      In regards to your personal experience with the juice, we are saddened by your experience so far…but, by no means would I stop taking it. After just one month, I’m not sure in regards to your triglyceride count?? I would though give it at least one more 30 day period, but your option.

      After glancing at your ingredient list, I see you neglected lemon…this WAS used, is that correct, and you simply forgot to put lemon down on the list?? If not, be sure to add the lemon to your mixture!

      To be honest with you, I can say that we have had one other person say that he saw no improvement in his own health regard, but…he also stated that he only tried it for 2 weeks, which I certainly feel is not long enough to get a true reading on benefits derived, or not??

      I’ll share basically the same answer I gave him…and to be quite honest it is theoretical.

      I feel that although this juice has helped many, many, many people, worldwide, from their own testimonials. I also feel that it may not help every single person, whether it be from their own genetic makeup, not prepared properly (not saying you didn’t prepare yours properly by any means, just saying), an ingredient not having the nutritional value needed, maybe not fresh enough, or whatever?? Possibly you may have used juices already made into juice when you bought them, whereas we juice ours every single time as needed.

      I don’t know, but I’ll give you an example as to what may indeed be good for many, simply doesn’t work for everyone, and this is from my own personal experience.

      I had a massive heart attack in 2008. I was prescribed Lipitor along with 6 more prescription heart meds. Lipitor as you know is prescribed to many, many heart patients, and I’m sure has helped millions. Yet, in my case, after two months, I had to be taken off Lipitor and prescribed another heart med. It affected my short term memory, and I also simply didn’t feel good while taking it.

      So, in essence, what has worked SO well for SO many, simply didn’t work for me?? Was it my body makeup? I simply don’t know why this was the case, but, sadly it was.

      This I’m sorry to say is my only explanation for your not seeing improvement in your own regard. Again, the testimonials speak for themselves as there are many who have experienced very good health benefits derived from this juice, from many different health ailments.

      Col. I would like to see you continue this for at least 30 more days, but the decision is yours.

      In regards to the duration of taking this juice, I’ve personally taken it for over 3 years now, daily. One tablespoon a day. I plan on taking it from here on out. If for no other reasoning besides from an ingredient standpoint alone…it is a great immune system builder.

      Thank you again for stopping by, my friend! I hope I’ve been some help to you.

      Here’s wishing you much success in all things, especially from your health standpoint. May God Bless and keep you, and yours!


    • admin says:

      You are very welcome, sir! Please keep us aware of your findings as you move along, or, simply just stop in to say hello! Either or both would be appreciated!

      Again…God Bless!

    • admin says:

      Hello how have you been? Hope all goes well for you and yours!

      • Amirah says:

        Im sorry i dono wat happen but all i typed just disappeared. Well i’ve actually been taking lemon acv honey garlic n ginger for over a month now. I was just wondering, how long can i take it before doing another blood test. My doctor actually encourages natural remedies. My cholesterol is on the boarder line 4mobths ago. Appreciate ur advice. And im sorry for the loss of ur better half.

  20. admin says:

    Hello, and how are ya? I wish I could give you a yes or a no to your question, but honestly I’m not sure?? I’m sure you can Google up an answer to your dilemma. You may even want to consult your MD with this. Good luck, and God Bless you guys!

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