Is This Really About Gays, or the Persecution of Our Faith

Good morning guys, and here’s wishin every one of you a great weekend. Our grandson Devin went back home yesterday after staying with me quite a bit this summer. I’m gonna hate to see him go. He was a lot of help to me and very supportive of me. Again, I’ll miss that guy for sure.

Well, today I’m gonna give you a couple of my thoughts on actions taking place in our Country.

The first being the actions implemented from the “pro-gay” activists in regard to Chick-fil-A and the comments made by its president, Dan Cathy.

First off, Chick-fil-A has given its employees Sunday off, I believe since its founding. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve always found this to be first class.

On top of this, it seems to me that by their doing so, it is pretty clear they’re run by an officer, or officers, with a strong conviction, and this is where the trouble starts in… “today’s world.”

It has to do with a topic, or belief, that IS NOT condoned by far too many in our Country today. Not condoned by many, although I’d like to state most, but really I can’t from lack of true knowledge, of our politicians, our media, our educators, and far too many of our fellow citizens.

In regards to our fellow citizens, I use that term VERY loosely because what our elected leaders, their cohorts, and our media today call our “fellow citizens,” are literally not citizens at all, but here illegally.

With this being said, in my own opinion, I consider them exactly what they are…illegal, and with absolutely NO rights to involve themselves in the agendas in our Country, BUT, that’s another topic completely.

Today’s topic concerns…our belief in God.

Mr. Cathy made a statement, and by now I’m sure you’re all aware of it, that he supports the biblical definition of the family unit, and that supporters of gay marriage were arrogant.

My question is simply this…what in the heck is wrong IN his statement? I feel exactly the very same way as he in regards to the issue with gay marriage.

Again, with Chic-fil-A giving their employees Sunday off, the Bible’s “day of rest,” I for one understand completely that this company must be run by individuals with a strong religious conviction. I mean, how long have they been in existence?

BUT, by all the “powers that be” in our Country, or at least the ones who condone the idea of “political correctness,” Mr. Cathy really has NO right to voice such blatantly biased feelings, Biblically correct, which they are, or not.

To the “progressive mindset” Mr. Cathy is simply…a “Bible thumping” religious zealot, who is totally NOT in tune with “today’s America,” which is based on… “hope and change.”

Personally I don’t see ANY hope for our Country if this political communist agenda, oops…I mean PROGRESSIVE agenda continues. It HAS to be stopped. THAT is the CHANGE that is needed.

The progressive movement literally is doing exactly what Mr. Cathy states. This being the destruction of…the family unit. This is as obvious as the nose on your face, IF, you’d only open your eyes to see.

It is about the destruction of your church, the destruction of your right to free speech, the destruction of your work ethic, the destruction of your ability to own and run your own business, the destruction of having the ability to even…find a job.

The people in power today don’t care about their so-called constituents in the least, but only…about themselves. Their power, their greed, and they have no morals or values in how this is achieved.

You only have to look at the “inner city” black society, and today it’s pretty much across the board with any ethnic group, to see AND understand their political motivation…TOTAL DEPENDENCY of their constituents to the powers that be!

Do you REALLY think today’s power structure REALLY gives one hoot in hell about… “the gays?” Of course they don’t. No more so than they REALLY cared about the inner city black communities.

Through this so-called “great society” our politicians created so many years ago, we’ve become a society of…entitled, non-producing citizens that have lost all sense of pride in themselves, and actually their freedom (they sold their freedom for a little monthly handout and became DEPENDANT on the very people that claim “to help” them).

Out of “slavery,” and into…slavery or dependency on our government.

How has this great society worked out in the inner city black community? One only has to look to see that in reality, NOTHING has changed. Billions, and probably trillions have been spent to create this, this “socialist utopia,” and as of yet…no change.

The ghettos are still there (many of these dilapidated buildings are owned by the same elected official that proclaims…we’re here to HELP you, and by the way, most of their “rent checks” come from you and I), unemployment has, and always will be off the charts to these communities.

Lack of an education is rampant, family units are not a priority to many, children born out of wedlock are not only acceptable but actually advocated, incarceration of these people is much higher than any other area in our Country, and most of the crimes committed are…black on black.

Yes sir, this great society has been nothing but a waste of our tax dollars, at least in the sense of getting anything worthwhile out of it from the community standards anyway.

Shouldn’t we be teaching them to work, and through their work ethic to grow and prosper and become self-reliant and productive members of society? You’d think, wouldn’t you? Yet this theory wouldn’t work, at least not for the people in power.

Look only at the Cloward-Piven Strategy, you don’t want to get people OFF welfare, you want to get MORE people ON welfare. That’s how you bring America to her knees…economic meltdown.

Oh, but the ones in power claiming to be for the poor, our elected officials, have benefitted from these programs lavishly. Through their buying of votes, they have created for themselves a position of power and greed today that allows them through their passage “of laws,” to become almost…untouchable.

So no, they don’t care about the gays any more so than they do about me or you, the illegals, the black inner city, the atheists, the church, or anyone involved in being…a producer. They care only about themselves.

We’re under persecution today my friends. Religious persecution being only one of our many problems, but it is only going to get worse, unless “WE THE PEOPLE” finally get enough of such acts being implicated by our government officials and say, “NO more.”

Mr. Cathy took a stand. He decided that his own moral and religious beliefs are more important than caving into the political correctness being implemented on us today. He puts God above the “Godless.”

By doing so, we the people got behind him and our own religious beliefs, and Chick-fil-A set a record for company sales, although the intent from the gay point of view, the media and many of our so-called elected officials was to boycott and hurt Mr. Cathy’s company.

Look at the mayors of Boston and Chicago…they state they won’t permit a Chick-fil-A restaurant in their cities because of Mr. Cathy’s stand. I personally find this so anti-American I actually don’t know why these guys aren’t run out of office by their own constituents??

Let me state this too though before I close out for today. Honestly, I don’t care about what a person does being the closed doors of their own home. Unless it involves children, I couldn’t care less as to a person’s sexual interests. That’s THEIR business, not mine.

I do not condone sex between people of the same gender, our marriage specifically, but again, that’s just me. I don’t want it in front of my children, my grandchildren, or your kids or grandkids as well. Do what you want in the privacy of your own home though, THAT is your right.

Mr. Cathy states that supporters of gay marriage are arrogant.

I agree with this as well. How many times have you seen gay supporters burst into churches during service and start running around, throwing flyers about the place, then run off?

To me, that’s arrogance.

How many times have the states voted down gay marriage? Then a city or judge overturn what the people voted down, and okay a gay marriage union?

To me, that’s arrogance.

Then to single out businesses or individuals, and blackball them into forcing them to come out and make pro-gay statements or be boycotted is lawlessness in my opinion. The perpetrators ought to go to jail.

Once more, to me, this is arrogance.

For our powers that be declaring that Merry Christmas shouldn’t be used on account of it offending people, this is an attack on our Christian beliefs.

How many manger scenes are no longer allowed on city properties, the Ten Commandments, and the like? In God We Trust under attack daily?

This is religious persecution, and it’ll continue to get worse and worse if we allow it. Communism does not advocate religious freedom. It does though advocate the use of fringe groups such as the gays, the “oppressed” and so forth to obtain their goals.

Many of today’s “progressives” are Saul Alinsky disciples, President Obama and former First Lady Hillary Clinton are but two.

A Saul Alinsky quote that I find interesting in regards to today and our religious freedoms being infringed on is this… “Lest we forget an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history…the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom…Lucifer.”

It was Alinsky and his teachings that forecast to the Bill Ayers and cohorts in the sixties that violence could not overcome America. Forget it, but go back to school, get an education, and put on a suit. Become the establishment in other words. Infiltrate from within.

Become members of the church, become educators, become lawyers, enter politics. Become part of… “the power.” I must admit they learned very well, because today many are… “the power.”

I’m not preaching to anyone today, because I for one was not brought up in a family that attended church on a regular basis. YET, we believed in and adhered to our Christian beliefs.

We believed in the church, a work ethic, the words respect, discipline, God, faith and law were all condoned. We believed in the family unit. We helped our neighbor, and our word was indeed our bond.

All these virtues are not looked upon by our politico’s with respect today, in reality they frown upon them. It defeats their goal of total control.

In closing I’ll only say this.

The Lord our God is all powerful. He is a God of love, but also a God to be feared. Not from a frighten you standpoint in my opinion, but simply this…I do not want to stand before him on my own day of judgment and hear the words… “I do not know you.”

Stand up for your religious beliefs, as did Mr. Cathy. Don’t let these political correctness advocates bully you into compromising your own morals and convictions. If God is on your side, you can’t lose.
Start taking your children and grandchildren to church.

Through this, down the road they’ll be able to make their own decisions in regards to their religion, BUT, by getting them involved in the church now, the decision they’ll make down the road will be an educated one. One learned from experience, not just a liberal educator, or our media proclaiming that our religion is but a farce.

While Devin was down with me this summer, we went to church together. Willie attended with us too, the Sunday he was here. It sure can’t hurt, but the upside is everlasting life.

Deb changed my outlook so much in regards to attending church. Her belief was rock solid and she told me on numerous occasions that God was who showed her the route she chose in her battle with cancer.

She was always upbeat, she never complained and she tried to help or console anyone who needed it. She was an inspiration to all that knew her. I know in my heart as well…God smiled on her during her time here.

I also know that without a doubt…she is with our God today.

It has become unfathomable to me after living with, and beside such a person as Deb, and seeing her own faith in such a difficult time in regards to her own life and wellbeing that truly, truly there is a God, and there is a heaven.

I too want to go there when my time has come, and be a part of this wondrous place.

Put your faith in God my friends, he’s there for us all. With that being said, let’s not continue to let political correctness, political agendas, and most of all, man himself attempt to persuade us, or our families that there is another way.

Let’s instead become more like the Mr. Cathy’s of the world…stand up for what WE believe in, not what we’re told to believe.

God Bless you all, and be sure to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart. Deb would want it no other way!

Dub and Deb

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8 Responses to Is This Really About Gays, or the Persecution of Our Faith

  1. Jeff Davis says:

    Amen Brother!! Dan Cathy answered a question truthfully. As some of the media will tell you…Chic-Fil-a is a hateful anti-Gay organization. What Dan Cathy said is not the “word” according to Dan Cathy. It is from God!! As you know Doug, I’m a Christian, and when you are in the wrong, (Like Harry Davis) I will tell you if you are wrong, but I will still love you. Dan Cathy has the love of Christ, and alot of people think you are hateful and bigoted when you are just quoting the “Word of God” by telling them the truth.


    • admin says:

      Jeff…how are ya buddy? Good hearin from ya!

      I mentioned this earlier to another guy, Jeff…but have you read “The Harbinger?” If not, go get one man! I’m loving this book. Very hard to put down, and very enlightening as well. I think you’ll like reading it my friend! This book talks of just what you’re stating, “alot of people think you are hateful and bigoted when you are just quoting the “Word of God” by telling them the truth,” as well as a coming day of judgement for our turning away FROM God.

      Man, please tell everyone hello for me, okay? Take care buddy and God Bless you and yours!


  2. Paige Quintel says:

    AMEN.The liberals really could careless about homosexual marriage.The point is a couple that does not have children it is Agenda 21 again population control. The earth has too many people on it. Bill Gates has a video on youtube about poisonous co2. It’s not really poisonous.Wonderful Gaia the earth godess.:-P

    Kevin Jennings the Safety and school czar said “WE will queer the American population within 2 generations to achieve the U.N. goal of 0 population growth.”

    • admin says:

      Yep, I believe yopu are right, and thanks for stoppin by! Always glad to “see a new face!”

      Bubba Smith, the former NFL great was once asked, “Bubba, you think there’s room in the NFL for homosexuality?”

      Bubba’s response… “Not in MY room there ain’t!” LOL!

      Have a great day my friend!

  3. Bill Gibbons says:

    If Dan Cathy was a Muslim, this ” controversy” would never have seen the light of day.

    • admin says:

      You are so right!

      Question…have you read “The Harbinger?” If not, you might want to check it out. A good friend of mine suggested I read it, so, I picked one up. I’m about 1/3 of the way through (time has been an issue lately), but I feel I’ll have it read by tomorrow evening. Really, really interesting book!

      Take care!

  4. Greg says:

    FYI. Saturday (the Sabbath) is the Bible’s day of rest. I don’t know how anyone can get that wrong.

    • admin says:

      “FYI. I don’t know how anyone can get that wrong.”

      Dern, possibly cause I’m just not as smart as you seem to be, huh? Everyone I speak with on it seem to have varying opinions to a degree. I guess ya just gotta believe in your heart that you know God, trust in God, and feel confident in your convictions. The question of which day is the Sabbath seems kinda trivial really, as I talk to God daily. SO, FYI, I don’t mind being wrong, honestly, but I do kinda get my feathers ruffled when someone tries to “enlighten, or educate” me in a smart a.. sort of way. Again, “FYI,” AND… I don’t know how anyone can get that wrong.”

      Love ya brother!

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