Cheyenne’s Showing Me the Ropes

Hello…how are you guys? We hope all are well, and life is treating everyone just fine. To all our good friends, thank you all once more. You guys have been a great help to me. I appreciate your kindness.

Hot…good night a livin, it has been really hot and humid down here. Tryin to do a little work around here is like working in a sauna. All you have to do is basically just walk around the yard and the sweat is just pourin off of you.

By the time I get up to the shower in the evenin I smell bout like an ole boar hog, and my clothes are just drenched. It’s bad when Cheyenne walks over to you to get petted and loved on, stops, catches a good whiff, then decides she really doesn’t need any attention right at the moment.

I come up to the porch in the afternoon now and she waits on me with one paw on a bar of soap, and a dern towel in her mouth! Once I get almost on the porch she drops the towel over the soap and takes off to the other side. Man’s best friend…HA!

No, actually Cheyenne has kinda stepped up to the plate in regards to helping me out since it’s just the two of us now. She’s a ton of company to me and tries to get me involved in things to keep me busy, and I guess you’d say… “help me adjust.”

Just the other night she went to the door and sat beside it, the “okay, buster, let’s go outside a while” look on her face. Well, I thought she had to pee, so, I open the door, let her out, and watch her a few minutes. She doesn’t even attempt to “find her a good spot,” to squat, but instead sits down and starts gazing up at the moon, which was full by the way, and absolutely beautiful.

Next thing I knew, she’s sittin there on her haunches, starin back at me, and taking her left front paw and starts pattin it on the ground with a “c’mon out and let’s sit a while look” on her mug.

So, feeling kinda stupid, I go out and sit down beside her. Well, this seems to be just what she wanted me to do, so she looks up at the moon, and gives a low howl, then looks back over at me. I start pettin her a little and ask, “What ya doin, Shiny?”

She looks back up at the moon, howls again, only this time a little louder, and then it dawned on me…she’s tryin to get me involved in something, occupy my time sort of thing. So, long story short, she and I sat there howlin at the moon for a good 30 minutes or so. In reality, just between us…it was kinda fun!

Our other dog, Susie, didn’t know what to make of us???

I came down stairs a couple days back, after getting my shower, flipped over to Marshall Dillon on the TV, and here comes Cheyenne with a bowl of her food. She stops and sits it down beside my recliner, takes off again, and here she comes, this time with…Susie’s bowl!

It then became obvious to me that ole Shiny had…made us dinner. I was like, dern that doesn’t look half bad, and shoot, I really didn’t feel like cookin anyway. So, we blessed our food, and went to workin on it.

We’d had chicken wings the night before and I’d put Alpo over the wing bones for them and I have to say, that Alpo ain’t half bad, although personally I prefer the beef much more so than the chicken flavored! That’s just me though, those other two seem to like either one.

One other good point to eatin this way…I never washed their pans out for at least a week or so, so…dishes once a week, how good is that?

Yesterday I started runnin squirrels with her and Susie. Now that’s a ball! I know, I know, I’m the last one to the tree EVERY time, but that’s just how it is. I mean you take something with two legs, and compete, race wise, against something with FOUR legs…what cha gonna do??

It, to me, is not so much about the competition of who gets to the tree first, although this seems to be a BIG issue between her and Susie, but more about just bein included in the pack!

I gotta tell you guys though, since I started hangin out with those two more, it’s getting really hard to walk past a tree…or a tire on the truck! I can’t even imagine tryin to walk by a dern fire hydrant anymore!

I’m beginning to realize now, that if I’m not REAL careful, I may never use the bathroom in the house again?? Gotta watch that. Especially when visitin the neighbors!

I tell you another thing…wait a minute, what’s that??

OH, gotta go for now guys!! Sounds like an ambulance just turned onto the road out in front of the house! Dang I’ve got where I love chasin one of those dern things…see ya!

You guys take care, and God bless. As always, keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to Cheyenne’s Showing Me the Ropes

  1. Eleanor says:

    I was always cheered to read your posts at Canada Free Post. I am hoping that will continue writing and sharing your thoughts, even though the process is lonely and painful. Just know that there are many who looked forward to following what other Floridians are doing to ride out this particular recession.
    We miss you both. :)

  2. Gary says:

    Ya’ just gotta get in shape! I’ll be danged if I’m gonna let Cony beat me to the danged tree. I can pee further, faster, and longer than he can! HA! Now, about catchin’ them durned squirrels? OK….. He’s got me there… BUT, I can cook em’ better than he can! In fact he don’t cook em’ at all… Yuuukkk! You’d expect better from a critter ya’ went all the way to Slovakia to get!
    Love ya buddy,

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