Gonna Take a Week or so Off

Hey guys, how are you?

Deb tore some ligaments in her upper chest on the right side earlier in the week. She’s doing fine, just very, very sore. It hurts to breathe, hurts to move, in other words, she’s just kinda miserable right now. I know she’s a little better than she was Tuesday.

I asked her to throw a few squash to the cows, and don’t ask me why I didn’t do it?? I was busy and asked, then like a dummy, she went on and did it instead of saying, “No, I’d rather not.”

As soon as I came back up to the house I could obviously see she was in great pain, but at first she refused to go to the hospital. Well, about 30 minutes later she was happy to go. I tell you guys, there are times I can be a complete idiot.

Anyway, she’s doing better, but at the moment I’m having to do most everything. Time was of short supply prior to her injury, but now it’s really scarce. I’m cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, keeping us in juice, plus the garden is coming in too. This on top of the rest of my workday.

I’m doing fine with this too, but really busy, and kinda down on myself for even asking her to do that.

I also have to say this…I really, really, am coming to the realization that our wives definitely EARN their keep! Good night, I swear I don’t know how she manages her time with all her alternatives she does, then balances out the rest of the day with her normal, day to day routine??? THEN, helps me in the greenhouse??

To all my menfolk buddies out there…if you have a good wife, I can tell you that you’re not huggin them enough! Take a couple minutes out of your day and give them gals a big hug…they deserve it!

Well, we haven’t made any pickles from our squash or cucumbers simply because there’s just no time. We’ve given most all of them away, but…the neighbors are eating pretty good! LOL!

For Deb, this is just a bump in the road that she’ll over, but honestly I don’t want her doing anything until this heals up. Rest is what she needs, and I’m seeing she gets plenty of that.

She tells me she feels fine, and now she looks fine again…her color and all. You could tell though that she was in excruciating pain though, and Deb just doesn’t show that very much at all. I didn’t realize the extent of her injury, but the Doc says she literally tore meat away from her ribcage?? OUCH!

She continues with her alternatives and she’s still drinking her juice each morning, and is eating good. I wonder if she’s eating so good cause I’m doing all the cookin and cleanin?? Dern if it might taste better if you ain’t got to jack with it, huh?

I do want to say thank you to all you guys out there. You’ve all been so much help to us both with your prayers and concern for her! You honestly have made a BIG, BIG difference in her fight. I honestly can’t express in words the appreciation I have for all your support.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again…you guys have been great!

I’ll keep you guys informed of her progress, and may drop a line or two in a post. I just can’t say for sure that I can keep up with it like we were, but as quick as she’s up on her feet good again…I’ll be back!

God Bless you all, and like ole Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Talk to you guys soon!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Gonna Take a Week or so Off

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    I am sure that a week or more off would do you both good but when the garden comes in there is no time for anything but that. Or neighbors and friends are eating well also. Hope you got more pickers than one like we have at this house. Looking forward to more pictures of the greenhouse.
    Quite a hefty chunk there Deb (or the squash weighed a lot) ( hee hee). Jus kiddin……I am so sorry that happened. It is amazing what happens to the body when we age. You both are in my prayers and prayers for rapid healing are continuous. Keep us posted.

  2. Sandy Grant says:

    should be our neighbors……..Have to learn to read over before sending……..

  3. Sandy Grant says:

    Just did the one month egg check and all is well…………

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