It is…OUR Country!

Good morning guys.

You know, in regards to expressing my personal views involving politics today, I’ve gotten to the point where it really saddens me in my attempt to understand the path we’re being led down anymore as a Country.

I try and rationalize steps I see being implemented by our government, and keep an open mind in their regard. Maybe it’s because of this, maybe the reasoning for this decision was because of that, yet once I get down to the nitty-gritty I see only one outcome…basically, total governmental control and the advocating of a socialist agenda.

To me personally I see the end of our Republic looming on the horizon. To stop this steady march towards an end I surely don’t want to see, not so much for me, but for my children and grandchildren.

I’ve lived and experienced being a part of, and living in, the greatest Country on earth…the United States of America. If we’re not very, very careful, this legacy will come to an end.

Deb and I want to write about gardening, canning our vegetables, the benefits derived from juicing and eating good, fresh vegetables. We want to laugh and cut-up with you guys. We want to enjoy our lives, as we always have, and now that we too are getting older, we’d like a sustainable lifestyle, and a certain financial future.

We’ve sacrificed and worked hard for this, but sadly today, with our economy teetering on the brink of financial collapse, we aren’t so sure, so certain of our future. This is not because of decisions we’ve made, but atrocious and outrageous decisions made by our elected officials.

Then, their backing by the mainstream media of a political agenda being reported to the people, and not the truth. This is very worrying to me!

You know, I posted yesterday about, “Political Correctness Be Damned.” I talked about our elected leaders and our media declaring that “we the people,” need to be compassionate towards the poor and oppressed. We should want to help.

My first response to such an accusation is anger. Honestly, it angers me to no end. First off, this accusation is an out and out lie. But, so is the same accusation that I didn’t vote for Barack Hussein Obama because he was black, or basically that I’m a racist. This too is an out and out lie!

But…my point today is about wasting my hard earned money on…deadbeats! Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty harsh accusation in its own right, but it is the truth in many, many instances! I’m only calling it as I see it!

On top of this, the people passing out my hard earned money are incompetents! Incompetents…with no accountability in taking care of…my money and YOUR money!

Literally, there IS NO accountability! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of this!

A few examples I Googled up this morning after seeing on our local news about more governmental program fraud through giveaways! Again, this is sickening, and outrageous in the simple fact…NO ONE is accountable!

First of all, taking, and that’s exactly what it is, but stealing is the more appropriate term, from one individual to GIVE, no less, to another individual!

It is…the buying of votes! Compassion plays no role in this conversation, yet, that’s exactly what we’re accused of…having no compassion for, quote, unquote, “the less fortunate!”

You want to talk about having NO compassion? How about the total destruction of a man or woman’s desire to better themselves, to grow and prosper, and to live the American Dream through a good, honest work ethic?

Are the teachings, or indoctrination of people that you’re ENTITLED to free food, free housing, free cell phones, free everything, a show of compassion? Of course it isn’t! Yet this is what our politicians have promised them!

This is THEIR idea of compassion, or what they have panned off on their constituents, AS compassion! They started in the inner cities, and now for decades have had these poor people under their thumb with the promise of even MORE “entitlements!”

Have these people’s lives been made more enjoyable on account of the giveaways? Just stop and look at the crime in these areas. Hell, the police won’t go into many of these areas, because of the crime. Violent crime! Yet our politicians consider themselves compassionate.

They, our powers that be, have destroyed these people’s souls through such blatant misuse of their power. They have not helped these people through compassion, they’ve ruined them. They’ve convinced them that you and I the taxpayer have cheated them out of their fair share.

Now today, these people don’t have the work ethic, the motivation, the desire, or the need to look for employment. They don’t have the gumption to go out, start a new business, and become productive themselves in our society.

In turn, by doing so, they’d be helping our Country to grow, stay strong, and maintain the freedoms we’ve always enjoyed!

Is this not sad? It is to me. To destroy a man’s soul is just got to be one of the greatest sins against God, against mankind, and against your own soul. Yet, it doesn’t seem to bother our officials in the least. Power, pure greed and influence is what this is about.

It’s so sad that their constituents either don’t have the intelligence to see this is only a scam, and that their elected officials have NO compassion for them in the least, or they’re so narrow minded they just frankly, don’t care!

You guys know also that to the media and many in power today we’re considered, as conservatives and many Independents, as racist. It baffles me that this is an accusation thrown our way, yet many, many people of color in power ,know the true agenda behind these give-aways yet endorse them fully.

I’m the racist here, according to the left, yet I could not condone for one second my KNOWINGLY hurting another individual’s right to work, raise their family, or better themselves!

Yet the ones calling for us to “have compassion, and to share in our good fortune,” are causing people to live deeper and deeper into poverty day by day.

Plus, by doing so, they too, through taxation, regulation, unionization, and theft, are burdening “we the people” with a financial obligation we cannot continue to sustain at the very same time. Killing two birds with one stone is a good analogy. This IS orchestrated, this is the plan, and this is our future, mark my word!

A couple examples…well, several examples of no accountability through give-away programs.

Understand this does not include governmental agencies such as the Postal Service, Am-trak, our politicians “golden” retirement plans, pensions, or health care. All which anymore are unwarranted, undeserved, and in reality are theft as well.

This is mainly JUST give-aways…

From the “Long Island Business News.”

Two Westbury women allegedly conspired with a child care provider to steal $4,988 from the welfare system when they signed attendance sheets indicating their children were attending taxpayer-funded day care during a period when their children were out of town or out of the country for more than a month.

• A 37-year-old woman from Westbury allegedly requested assistance from DSS to pay her rent, which she fraudulently reported was $1,850 per month. An investigation revealed that the woman only paid $1,100 in rent and was allegedly pocketing the $750 difference for her personal use. In addition, she lied to DSS when she reported her three children lived with her when in fact two of her children were living in and enrolled in school in Florida. As a result of her fraudulent activity, the woman illegally qualified for $26,166 in Food Stamps and Public Assistance benefits.

• A 35-year-old Huntington woman allegedly cheated DSS out of $15,219 in Nassau County Day Care benefits when she failed to report she bought a home in Suffolk County with the “absent” father of her children in January 2011. She also withheld the income of her children’s father because disclosing that income would have made the family ineligible for public assistance.

• A 51-year-old Great Neck man allegedly falsely reported that he was a part-time security guard for a retail store and falsified records to indicate that his family paid $750 in monthly rent, all in order to illegally qualify for $40,722 in Medicaid benefits. A DSS investigation revealed that the man actually owned the successful clothing store in Manhattan and owned a home in Great Neck purchased in 2006 for $856,000.

• A 52-year-old Merrick man allegedly obtained $42,322 in Medicaid and Food Stamps benefits after concealing income he received from several businesses he owned. Despite allegedly reporting that he was either unemployed or working as a day laborer at various times, a DSS investigation revealed that the man and his family owned four businesses, a $613,000 home in Merrick, a 2010 Cadillac and a 2011 Chevy Camaro.

• A 52-year-old Plainview woman and her husband allegedly failed to report their true income resulting in $33,618 in illegally obtained Medicaid benefits.

• A 56-year-old East Meadow man allegedly failed to disclose his true income and falsely stated that he was working part-time at a pizzeria in order to illegally qualify for $15,844 in Medicaid and Food Stamps benefits. A DSS investigation revealed that the pizzeria that the man reportedly worked for does not exist and that he is employed as an “executive chef” at an upscale restaurant.

From the “Bradenton Patch.”

Warrants for the arrests of more than 50 people were issued and the massive criminal round up began at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. Fifty three people were charged with a total of 78 charges, including social welfare fraud, a 3rd degree felony, and a number of other charges related to narcotics.

In January 2012, undercover officers approached their administration regarding the large numbers of Electonic Balance Transfer (EBT) cards they were finding at various residences during drug busts. Officers stated that between three and four to as many as 10 to 15 EBT cards were found at homes that did not belong to those residing in the homes.

An investigation uncovered that drug dealers were purchasing the EBT cards from whom they had been issued, for 50 cents on the dollar or less. In addition to the drug dealers, it also come to light that some area store owners were also finding ways to use the EBT cards to their advantage.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Bradenton Police Department, Florida Department of Financial Services, the US Department of Agriculture and Homeland Security worked together on the first bust of its kind in the area.

Targeting both individuals as well as store owners and managers, undercover operatives were given EBT cards issued in ficticious names by social services agencies, which they offered for sale at 50 percent or less, than the value of the card. During the exchange, the undercover officers also asked that when the person was done using the value on the card, that they return it to them, so they could get their benefits again the following month, all but one of those charged returned the card to the undercover officers.

“I want to commend the deputies, the officers, the detectives and the Federal agents that worked on this case,” said Bradenton Police Chief Mike Radzilowski. Radzilowski considered this a prime example of how local law enforcement agencies work together to fight a common cause.

Most were charged with social welfare fraud and depending on their previous criminal records, they could be looking at a substantial amount of prison time.

According to Sheriff Brad Steube, some management and owners of local “mom and pop” foodstores, were purchasing the EBT cards from their customers for the same 50 cents on the dollar. They would then go to big box stores, like Walmart, and buy items in bulk to sell at their own stores at an increased price, essentially stocking their own shelves for half of the price, then reselling the merchandise for more profit.

Jeff O’Connor, resident agent for Homeland Security, has been involved with similar cases in the past and said that these individuals and businesses contribute to what amounts to millions of dollars in food stamp fraud annually on a nationwide basis.

EBT card use was implemented in all 50 states by 2004 and was originally started to replace paper food stamps in the hopes of curbing fraudulant use. Each card comes with a personal identification number (PIN) which is supposed to keep the instances of fraud down.

Shop owners are not under any legal obligation when it comes to accepting EBT cards and often do not even look at the card, assuming if the person making the purchase knows the PIN, everything must be alright, in many cases, it is not.

From “Tampa Bay Online.”


The scheme was simple:

Customers with food stamps came to Majdi Juma’s Bradenton convenience store on the pretense of shopping. But instead of getting food, they got cash by using their benefits cards to make fake purchases. Juma gave them back half the value of the fake purchase, according to federal court records.

Over about 20 months, Juma and two other men at his store scammed the food stamp program out of more than $857,000.

Is this incredible? Have you ever heard, or seen before such examples of incompetence? This is OUR money my friends?

Honestly this has to stop. This is not right to take from one and give to another. It is wrong! The examples above are just mere drops in the buckets of what goes on daily across our Country.

I WILL help my neighbor, my friend, my family. Hell, I’ve stopped before and helped people I had NO clue who, or what they, were. This is, through my own upbringing, the Christian thing to do. I don’t mind.

I DO mind the government first, falsely accusing me of being non-compassionate, even racist, if I disagree with them period. This too is a form of indoctrination of the very same people, once again, they are supposedly helping out…through these programs.

They are teaching them literally that what’s mine is also theirs, even to the extent of violence against the taxpayer, who in turn is funding their entitlement anyway. It’s not Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or even Romney or any other politico…it IS the taxpayer who funds this!

Yet, we the haves (what little Deb and I do have), are evil, corrupt, and greedy, according to the have-nots. All through their indoctrination by their own leaders that yes, this is true! Talking about putting “a spin” on things??

This has become so obviously a political ploy, or agenda, for continued political power, that in all honesty it is treason, pure and simple! It is!

Is not the undermining or destruction of a Democratic society, built upon and around a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and the guaranteed freedoms of that Country’s citizens an act of treason? Of course it is. Yet this is exactly what is going on in our Country today! Open, arrogant, blatant political misuse of power! The destruction of our Country as we know it!

Our good friend Gary sent this video to us…please watch…

Interesting comments on governmental employee benefits, plus the giveaway programs. The comparison to Greece is interesting as well.

He also claims we can’t stop the giveaways (entitlements and pensions) on account of anarchy and violence in our streets. Where did this problem start? Politicians in their quest for buying the votes, their political power, and total control over “we the people.” All at our loss, and their gain!

We cannot sustain this. Personally, I would like to see these “entitlements” reigned in. I advocate help for our elderly, our handicapped, and our veterans. This I have no problem with.

Financial help for deadbeats (see above examples of fraud with our, the taxpayer monies), ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT entitlements (what is that all about in the first place), and “golden” government pensions…tossed in the trash! This once more is theft of our money, and in the bigger picture, the theft of our Country!!

As bad as I’d hate to see it, violence in the streets at this point, may be the ONLY solution we have to get these outrageous and unsustainable programs stopped. Terrible as this is to say, and honestly, I do not condone violence, BUT, I do not condone the destruction of our Country either.

This has to stop somewhere.

A couple quotes from Thomas Jefferson in closing…

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Thank you guys for putting up with me one more time. I get so disgusted with such blatantly wasteful misuse of taxpayer monies.

Our next post will be back to the subject of gardening, and cutting up some. Please take note though of the happenings taking place in our Country. Try and educate others in this very important Presidential election coming up this year!

Thanks once more and God Bless you and yours, and God Bless America!

Deb says as always, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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