Political Correctness Be Damned!

Good morning friends, how are you today? We FINALLY got a descent shower last night. Man…it’s been terribly dry here, and if we don’t start getting some rain here pretty quick, we’ll have cows heading to the market…little to no grass!

Today I’m gonna talk some about the state of our Country. To be honest with you all, I’m disappointed in our media, our educational system, our elected officials, and the road we’re being led down through a political agenda.

It is not the path intended by our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, or our rights as American citizens! It instead is an agenda being forced upon the good, law-abiding, hardworking, America loving, God fearing peoples of our Republic.

To be quite frank with you this morning, it is in fact a Revolution taking place within our Country. It is a Revolution pitting the haves versus the have-nots, the pitting of socialist agendas versus the capitalist identity of our Country, and the productive versus the non-productive.

It is a Revolution demanding that the very people that love our Country, and everything it stands for versus far too many that in reality have NO RIGHT of being in our Country to begin with…the ones who come here…illegally!

Through such policy being advocated by our elected officials, which by the way costs us hundreds of billions of dollars yearly, this too takes money, hard earned money I might add, from the mouths of our own children to support people who never should have been here in the first place!

Before I go further into this, let me state loud and clear that I do support immigration BUT, with a catch…Legal immigration! Is that too much to ask? Hell no, not by a long shot! But our “elected elite” find this appalling.

Where is my compassion for these poor oppressed people they like to ask? Well, in all honesty, it left about 14 trillion dollars worth of National debt run up by these very same “elected elite!” The compassionate!

These very same “elected elite,” who question my own morals and judgment on this issue, through MY LACK of compassion!

They’ve spent us into a mountain of debt that I find totally without ANY morals or judgment, or regard for me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, or our Country as a whole. YET, I’m considered immoral? Please, give me a break here guys.

We’re locked in, at this very moment, a Revolution of class warfare, racial divide, redistribution of our wealth, and our love of…God and Country! Our “elected elite” understand this word “revolution,” quite clearly. It is…their agenda!

Their goal is quite simple. It is literally the destruction of our freedoms and liberties. They, being the powers that be, have sold us out. Yet, they speak freely of…compassion!

The only type of compassion they recognize, or understand, is compassion for…themselves! They could care less about you and yours. It is only about them. This word, compassion, is only thrown around by them in their quest of continued power. Not yours or mine, but their own.

This is entirely nothing but the “elected elite,” buying votes! Through this buying of votes, they are attempting to, and doing a very good job of it I hate to admit, are increasing their stranglehold of power over “We the People!”

Things don’t go their way, no worries, they just enact more laws…laws that benefit THEM and their cohorts, once more not you or I, NOR their own constituents. This is what really gets under my skin.
Through our incomplete teachings of our educational system, they are, and have been dumbing us down. Do we teach the prosperity of a free enterprise system? Nope!

What we do teach, through our liberally minded “educators,” is the moral standards of…social justice. In this regard, I consider our children attending the public school system today receiving a half and education. The half the believers in socialist ideology want them taught.

Capitalism is wrong! Free enterprise is wrong! The choice between working your tail off to better the futures for you and your children is wrong! This is nothing but greed to hear our “elected elite” tell it. A Southern interpretation of this is simply, “the pot calling the kettle black!” Uh-oh, did I just utter a racist taunt??

What is social justice? Well, it is in fact a term coined by our elite, and dedicated to the bringing about of the belief that we should all share together in whatever we feel we should share in. Our First Lady describes it as the oppressed wanting their fair share of the pie too!

Their fair share?

When you contribute absolutely nothing…what is, or possibly could be, your fair share? To me, the answer to this question, as asinine as it is to begin with, is quite simple, NOTHING! Your contributing nothing warrants without question, that you receive in nothing in return!

BUT, our “elected elite,” cry out, “WHAT?? You don’t care about these poor oppressed people? My goodness…where’s your compassion?”

There’s that word again, once more spoken by the very same people that are destroying our way of life, our way of having the opportunity to create jobs, to start a small business, and basically live “The American Dream!”

All being shattered by a political agenda that we, for some reason or other, feel no need to intervene in. “We the People,” are literally funding our own demise!

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but how could we be considered as the “in-compassionate?” It seems to me we have jumped overboard with our degree of compassion, and in all honesty, we’ve become too compassionate for our own good, and far too complacent to boot!

The “elected elite,” realize this and keep shoving more and more governmental regulation and CONTROL down our throats! Are we ever going to get to the point where “We the People” have had enough?

Do we continue to “cower down,” and let our “elected elite” just run roughshod over us? Do we continue to let them take from us and our children to sustain people who have no concept of going to work? Not only no concept, but no desire. Why would they, shoot, we OWE it to them, just look at the teachings of social justice!

We’re headed down an awful tough road to hoe my friends. Our belief in our Country, our belief in God, our belief in individuality, our belief in the American Dream, and our belief that we have unalienable rights are all being trampled upon by a government, a media, and an educational system in our Country gone wrong!

Take a look around, read the papers, watch the tube. Does any of this resemble what our Nation was REALLY intended to be like? Of course not.

Look at socialism around the globe…does it work? Take Europe as just a quick example. They KNOW (the ones with any semblance of brains anyway), that they must cut spending, cut pensions, cut the giveaways, and actually…get back into the REAL WORLD!

BUT, look at the riots, the protests, the looting, etc., all because they’d been indoctrinated that they are…entitled! WHAT, no money?? Well, then take it from the rich!

We are living in an upside down world. Today people have become indoctrinated that wrong is right! Is taking from a productive member of society, then giving it to a non-productive member of society right?

It is if you’re an elected official.

By doling out mere pennies to their bought and paid for constituents, in regards to what a person COULD do in this great Country of ours IF they’d only put their nose to the grindstone, set and achieve goals, and be willing to work from daylight to dark while you build your small business, they too could live the American Dream!

But nope, they have been taught to sell themselves and their own children and grandchildren for just enough government handouts…to exist! That’s all!

So, we see quite clearly that our elected elite have got this all figured out. They want you to exist, that’s all! Through your just existing, barely making ends meet off their pittance of individual handouts, you end up seeing firsthand what social justice in the end will be…social equality for you, along with everyone else, while the elected elites live the lifestyle of kings!

Why would this happen? Two reasons mainly.

The ignorance of their bought and paid for constituents, for even remotely believing the powers that be really give a hoot in hell for them in the first place, and once again, their ignorance in fiscal responsibility for even considering the taxpayer could continue bearing the brunt of such “entitlement programs” and sustain them indefinitely! The well WILL run dry!

Actually the well IS dry, but once more, our elected leaders throw us under the bus by printing more money, spending money by the truckload, and borrow, borrow, borrow! Who can even imagine what our daily interest must be??

But the second reason for such social justice or social equality, becoming rule of law in our Country is “We the People!”

We see what our leaders are doing to us. We see the direction they’re taking our Country. We see the freedoms and liberties we enjoy as Americans growing less and less. We see firsthand the MASSIVE debt they’ve burdened our children and grandchildren with.

We see the destruction of our workplace, our opportunity for good jobs, and our children getting the type of good solid education they deserve, not ideologies pressed upon them through political agendas!

We see the good, law-abiding citizen, the believers in our Constitution, and the very people who love God, family, and Country now labeled, and quite openly as well, as racist, hatemongering, extremist, ignorant, Nazi, redneck troublemakers.

Yet…we sit on our rumps. Take a page from the left playbook…organize, mobilize, and demand YOUR OWN rights. Stop with the political correctness, and just start living correctly. Maybe the time has come to stop with all the compassion, and start showing some contempt while taking our Country back!

Wrong is NOT right, but as long as we let them continue to do wrong, but tell us it’s right, nothing will ever change…it’ll only continue to get worse. Make these people accountable for their actions. They’re the power, BUT true power comes from…”WE the PEOPLE!” Start acting like it!

We hope you guys have a great day! God Bless America, and God Bless you and yours!

Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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