Reader Comments for Coverin’ the Bases:

From: Ken
Just read your article in the Canada Free Press on the Excalibur. Bought one 30 or 40 years ago when we were still on the farm in Vermont. Door hinge on right side broke about 30 minutes after unpacking but had no effect on the operation.

Used it until I got some bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract from eating our “dehydrated garden produce” and died. I still have the Excalibur (door is still broken) and it works marvellously to cure various spray-on finishes for gun parts. Used for such purpose it has contributed greatly to the emergency/crisis preparations of many people.

Thanks for the enlightening article, I’d almost forgot about using it to dry food.


** Ken, listen, thanks so much for the input on the dehydrator, but I’m very sorry to hear you’re no longer with us!

That was a good line! Thanks!

Please come back and visit again!


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