Deb is Doing Just Great!

Good morning to all of our friends! Isn’t life grand? No matter the adversity you find yourselves faced with, there’s always a silver lining. Deb and I are but two examples. The two of us are so blessed. We thank our good Lord daily, and most times, several times daily.

This is not about “preaching to you guys,” though if you’re like me, it surely wouldn’t hurt you, but this is only intended to possibly awaken a few that, yes, there is a far greater power than ourselves. It truly is the power of our Lord, and the many blessings he provides, for not just a few, but for all. You only have to ask…he’ll walk right beside you!

This is so true in regards to Deb, her cancer, and I. We not only profess he truly blesses us, but without his love and guidance, we honestly don’t know where we’d be at this point IN our lives. To say that he smiles on us daily is probably one of the most understated remarks that you’ll ever hear come out of my mouth.

God IS great!

To be honest, we weren’t going to post today, but kinda kick back some and relax. We’ve both been working most evenings, until about dark. Deb had pulled a muscle in her chest and that took a toll on her. For a couple weeks it was obvious she was in pain.

She first pulled it busting a couple water hoses that I’d tightened down pretty good, then reinjured it mopping, a few days later.

She’s tough as a piece of lighter knot, and it concerned me with the obvious pain that she was dealing with. Now though, she’s back to about 90% and getting better daily. This is good, cause man, she’s sure got a lot of work to get caught up on that I’d laid out for her! LOL!

Most know that Deb was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Terminal…no cure. She was given 8-9 months without treatment, possibly 4-5 years with chemo and radiation, IF, they could get it into remission. This was, AT BEST, and there was about a 40% chance of this taking place. Long story short, again, NO CURE.

Anyway, this has now been 13 months ago. Deb took one chemo, and then opted for alternative treatment. Since then, God has walked beside her daily. She looks great, she feels great, and she’s doing great.

For the naysayers that don’t believe in our Lord…you may want to reconsider, that’s all. You may come to realize that you’ve been missing out on an awful lot of good and that the little things are just that…the little things.

This past year, in regards to Deb and I, have been the happiest, hands down that we’ve experienced since being partners. All our other time together, good as they’ve been, aren’t even close!

In our previous post, I said my Mom and Dad came down and had lunch with us. Getting Dad to come down is kinda like fishin. You just have to use the right bait. His favorite just happens to be food in general, but especially, Granny Margaret’s meatloaf.

My point to this is that my Dad is one of those guys that doesn’t jerk your chain too often. He tells you how it is…whether you like it or not. He doesn’t sugar coat it, nor does he stretch the truth. It is, what it is, with Dad.

When he and Mom found out that Deb had decided to not do chemo anymore, I know they didn’t like this decision, but no matter, it WAS DEB’S decision, not mine, not our children’s, just Deb’s!

Plus, to step outside the medical world in a diagnosis such as Deb’s, is not something that’s done too often. They never voiced their opinion, but kept their true feelings close to the hip.

I do believe that they, and some others, thought that by Deb deciding upon alternatives as her treatment, they felt that she’d probably just signed her death sentence…in their eyes.

I think what they were missing though, is that in all reality, Deb’s diagnosis WAS a death sentence, and in reality, our Doctor’s, the first two anyway, informed us this WAS the case. The cancer she had…would kill her.

Yesterday though, we witnessed a BIG change in Dad’s attitude.

You see, Deb’s doing great, and since her decision to do alternative treatment, our lives have changed. Our eating habits changed first off, and we eat much more nutritiously now than ever. We started juicing, 20 to 25 fresh fruits and vegetables each morning, and now have added one more juice in our daily routine.

Beets, carrots, and apples. This we drink around 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. The juicing we do is to try and keep Deb’s immune system strong, and so far, it’s done just that. Simply put…we have come to feel so strongly over this, that we honestly feel more should start.

Juicing and diet are a couple things we do, and feel very strongly about both, but Deb does 3-4 other things as well. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Here’s an old video of Deb showing some of our juice products. This was done back in Sept. of 2011.

During lunch yesterday, Dad asked question after question…what do we juice, how do we juice, what type of juicer, on, and on. Honestly, he was beginning to see the light in regards to, you know what, it’s obvious this has helped these two. I’m intrigued and want to know more.

This continued all through lunch and almost until they left for home.

First off, we’d not seen Mom and Dad since Deb’s cookout back at the end of January. They’ve been bust, we’ve been busy, again, where does the time go? So it’d been about 90 days.

Most know that since we started our juicing regime, not only has Deb done outstanding, but I’ve lost 50 pounds! Literally, it has been a blessing to us both.

Before they left Dad talked with us about this one more time. He told us that he was amazed with us both. He stated that it was obvious the time, effort and research we’d done was without a doubt producing results for us…good results, amazing results!

He said that me for example, I’d taken off this weight and looked and seemed to feel so good, energized even.

But Deb, this is where he has become awestruck in all this. He told Debbie yesterday that she was truly amazing and such an inspiration to him. She looked good, and he couldn’t believe how obviously good she felt as well.

He told her that to have the courage to step outside of the medical spectrum like she had, with the diagnosis THAT SHE HAD, was a thing that only one in a million people would do. He congratulated her on her courage to do so, and that obviously it is producing results.

He then added that to read and research as we had, and devise our own way to meet this head-on was so commendable on her part as well.

He finished by telling Deb yesterday that he was truly, standing there, literally…looking at a miracle sitting there in front of him! He could not believe it. “How long has it been,” he asked. We told him May 1, would be 13 months. He just shook his head. Amazing was all he could say.

What a truly compassionate testimony Dad left us with yesterday. It was so inspiring to us both. Again, he’s a man that calls it as he sees it, and we knew that what’d he’d told us…was from his heart!
It was such an inspiration for Deb as well for this to have come from him.

I gotta say, the regime she’s been going through in regards to her alternatives is time consuming. It lasts from the time she gets up, to almost noon daily. Day in…day out. I know it has to get old, but, she hits it every day! She’s a trooper.

BUT, when she hears things like what Dad had to say, or, she goes to the Doctor for her blood tests, and they come back PERFECT once again, this does make it a little easier on her. It gives her the desire to keep moving, and not look back! All the hard work…is worthwhile!

So, in closing Deb would like me to share just a couple other things.

# 1- Trust in God…he WILL show you the right path!

#2- Do what’s in your heart in regards to your own fight or treatment. It is YOUR decision…not anyone elses!

#3- Stay positive. This is very important. If others create negativity around you, ask them to stay away. You don’t need it.

#4- You WILL find a support group, your husband or other family members, and friends. There are times you need this.

#5- No matter what treatment you decide upon…you have to BELIEVE this is the best route for you to take! You have to BELIEVE that it is the key to your success! In all your heart, you have to KNOW this is your intended path, and is what will WIN your battle for you! BELIEVE!

God has a plan for us all. To this there is no question. Do we know his plan? No, we don’t, but we DO know there IS a plan!

I have no doubt that God, is walking with Deb, and it’s obvious he smiles on her daily! We both know that no matter what treatment we’d have chosen, without HIS blessing, it would all be for naught!

Also let me quickly say this…

To all our friends out there that have voiced their concerns, sent us your best wishes, and put Deb in your prayers…thank you all so much! You guys have been outstanding support for us, and we can’t express enough our love and appreciation of you guys for doing so!

Have a great day, and God Bless! As always, Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to Deb is Doing Just Great!

  1. Kunoichi says:

    Has it really been 13 months?!? Amazing! You folks are an inspiration. :-)

    • admin says:

      Hello young lady! How are you? Man, it’s nice hearing from you! How bout you guys, everyone doing well? We sure hope all goes well for you and yours!

      Yes Ma’am, it’s been 13 months. Really doesn’t seem possible, but we’re enjoying every minute! God sure is smiling on her. This has been an amazing journey so far, and looking forward to giving it the ole one-two punch and put it down for the count! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we do you as well!

      Hey…is it springtime there yet? Doing any gardening, I know you love it.

      I know you’ll know…we’ve been having a ball with this herb I got. White Horehound. Do you know of any use for this…medicinal, herb tea, etc?? I think it’s good for coughs, but with the name itself, I’ve been having a blast! LOL! Anyway, just kinda curious…

      Once again it was wonderful hearing from you. I was thinking about you a while back…killer grasshoppers being lugged by natives on poles, and ducklings being swallowed by…tadpoles??? LOL!

      Please take care, and God Bless you and yours! Wishing you guys ALL the best!

  2. Kunoichi says:

    Thanks! I haven’t had a lot of access to writing time lately, unfortunately. Ah, well.

    As for gardening myself, after an unusually mild winter, spring arrived with a couple of snow storms! *L* It’s nice enough that some people have started planting already (and hopefully, there will be no May storms snowfalls like last year!). I haven’t started anything on my balcony yet, but I’d better get at it soon!

    White horehound is one of those herbs I see around in the health food stores, but that’s about it. I’ve never used it; it’s supposed to be good for coughs, asthma and even whooping cough, externally for wounds, and as a tisane to help the digestive system and for intestinal disorders. There’s some promise for use for diabetics and high cholesterol. Not something to be used if someone has problems with low blood sugar (so it’s something I would have to avoid), low blood pressure and heart problems, and may counter the efficacy of prescription medications.

    As for the name, it is a bit of a giggle, isn’t it? My giggle tends to be more towards how language has changed, since calling something “horey” meant saying it was hairy or fuzzy. I think hoar is now the accepted spelling for that use, though in that form it’s typically used to describe frost. These days, if you called someone horey, you’d probably get slapped. ;-)

    Well, would you look at that. I finally set myself on the computer to catch up on a few things, and I’m off on a writing tangent already! *L* Ask me some questions, and I set off on a treatise!

    Good to catch up on your blog and hear how you’re all doing. :-) Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves.

    God Bless!

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