Let’s Talk This Morning

Hello every one. How are you guys this morning? We hope all are well and in good health and spirits. It’s Friday once again, and Lord knows, I have no idea where this past week has gone? Time flies!

Once more, I find myself torn in regards to our Country today. Again, Deb and I would like nothing better than to talk about gardening, canning food, tell a few jokes, and in general just keep a big smile on our faces about 90% of the time.

But, I have to ask each of you today…where, when, and how did our Country “jump its tracks?”

How did the term “Merry Christmas” become offensive? How did we lose our industrial might? How did the act of disciplining your OWN child, by the way, become a crime, and an act to not be tolerated by our, “lawmakers?”

Again, I’m not talking abuse, I’m merely speaking of disciplining YOUR child…NOT THEIRS!

Today, it seems that teaching our children at home the values of morals, character, honesty, a work ethic, and respect, not just for themselves, but others as well, is wrong.

Oh, I don’t want to leave out religious values as well! Man, oh man, I AM treading on thin ice this morning, huh? The audacity of me to speak of religious freedom! At the mention of such, I’m probably labeled an extremist by our administration!

Good night…I better start showing a little restraint in speaking on such topics! A belief in God?? Honestly, I don’t know what came over me?? If I offended anyone, please…forgive me! Yeah right!

Who decides all this? Our elected leaders pushing THEIR agendas and ideology, of course!

Yeah, you know, the very same people who literally exude such qualities, and practice them daily…morals, ethics, virtue, respect, and probably their strongest trait would obviously have to be…HONESTY!

WHAT?? You don’t believe for one minute my last statement?

Good for you. I see you’ve not bought into their agendas, or their indoctrinations of our Country’s citizens, through their “fight for the poor and oppressed,” as they like to call it!

Through the buying of your votes, they offer you…an existence, that’s it. The opportunity to supply you with JUST enough to keep you…alive. YET, they ARE the great crusaders of the poor!

They’re the great crusaders alright, though the only crusading they’re doing is crusading for the destruction of our Country as we know it, and leading us down the path of economic ruin, religious blasphemy, and the takeover of our society as a whole!

This people…is social justice or social equality. When they’ve taken away our freedoms, our jobs, our religious values, and our family unit, THIS…is social justice!

To the people who don’t understand this, redistribution of wealth is not that at all. It is…the redistribution of…P-O-V-E-R-T-Y!

OUR poverty, and our leaders P-O-W-E-R! Total control!

Control over our assets, our freedoms, our children, our ability to make and earn a living, our religion, and our living in the greatest Country on this earth…gone… kaput!

How is all this SO difficult for others to see? This amazes me! The very selling of your souls through accepting a mere pittance to what type of life you COULD provide for your family through a good, solid work ethic. The sky literally being the limit to what you COULD do, IF, you’d only apply yourself.

The worst part of this to me in regards to these types of people? The selling of their OWN children’s souls as well. Those poor guys will never experience any type of lifestyle than one of…poverty. Sold out by…their own parents, for God’s sake.

As a child, your whole being is shaped by your surroundings. If you’ve been taught the traits I listed above, value, respect, etc., 9 times out of 10, you stand a very good chance of being successful in your own right.

BUT, if you’ve not been taught, or brought up in that type of environment, but one in which you have been indoctrinated that you SHOULD and WILL, get a check every month, then that’s what you’ll accomplish in life. The ability to walk to the mailbox, take out “Your Entitlement,” and that’s about it.

Your contribution to your Country and society…absolutely nothing! Then, when the money runs out, AND IT WILL, you go to the mailbox and…NO CHECK! Well what happened?? WHERE’S MY CHECK? I WANT MY CHECK!

Sorry, because now, through YOUR burdening the taxpayer, our governments uncontrollable spending, and our politicians belief that they too are “ENTITLED, and ABOVE” the law, AND we the people, our dollar has finally tanked!

NO MORE FREE MONEY, no more money period. No more entitlements, except for the truly entitled…the powers that be! Our leaders will have in fact brought you down to the level of…TRUE SOCIAL JUSTICE, or EQUALITY!

Welcome to the New World Order!

Our leaders will have accomplished their goal. They will have become…the power, and through this power, they will now be very rich, excessively rich, and all the very things they told you they were against, and what made America evil! They were looking out for YOU!

So you’ll soon see it wasn’t about big business, Wall Street, or the greed and corruption of the capitalist system.

Yes, IT WAS about greed and corruption, but the greed and power of our politicians own corruption, and their destroying our economic system through taxation, government regulation, and unionization.

It is coming to us people, if we don’t snap out of this funk DC has lulled us into. Honestly my friends, do you REALLY believe that what your friend or neighbor has worked, and slaved for to better his own way of life is part yours too?

How and what, could possibly convince you of that? I know, I know, this has been taught to you through our politicians, but search your own souls, I mean seriously, you HAVE to see this is wrong, don’t you? If not, then put in into another perspective for a moment.

What if Deb and I showed up on YOUR doorstep the day you receive your “entitlement check?” What if we demanded that you give part of your check to us? Would you? Would our demand for “our part” anger you? Why?

Would our getting part of your “entitlement” cut you short in purchasing the things you and your own family need? Is that right of us in doing so? Of course not.

You can’t find a job? How come? You think it just MIGHT be the fault of your leaders whom you vote for, time and again, and their agenda in not supplying jobs to Americans, but getting more and more Americans onto government aid?

So in reality, the loss of our jobs here in the US, and OUR jobs going overseas, is once again, not because of capitalism as they lead you to believe, but simply because of THEIR OWN GREED. Actually, they couldn’t give a “hoot in he..,” for you, or your family. It is ALL about them!

Please, wake up America…the time is fast approaching when yes, it will be too late to set things right. Vote this year, not with your “what will I get out of this mentality,” but with…your heart! Let’s take our Country back. Let’s hold not one party accountable…let’s hold ALL parties accountable!

A quick joke, but with a moral, from our friends Bill, and Sandy!

Speaking of Church:

A Preacher finished the service one morning by saying, Next Sunday, I am going to preach on the subject of liars. As a preparation for my sermon, I would like you all to read Mark Chapter 17.
On the following Sunday, the preacher rose to begin.

Looking out at the congregation, he said, Last week I asked you all to read Mark Chapter 17. If you have read the chapter, please raise your hand.

Nearly every hand in the congregation went up. Smiling, the preacher said … You are the very people I want to talk to today… Mark has only 16 chapters!

“A man never knows how long a shadow he’ll cast till he gets up off his knees”

In closing, we wish you guys a great weekend. God Bless you and yours, and God Bless America!

As Deb says, please keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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