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Well, here’s our good friend AP once more with… “The Revolution!”

If you would, how about wishing AP a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I believe AP just turned…93 years young!

“Mr. Vice President, Mr. Chief Justice, and fellow citizens. I accept with humility the honor which the American has conferred upon me. I accept it with deep resolve to do all that I can for the welfare of this Nation and for the peace of the world.
“Almost a year ago, in company with 16 free countries of Europe, we have launched the greatest cooperative economic program in history. The purpose of that unprecedented effort is to invigorate and strengthen democracy in Europe, so that free people of that continent can resume their rightful place in the forefront of civilization and can contribute once more to the security and welfare of the world.
“Our efforts have brought new hope to mankind we have beaten back despair and defeatism. We have saved a number of countries from losing their liberty. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world agree with us, that we need not have war, that we can now have peace…….The initiative is ours”……..

President Harry S. Truman…January 20th, 1949

FAMED CBS JOURNALIST MIKE WALLACE DIES AT AGE OF 93….Wallace, who won his 21st and final Emmy Award at the age of 89 was a veteran newsman who built a reputation as a fearless interviewer, known for his follow up questions, after researching his subject thoroughly………The “60 Minutes” journalist’s reputation was so fearsome that it was often said the words “Mike Wallace was here to see you” were the most dreaded in the English language…… “He’d seen everything. He’d done everything. He’d been everywhere and, you know, he retired late in life because he had the magic ingredient. He still found things interesting, and he still had the passion for the things he covered”, said Brit Hume, Fox News Senior Political Analyst.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.”

DICK CLARK DIES AT THE AGE OF 82……..Dick Clark might have been Hollywood’s shrewdest business man, but for many Americans his lesser known role as a stroke survivor determined to live a normal life likely will be a more lasting legacy. This Entertainment ICON became a hero to all stroke victims. He had a debilitating stroke in 2004, and had to learn how to talk and walk again….often with great difficulty. Some people thought this was in bad taste. “This New Year was to be a celebration. I don’t want to see someone in that condition.“ So said the Director of the Blier Center for Television at Syracuse University. Dr. Larry Goldstein of Duke University said Dick was a teaching tool for stroke victims. He missed the 2004 New Year’s celebration, but was back for the 2005 celebration, along with is appointed heir apparent, Ryan Seacrest.

Evening news is when they start off with good evening, then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.

THE HMS TITANIC SANK 100 YEARS AGO THIS PAST APRIL 10th, MOST AMERICANS AND THOSE OF THE BRITISH SEA WORLD REMEMBER THIS TRAGEDY. On its maiden voyage the ship that was supposed to be unsinkable struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Over 1,500 people died; most records indicate that only those 712 who were in lifeboats survived. They survived because of a heroic captain and crew who were hours away from the point where the Titanic went down. The story about the rescue ship and its crew is one that I never knew about. Once I read it, the event became so courageous. The millions of people who have seen the movie would be interested in the event that took place when a startling message was received by the RMS Carpathian’s only radio operator, Harold Coltam, who had been working longer than his normal shift: “SOS Titanic calling. We have struck ice and request immediate assistance.” The Carpathian’s first officer burst into Captain Arthur Rostrum’s cabin, who had just retired for the night. In seconds Rostrum was in the chart room, plotting a course to race to the side of the stricken Titanic. Normally, Carpathian could make 14 knots; by diverting every particle of steam, it might make 17 knots, and even so it would take hours to catch up. Rostrum ordered the crew to prepare to receive passengers from the Titanic. It was important that the Carpathian’s 700 passengers would not panic when they were sent to various cabins, and to try to keep warm as possible. If the orders given by Captain Rostrum were not carried out, the Titanic disaster could have ended more tragically. But it didn’t. The 712 Titanic passengers in the life boats were all saved; all those seamen with life jackets were dead. Had those in the life boats been exposed to the frigid weather for another hour they, too, would have perished. Captain Rostrum received the Gold Congressional Medal from a grateful America. Home in England he was knighted.


“To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research “

WHITE MALES FADING AMONG HOUSE DEMOCRATS…………..House Democrats will make history in the 2012 election, sending to Congress next January the first woman as Minority Leader in U.S. history. In 1950, white men constituted 98 % of House Democrats, a figure that fell to 53% following the 2010 elections. Predictions for the 2012 elections indicate that the House Democratic Caucus will be 46% to 48% white males. Congress is already polarized, with fewer common threads uniting the two parties. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told a group, “When you have two parties so divergent in views, regions, and genders, the culture wars could escalate from conventional to nuclear weapons.”…..Signs of the changing times, for the good, or not, for the future of the United States?

“A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.”

GEORGE W. BUSH: BARACK OBAMA’S BEST FRIEND IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS…….Politico reports that George W. Bush is laying low these days, avoiding the spotlight that recently shone on his father and brother Jeb as they endorsed Mitt Romney. This relationship between the post-Bush GOP is quite fascinating. It is like a crazy, drunk uncle shooting an epileptic dog because he had fleas. The Democrats will be spending time and money talking about Bush, “in his self-imposed political exile.” They continue to promote Roosevelt’s jobs creation that went from 24% unemployed to near zero at the height of the war……………..Watch out Democrats, Obama’s job record is the worse in history, based on his programs, will probably continue, compounded by the huge spending and debt programs, without any signs of improving, unless one believes his “lies“, and there is a new one every day the sun rises.

A STABLE AFGhANISTAN IS STILL POSSIBLE [are you kidding?...ed.]…………There is no easy victory in sight in Afghanistan, but we are closer to accomplishing our goals than many assume. By late 2014, it will no longer be necessary to keep significant numbers of combat troops there. The good news is that the Obama appears unlikely to waiver any time soon. (Now, that is refreshing news.) U.S. officials have declared that no further drawdowns are anticipated until the current one which will bring U.S. troops down to 68,000 from 100,000 by the end of September. In particular, we must see what develops in the east, where this year’s anti-insurgency efforts will most likely occur. However, this is a political year; a steady White House should not be assumed to last indefinitely into the future. There is no question that NATO and the Afghan governments have plenty of problems, with the Taliban still hanging around. President Karzai’s government is a corrupt puppet that will fail once the NATO troops depart. Mr. Karzai is still a problem. We cannot afford a repeat of 2009 undemocratic presidential election; Mr. Obama’s handling this situation was his biggest mistake in “his” war, to date. If we had no business being in IRAQ, we should be mad as hell over why we are in this s—t hole of a country that has fought the Russians to a standstill for over 10 years.

OBAMA’S SUPER-CZAR IS ON THE LOOSE…………in keeping with the dark and defiant habits of this administration, the new head of the half-billion dollar Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was sworn in behind closed doors. The nomination of former Democrat Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to serve as Dodd-Frank regularity enforcer had been soundly beaten in the Senate just before Christmas. As reported by Michelle Malkin last month, progressive zealots funded by George Soros goaded Obama to ignore the Senate’s constitutional grounded advice and consent role. The GOP knew in advance what Obama planned on doing a month ago, and is now scrambling to respond. Republicans will get clobbered with the class warfare card again, unless they forcefully counter the Democrat’s narrative of the President’s “bold action for middle class Americans.” As Senate Republicans have been pointing out for months, Dodd-Frank threw out judicial review, removed CFPB from the congressional appropriations process, provided five-year tenure protection for the director, and transferred the Agency from the Treasury Department to the opaque and unaccountable Federal Reserve. This maneuver is about consolidating bureaucratic authority and granting unprecedented immunity to a single Super-Cop from congressional and public oversight.

REID ELECT MITT ROMNEY?…………..Will the Senate Democrats’ leader, a Mormon as is Romney, be the inadvertent shield for the religious bigotry card liberals, in particular MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who are itching to turn it into the ultimate election weapon?…….Unbelievable as you would think it to be, MSNBC has now seen another of its hosts ramp up on religious bigotry…O’Donnell is on a tear about Romney’s Mormon faith…not Harry Reid’s Mormon faith, just Romney’s. Do the two men belong to the same Mormon faith? Doubtless it is because Reid’s membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is largely unknown to the American electorate. An electorate that is about to have Romney’s membership in the very same Mormon faith as Reid’s, the man the Democrats have repeatedly chosen to be the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, will have his faith thrown in his face as a reason not to elect a President Romney. O’Donnell has raised the obvious question: if Harry Reid belonged to a racially exclusive club [note: the Mormon Church did not admit other races until Reid was 39 years old], why in the world has this man been elected by the Democrats to be their leader in the United States Senate?

“Whenever I fill out an application, in the part the part that says, “in case of emergency, notify______, I put DOCTOR.”

JACKIE ROBINSON DAY IS CELEBRATED EVERY YEAR ON APRIL 15……….Players, managers, umpires all wore No. 42 on their uniforms, which were duplicates of those worn 65 years ago, a date when the future Hall of Famer first appeared as the second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. This celebration was conducted in every ball park in the country. With the exception of Mariana Rivera, a future Hall of Famer, the number 42 was retired 15 years ago on the anniversary of Robinson’s debut as the first Negro to play in the Major Leagues. In 1975, 27% of major league players were African-Americans; today there are about 8%…Somewhere in the early ‘50s I saw Jackie steal home, which at the time was a very “daring” feat, and which is a rare event in today’s game.. In checking the records, I found that Ty Cobb led the league for those who stole home at least 10 times, with Ty Cobb at the top with 54, followed by Max Carey with 33, and Robinson had 19. Records show that a total of 38 batters, who hit more than 10 homers and who played more than 10 games, stole home 640 times, including Babe Ruth who stole home 10 times. Soon after Robinson, the pitchers changed their style of delivery; prior to that point in time, the pitchers used a full wind-up, giving the runner a lead time. Even Vince Scully, 84, who called the Dodger games for 7 years, got out of bed and showed why he was the voice of the Dodgers (after Red Barber) in honor of Jackie Robinson.

Well folks, this issue has been late getting out, so I will close now, wish you all well, and I’ll see ya’all in the funny pages………..AP

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