The Garden is Looking Good

Good morning all. How is everybody today? Deb and I have been great. Man…low 50’s down here the last couple nights! Feels GOOD!

The wind though blew the squash around pretty good. We lost two, just broke em off at the ground, but surprisingly we have maybe 3-4 more that need a couple broken stems cut out, and I believe the rest weathered pretty well.

Watching those things blow around brought back memories of my killing those 50 + plants to get our growin season off to a great start! LOL!

I was talking to our good friends, Bill and Sandy, from Mobile Alabama, who by the way are… “Auburn Tiger” fans (hee-hee-hee Sandy), and she’d sent us some pictures of what’s goin on gardenin wise up in their “neck of the woods.”

Their garden was looking great, and I believe Sandy said they’d just brought in 50# of potatoes! They, like us, love piddlin around in a garden.

Both these guys have green thumbs. The proof in the pudding of their having green thumbs was evidenced to me last year. I called them in January, it was about 15 degrees out up there and I ask, “Sandy, where’s Bill?” Her answer, “Oh…he’s out in the garden pickin some tomatoes.”

“???? 15 degrees and Bill’s in the garden picking fresh tomatoes???”

Sandy’s like, “Yeah, he’s been a little disappointed with em though…he don’t think they’ve done quite right.”


I have to tell you guys, although I hate to, they’re actually Alabama Crimson Tide fans. Gotcha Sandy! Roll Tide!

Anyway, I’ve got about three videos for you guys to look at if you’d like. One is our other garden we’d just prepped for planting, and one is of the greenhouse and grow area. Honestly, all these plants are doing well. We’re pleased.

The last video, which in reality will be the first was sent to us by a friend, this being Wayne, from Alma, Georgia.

Wayne’s a sport-model in his own right, and that scoundrel grows some great blueberries, but he’s pretty stingy with the dern things.

L:ast year as an example he told Debbie and I he’d send us down some blueberries by my brother, and he did. TWO! When I called he told me, “Shoot, that’s one apiece!” LOL!

Here Wayne’s video…

Not a bad idea actually, huh? If I still drank, I’d be takin a ride up to Ace Hardware!

The next is of our garden are we just prepped, followed by the grow area. Hope you enjoy them!

You guys all have a great day, and God Bless! Deb’s hollerin for ya’ll to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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5 Responses to The Garden is Looking Good

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    Looking at your video’s reminded me of things that I have learned the hard way or from other backyard farmers. When your onions start blooming, dig them and dry them and you can use them during this process or wait until the following year to replant. I have tried replanting them before they completely dry and they didn’t do nearly as well. Also if you sucker your tomatoes, it will be a full time job. But this will let the nutrition go to the fruit and will cut down on so many limbs. Much larger tomatoes. Wish I could swap some squash and zuchini for some of those tomatoes.

    How much property do you two have? It looks beautiful. Can’t imagine the upkeep on what I saw but love it……..Nice.

    • admin says:

      Hello….Miss Sandy and Mr. Bill! How you two Tiger fans doing? hee-hee-hee! LOL!! Sandy, if I ever did anything right the first time, I don’t know what I’d do! Gardenin no different. Like I said, you watch our vids and you’ll see first hand…what NOT to do! Shoot, I oughta charge a fee! LOL!!

      Hey…I did sucker the tomatoes…did you see the pics?? I just hope you an ole Bill aren’t rollin around in the floor now laughin your tails off…”Look Bill, he butchered those mater plants!! He DID fall for “that sucker” routine…boy, IS HE a real sucker, or what?” LOL! Swap squash and zuchini? Tell Bill to fire off the motor home and come on down and git ta swappin!!

      How’s the egg experiment comin along? Deb and I need to start doin the same thing! You always get the jump on me!

      The property? We have about 77 acres + or -. We do love it here. Shut and lock the gate in the evenin…we’re done with the world for the night! State owns most everything beside us, and across the road, so here we are sittin in Cen. Fla., and really no way to be developed around! We got really, really lucky when we found this property. Thanks for the compliment…again, jump in the truck and c’mon!

      You guys take care and tell Bill “the two suckers” say hello!

  2. Gary says:

    It sure looks good. That’s a LOT of work buddy. Guess Debbie has been totin’ the whip huh? Yeah. I understand that if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy… Cain’t believe Debbie let you get “Whorehound.” !!! Just the name will get you in trouble.

    • admin says:

      Yes sir, ole Deb has been poppin the whip! She’s pretty dern good with that thang too! So true about Momma bein happy! Oh, by the way, Debbie didn’t LET me get Horehound…I just got it cause…I WANTED TOO! I wear the britches around here! LOL! I saw the name of that herb, and I just HAD to try it! What’s it for? Beats me! LOL!! I know one thing though, it was slow to come up, but dern if it ain’t got on the “good foot” now, and poppin up everywhere!! Still tryin to decide if I’m goin sell it by the plant, or…BY THE HOUR!! LOL!!

      Take good care buddy, and we’ll be talking soon!

  3. Sandy Grant says:

    Well, I covered my eggs with mineral oil and put them under the bed in the bedroom. (Great place to store potatoes, tomatoes and now eggs….hee hee) I put them in on 4/23. Ate 2 Monday and they were fine (2 weeks). Going to eat one every Monday and see where we stand.
    I have rooted 24 “SUCKERS” for my fall tomatoes and just got a muskadine (sp) vine out of the compost pile so we are surrounded by little ones.
    Put up 24 quarts of snap beans (1/2 row) and doing a final picking Friday and pulling up the bushes and stipping them clean. No telling what we will get then.
    Peas are taking over the garden. Covering the tomatoes and everything else. Don’t know what the heck took over our garden but it has been awsome. Banana Peppers are averaging 7 inches long. The only thing that isn’t much larger than normal are the bell peppers. I wish we had taken a picture of our broccoli heads. They are all gone and we are eating the after growth. Don’t know what we are looking at with those peas.
    Guess I will have to give the credit to the chicken fertilizer. I have been putting it in a bucket and adding water and watering everything with that. Some call it my “chicken tea”. Don’t know anything else it could be except this beautiful weather. We have had rain right on target and glad to hear you finally got some. It does for a garden what no amount of watering will do.
    Awaiting more video’s. Is Deb out by the road selling yet?

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