Ground Beef to $5 A Pound?

Good morning, and how are you guys doing?

You know that Deb and I are pretty simple people. We love our Country, we love our land, we love the freedoms and liberties we’ve always enjoyed as American citizens. We believe that we live in the greatest Country on earth, but, today we see too many far-left leanings that are literally putting our entire way of life as American citizens at risk…very, very serious risk.

Shoot, I’d like to talk today about a dern garden, how the vegetables are doing, how fine Deb’s been coming along, and just sit around and “shoot the bull” with you guys!

But today in our Country there are things we need to make people aware of. How does this happen, well, by talking about it. I don’t enjoy speaking to you guys from a political perspective in the least, BUT, I do feel it’s something that needs to be done. So, let’s talk a little…

Today I’d like to talk about the pricing Deb and I are seeing, not only at the grocery store, and the gas pump, but pretty much just about anything you purchase today. It’s really getting tough out there.

Why is this?

I’d talked with my Mother earlier in the week, and they have quite a few beef cows that my brother oversees on the ranches for her and Dad. First of cattle prices are extremely good, and have been for a while now.

Mom was telling me though that Dad had spoken with some people and they were telling him that the price of hamburger meat could hit $5 per pound, possibly by the end of summer. That to me is unreal. I swear we don’t see how families with 3 to 4 children are continually able to put good meals on the table.

The job markets are down, the pay scales in many cases have dropped substantially, gas is already quite expensive, food prices are rocketing, and it looks as if there’ll be no solution, or downward trend anywhere in the near future.

We were promised “change,” and that’s exactly what we’ve gotten… “change!” Yet, we’re told things are getting better.

Getting better?? Let’s examine just “how better” things HAVE gotten.

Food stamp rolls, or what they like to call, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, has grown over 70% since 2007! 70 %! That is sinful…literally!

Our government has indoctrinated people, generations worth, that they are entitled to a home, a car, a free ride at the supermarket, free power, even phones. Entitled, which is the key word here, to these things. Entitled through the hard work and sacrifice of others…we the taxpayer!

Through this indoctrination, we have, and are destroying any type of work ethic by these people. Why would they want to work, shoot, I can stay at home and get everything I need to exist, but exist being the key word as well.

Through our politicians “kindness in their hearts,” which is a ploy in itself for more power, more greed, and more immorality, they are doling out JUST enough for people “to exist!” Not prosper and be in control of their own lives, but to simply receive enough…to exist. That’s all.

So, in other words the entitled have been caught hook, line and sinker in a trap. A trap instigated, and advocated by our elected officials. Entitled in a real world description would simply be…DEPENDENT!

Dependent upon the very same leaders who have instigated, and set in motion a plan to undermine our Country, our capitalist system and the freedoms and liberties it provides, and thus creating a political system that has taken the power away from “We The People,” and put total power into the hands of these Socialistic indoctrinated officials.

They call this, “social equality,” and even have become audacious enough to even call it… “social JUSTICE!”

The reasoning for many of these “entitlements” today is the destruction of a job market. People, our leaders have sold us out. Very little to no steel industry jobs, manufacturing jobs, or textile jobs. Most gone overseas.

How can you continue to run a business when through government regulation, taxation, and union contracts dictating to the employer how to run your business, what type of pay scale you pay your employees, right down to not being able to fire non-productive workers?

What happens on account of such practices? Just what you’ve been seeing for the last several years…companies moving overseas! Yet, all through his campaign, Obama promised to…keep jobs HERE, in America! This obviously was not his intention in the first place!

Look back again at the Cloward-Piven Strategy…the overwhelming of our economic system. This by not helping to get people OFF welfare rolls, BUT instead getting MORE people ONTO welfare rolls! We now have a 70% increase since 2007.

Although the Democrats took CONTROL of the House and Senate in 2006…this is ole GW’s fault! How stupid can you get?

The total, unabbreviated destruction of our Country is what these, and most other governmentally run projects are actually doing. So, this really isn’t the fault of the recipients of such government sponsored aid, but literally the buying of votes provided to far too many of today’s elected leaders…if that’s what you want to call them. I call them…thieves!

The time wasn’t that far back that their actions were considered treason, and in my humble opinion, that’s exactly what they are…treasonous behavior by the powers that be in our Country today. Our conservative values have been in many ways abandoned by our own party, forget the far left liberals for the time being.

Why? Well, they too have realized the power to be reckoned with by these “Assistance Programs.” Assistance my rear-end, they’re giveaways, and worse yet, are literally, once again, indoctrinational tactics!

BUT, through these “giveaways, they too have come to realize that by creating this following of constituents they too may continue to be re-elected…time, and time again!

This is the main reason for my belief today that ALL elected officials should be limited to two terms! Stop this insanity of allowing “professional politicians” to continue to be able to run for re-election!

Through this, we should also be able to put an end to all these incredible retirement, health care, and pension plans our officials have bestowed upon themselves. These to, (political entitlements)…are stealing from the taxpayer! Again, that’s exactly what it is!

Politics today has become totally about the politicians and their own, and we the people have become almost non-existent. We, the very people who actually engineer our economy through our work ethics, and small business are now the…unworthy’s!

Unworthy of being heard by our politicians, unworthy of being considered by many politicians as influential constituents, unworthy of being considered true blue, dyed in the flesh American citizens but instead, possible extremists, rabble-rousers, and even racists.

We the people have been sold out for…the ILLEGAL immigrants, the gimme something for nothings, the anti-America liberal, and the power in the numbers of such people today. Our politicians, are literally…likkin their lips!

If we continue in the direction we’re headed, they’ll soon have POWER…full, total control power for life, and the destruction of America as we always have known and loved her, just right around the corner! Socialism, Marxism, Communism, whatever they call it, it’s all the same to me, BAD, and it’s headed straight at us!

You want to talk about stealing from the people…through entitlements, political entitlements? Take a peek…

I’ve talked on this before, but in Vernon, California, Bruce Malkenhorst, Sr., who retired in 2005, is a former city administrator and is drawing a yearly pension of, are you ready for this…$509,664.00. Yep, the comma IS in the right spot.

What is that…over $40 thousand a month? Yep!

He was convicted of fraud, and ordered to pay back $105,000.00. Poor guy!

Vernon, Cal., by the way had a population of 112 in 2010. Yep, 112 residents!

Also, in a single year in Vernon, according to media reports and other sources, Eric T. Fresch was paid $1.65 million in 2008. In 2009 O’Callaghan was paid $785,000, Burnett, $570,000, and Harrison, $800,000. Malkenhorst, Jr. was paid $290,000 in 2008. Malkenhorst Sr. made $600,000.

This is but one example, in ONE city my friends…this goes on everyday all across our Country. Are we all nuts to sit on the sidelines and allow this to happen? Yep, to that question too!

So you see, I have no doubt that we probably will see $5 per pound hamburger meat.
Why wouldn’t we…it’s all part of the plan. They’re succeeding in overwhelming our system with welfare, oh sorry, I mean, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, right?

A 70% increase since 2007, in the worst economic times I’ve seen, would have to be considered a check in their column! Who suffers? The entitled? Nope, but we the people, the taxpayers do…we’re the unworthy, yet, we’re also the very same who continue, through taxation, to fund our own demise! Now really, how crazy is that?

Job loss at record highs, and our government not even WANTING to create jobs…why would they? That would mean you’d have control over your own lives then, right? There’s another check in their column!

Our educational system in many cases controlled by the same far left liberals that teach not about how GREAT our Country is, BUT instead, what acts of atrocity are Country COMMITS! Plus they’re teaching social equality, instead of about all the advantages of living in a Country with a capitalist system.

So, through this we’ve lost our children, simply because they’ve received “half an education!” The education the liberals want them to have. There’s another check in their column!

Right down to the mainstream media. They too, no longer even attempt to report the true goings on in our Country today. They’ve sold we the people out as well. Today these media groups report what they’re orchestrated to report…agendas! Once more, a check in their column.

So once more, I see the future of our Country continuing to function as we’ve always enjoyed, fast becoming pretty cloudy. Will we overcome the obstacles put into, or maybe FORCED upon us being a much better description? Honestly, I do.

But, by saying that, it will take the will of the American people to make this happen. So, with that being said, we have work to do my friends. Tireless hours of work in winning an election this go around, that may very well be the most important election of our lives.

Forget the Democrat, Republican picture for a minute, but understand today, far too many from both party’s have totally forgotten that we the people, are in fact their bosses! So, we have to make BOTH PARTY’S understand we WILL hold them accountable!

You go against our will, you’ll NOT be in office next go round! This message HAS to be sent…LOUD AND CLEAR! Let’s do it, okay? Accountability IS NOT too much to ask, is it?

You pay your taxes, right? Well, it’s pretty obvious they take no qualms in the least of holding you…accountable! Remember, this IS…a two way street.

Thanks for your time today, and sorry about the topic. God Bless all you guys, and please take care. As always, Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to Ground Beef to $5 A Pound?

  1. Sandra says:

    Did you mention the ‘get out of jail free EBT card’? Stand up America and pay

    • admin says:

      Hello there Mississippi…although I may have to start callin you, Tennessee! That or get ole D-Lo to move back HOME!! LOL! Are you still there by the way?? If so…Chet says to git yur butt home woman! LOL! We hope you are having, or had, a wonderful time Sandra! If anyone has worked hard, sacrificed, and fought any harder than you in regards to your health, we don’t know of them! You ARE an inspiration young lady, and we’re so glad you stepped into our lives…you are, a Godsend!

      Well, get off your rearend and give us a shout. We’d try an call you, but shoot, who knows where you’re at anymore?? A world traveler!

      Take care Sandra, and please tell everyone hello for us! God Bless you!

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