The “Watering Down” of Our Country

Good morning to you all. We hope everyone is doing well this morning and this finds you in good health today and every day.

You know, our Country in my lifetime, has been known as the greatest Country on this earth. I’ve always been proud to be a citizen of the United States of America…still am. But, in reality, do I still consider America to be the greatest Country on earth?

I have to say yes, but my feelings waver on this actually quite often anymore. I see far too many things going on in our Country today that if not stopped, will cause the destruction of our Country as I’ve always known it.

What does this mean?

First off it means our children, our grandchildren, and all their children will never experience the America that I knew and loved. This includes the ability to go to work, EARN a living, save, sacrifice, or even start their own business to sell off down the road, or pass down to their children.

Since the inception of our Country, immigrants have flocked here to live the American Dream. The reasoning for this is very simple. Life here was much better than the lives they led in their own countries, and yes, it really is that simple.

America afforded one and all the opportunity to better your lives, build a future, raise your children, and always offered a good, solid education to boot. All good things. You got out of life here in our Country…what you put into it! You worked your rear-end off…you were rewarded. You didn’t, you just scraped by, and…rightfully so.

They came in droves to experience such a lifestyle that once more was not attainable in their own countries, or at least not to the extent that was afforded here. They not only came for all the reasons listed above, but…TO BE FREE!

Free to live their lives. A freedom they, in many cases, weren’t allowed to enjoy in their own countries…and were repressed many times at the barrel of a gun.

Then, the real kicker here is that they came to…BECOME AMERICANS!

They WANTED to learn to speak the language, to obey our laws, to have the opportunity to vote, and to salute and respect our flag. They were thankful for the opportunity to support and live by the rules set forth by our Constitution, and even to lay down their own lives defending these freedoms and our Country as a whole!

Today, in many, many cases this is not true. Many in our Country today…don’t even LIKE our Country, much less love our Country! This statement, as terrible as it is, is the case! It’s not something I “pulled out of the air,” but is fact!

Upon arrival in our Country, many knelt down and kissed the land, so very thankful for just being here! Why…because we were the greatest Country on earth! We were…FREE!

So, with all these tremendous opportunities and attributes that come with being an American, why today, do I state my conviction that we live in the greatest Country on earth is wavering?

Well my friends, the reasons are many, and most of you are quite aware of them yourselves. We live today, here in the United States, with a government that has lost its way, and in many instances is totally out of control.

One example of this is spending! I’ve never in my life witnessed such total and complete waste of monies. NEVER! Not only is this act atrocious, in my belief, it is literally…treasonous! It is!

Isn’t it a simple fact that if you commit acts that are detrimental to your Country, its citizens, and the health and stability of your Country, then these acts are simply…treasonous?

Well, try and get me to understand the passing of many laws that are made by today’s officials, that by the way, many ARE unconstitutional, and through this…are not acts of treason?

Since when do we pass bills, health care is but one, that our House of Representatives and our Senate…DON’T EVEN READ?? Do you remember Pelosi making the statement… “Well, if we want to know what’s in it…we first have to pass it?” Good night people, for God’s sake, WAKE UP!

I spent quite a while this morning watching our “Debt Clock” run. It literally is infuriating. THAT IS, OUR money people, NOT theirs, right?

How’s your standard of living today, versus 5 years ago, or possibly even…5 weeks ago? Watch the debt clock run and you may consider your standard of living…from a mere 5 minutes ago! Really!

Our debt is pushing 16 trillion dollars! 16 trillion! The debt per citizen is $50,008 per person…and climbing. Here’s the kicker though, the debt PER TAXPAYER is…$138,213! YET, our administration’s answer is…MORE TAXES! THIS IS insanity.

The US total interest in 2012, as of this moment, is $3,794,131,197.00. This makes the interest payments per citizen a mere…$12,108.00! That’s INTEREST alone, my friends!

THE TOTAL US debt is almost 60 trillion dollars! This makes the total US debt per citizen $182, 947.00, and family debt $691,620.00.

Other examples…

State Revenue is $1,467,343,451,213.00. State Debt is 1,102,840,799.00, BUT, those numbers were obsolete before I ever got them to paper.

Local Revenue is $1,102,797,773,681.00. Local Debt is $1,742,679,345,448.00. Again, obsolete before I penned them.

Assets per citizen are $266,014.00. LIABILITIES PER CITIZEN are $1,045,037.00. That last number, Liabilities PER citizen again is…one million, forty-five thousand, thirty-seven dollars! PER CITIZEN! This is insane!

There are 313,385,834 people in the US. Of which, 113,430,384 are INCOME taxpayers.

The official unemployment numbers are 12,842,892. THE ACTUAL unemployment numbers are 22,735,634.

There ARE 15,398,055 state/local employees.

There ARE 4,337,886 federal employees. Both these are growing. Funded and paid for…BY THE TAXPAYER!


Our demise as a Country is being funded, and paid for in full…by we, the taxpayer. Again, and please understand your dilemma as a US taxpayer…YOU ARE FUNDING YOUR OWN DEMISE!! Plain and simple truths. The destruction of your Country is being paid for …by you!

Cloward and Piven’s stated that in order to “CHANGE America,” it could be done by simply over burdening the Country’s resources by not getting people off of welfare rolls, BUT BY GETTING MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ONTO WELFARE ROLLS!

So, through the destruction , or orchestration of an economic collapse, recession, depression, or whatever they want to call it, America as we know it will cease to exist.

What are the promises of our leaders today…we WILL help the poor! Well, since the mid-sixties, and the establishment of “programs to help the poor,” there are more “poor” in America today than ever before…and these numbers grow daily! IT AIN’T workin folks! Of course, Am-Trak, the Postal Service, and any other government sponsored program are either!

This entire scenario is being orchestrated by our elected officials, the unions, the mainstream media, our educational system, and who knows who else? IT IS the buying of votes, for mere pennies on the dollar, and through the dumbing down of our citizen’s, our government is now running roughshod, and trampling our Constitution in the process!

We the people are now ignored. Our voices are not heard, and our politicians have become so arrogant and powerful, through the sheer numbers of constituents who now believe, and have been indoctrinated by our politicians…that what’s ours, is now theirs!

We’ve allowed our leaders, for their own personal wealth and power to shred our Constitution, and by doing so, take more and more control over our lives, and the ability to work and feed our families. It is…a sad day in our Country!

We have the ability to manufacture, or produce ANYTHING we need right here in the good ole USA. Yet through government regulation, unionization, taxation, and the “poor entitled folks” RELAXATION, our Country is being destroyed.

I look at union employees, and wonder what those guys are thinking. I mean, how many union jobs have been lost, forever mind you, simply because of excessive salaries, health care and retirement packages, and retirement pensions?

All forced upon the companies they were employed by! These same companies abilities to create jobs for the union employees now gone to other countries? This, simply because their abilities to make a profit while still being able to compete with foreign companies was no longer part of the equation.

Jobs that are now gone forever…to other countries! Greed from the unions, greed from the government through excessive taxation, as well as regulations placed upon them by the government no longer allowed these companies to conduct business here in the US.

So why have we lost SO many jobs? Thank Uncle Sam and his cronies. No work, this causing more unemployed, all being forced into some type of government program just to exist, and before long…TOTAL CONTROL! GOOD BYE USA!

So in closing today, we are losing our Country, our freedoms, our morals, and our rights as citizens through political correctness, or “the watering down of our system.”

Our Country was born upon our belief in God, our right to free speech, and the liberties provided to us by our Constitution.

Yet, our free speech is being limited, if not a liberal or even if not a person of color. This is true. Today, we the “non-racists” are labeled…as racist!

If you believe in our Founding Fathers vision of our Country, we the “non-terrorists or radicals” are labeled as…terrorists and radicals.

If you believe our government and our elected officials have run amok, we’re labeled as…right wing extremists.

We as a Country have become like a glass of wine. A glass of pure, undiluted wine is a very good thing, and one of life’s pleasures, right? Yet, you keep bringing other properties, water as an example, and adding this to the product, then the wine becomes less and less what it once was.

This is where we’re at today in our Country. We are becoming so broken down, or diluted, through political correctness, that our abilities to enjoy our lives as Americans, becomes less and less what they once were.

Our good friend John sent us an e-mail that I thoroughly enjoyed…19,000 words. Here’s one of the examples I’m talking about that is expressed much better than I possibly could express it, but sums up all my above jibberish…

“TRUTH…it’s the new Hate Speech!”

“During the times of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act!”

George Orwell

So in today’s post, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say! Remember…GET OUT and vote. Vote as if your very life depended on it, because literally, our WAY of life does!

You guys have a great day, and God Bless. Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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