Your “Castle” Defense II

Good morning guys. We hope this finds all well today, and thank you for stopping back by to visit with us!

Yesterday, I did a post on defending your home. One of our friends sent in a comment in regards to the article. I thought I’d share this with you today.

Gerry, is a good friend of ours, and he lives in Western Canada. He’s a great guy, and Deb and I love him to death.

Anyway, after reading Gerry’s comment, I felt I may have not clearly identified the true intent of this particular post. With that the case, I felt like I might want to do a follow-up this morning and try to clear up a little my true intention for the post yesterday.

Here’s Gerry’s comment…

Hi D @ D. read your column, I can’t Imagine living like you were saying but I suppose things are somewhat different in your country ,I can’t help but tell you this , I got up one morning and to let my doggy out and I’ll be darned the beck outside door had been open all night and the front door was unlocked all night and this is not the only time something like this has happened ,it happens mostly when I have company everybody is thinking that the other person will look after the doors.
God bless you both.

Gerry ole buddy, it’s not so much that we live like that, but it’s more of simply having a home protection plan in place. It’s much better to CONSIDER something such as this as a POSSIBILITY, and not so much as, “Man, this is gonna happen no doubt.”

In today’s world, there are a ton of people out there who have little to no regard for themselves, much less anyone else. Sad, but still true. Whether we accept this as fact is entirely up to the individual. Deb and I choose to accept it as fact, while the chances for our home being invaded may be a small one, BUT, the possibility still exists, and we treat it as just that…a possibility.

To us, it’s kinda like driving around all over the place, but not having a spare tire. The chances of you blowing out a tire may indeed be miniscule, BUT, it could happen. Once it does, how bright was it to not carry a spare?

The post yesterday was merely attempting to get people to stop and consider the possibility of their home being invaded, and to consider putting some type of plan in place…JUST in case. We shared our thoughts of if it happened to us, we at least had some type of plan in place, that’s all. Also, we feel it important to have done so.

Would we like to shoot an armed intruder? No, of course not, and we feel anyone in their right mind feels exactly as we do on the subject. BUT, would we shoot an armed intruder? You bet your bottom dollar we would! Deb included.

So once again, let me state that this is not how we’d like to live, but society itself is dictating to us, pretty clearly too, if you’ll just listen, how we live anymore. That is a fact.
Let me site you guy’s one example of what I’m talking about.

You all know we have a pretty good bunch of turkeys here on the place. We live in Central Florida, and this area was developed extensively during the housing boom…commercial buildings and housing went up everywhere.

We’re fortunate enough to have a place that is pretty much surrounded by State owned land, so we’re pretty secluded here first of all, and secondly, this insures wildlife drifting back and forth.
Today where we live this is pretty rare to see, wildlife outside your door. If they happen to get shot on State property, that’s fine, I have no problem with that at all. BUT…

Two weekends ago, on a Sunday at 12:00 noon, I was in the greenhouse watering some plants we’d re-potted into 6” pots. Deb was doing one of her soaks in regards to her cancer, which Deb’s doing great, by the way.

Anyway, I hear a 22 rifle go off and it sounded pretty close. I thought that someone may have just shot a turkey off our place, but then thought…naw.

Well, just a couple minutes later I heard it again…another shot, and I knew I’d better go check it out. So, I ran to the house, just hollered to Deb that I was going to check it out, and ran for the truck. The shots came from a spot on our property that there was no State property around us at all.

Actually it is a ten acre section that sits between two paved roads, and we own from road to road. It’s probably a quarter mile from State land.

I got to the truck, and Cheyenne loves to ride, so she was bitin at the bit to go. Well, sometimes she wants to go, but isn’t in any big hurry to get in. This was one of those times. I should have left her, but waited around another minute or so for her to get in.

That hesitation cost me. After her getting in, I took off for this particular pasture. We blew through the gap over a little dry creek bed into the pasture and just as we flew through the gap…I saw him!

The guy had shot a gobbler off a busy highway, got out, climbed our fence, walked out into the middle of the pasture, got the turkey, and was walking back off our place, nonchalantly. No Trespassing signs posted everywhere, yet he acted as if HE owned the place and it was I who was trespassing!

Well, by waiting on Cheyenne to get in the truck, he was already climbing our fence, headed back to his truck. He saw us barreling towards him, and took off to their truck, jumped into the back of the bed and laid down. The driver was waiting on him, but he had rolled up his window and I couldn’t see the driver because the windows were tinted. I was livid, screaming at the top of my lungs and they took off across traffic, ran a white car off the road, which in turn spun around and took off after them too. I’m guessing because they’d run the white car off the road.

So, by loading Cheyenne up, I missed the opportunity of catching the guy out in the middle of our pasture. If I could have come through even 15-20 seconds earlier, I’d have caught him, dead to rights, and held him until deputies arrived. This time though, they got away.

Here in Florida, armed trespassing is a very serious charge, and accountably so. Why? Because they’re on your property…ARMED!

When I went to check on it, was I armed? You betcha! Would I have shot? Only if he, or the driver intended on taking a shot at me.

Consider this. They were on our place, at 12:00 in the afternoon, had shot and killed a turkey in our pasture, with another road running parallel to the road they shot from, not 600-700 feet from where they shot from.

So, they actually shot across another highway with traffic on it. They then climbed our fence, walked out into our pasture, picked up the turkey, and until I came flying through the gap, he was acting as if once again, I was the trespasser. They then almost caused a wreck, almost a head-on mind you, getting back onto the road when they took off.

So, do you think they gave a hoot in he.. about poppin a cap in me? Probably not.

Once I got back to the house and told Deb, she stated, “No more are we ridin around our place WITHOUT a gun on us. Never again! If they had no more concern for what they’d just done, on a Sunday afternoon when most folks are home, then I feel there’s no way would they have hesitated in shooting one of us!” Again, sad but true.

But you know Gerry, one other important fact about yesterday’s post is this. The liberals in our Country today would like to see the citizens of our great Country unarmed. Sad, but true. Our Constitution clearly states that we have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms! Again, this IS our right.

We HAVE the right to protect our homes, our property, and our family. Once you give up your guns, you’ve given up your freedoms. It’s amazing to me today though just how fragile that right has become.

So, our article yesterday was once more to get people to stop and consider a plan for the protection of their own home. Deb and I by no means eat, sleep, and breathe this, or consider it very much at all. But, we still understand the possibility of it maybe, happening, and have plans in case of it becoming reality.

So, we prepare. Our home defense plan is no different than our planning for an emergency and having access to food and water. When the hurricanes of 2004 hit down here, we were without power for a total of about 30 days. No water.

So, we installed two pitcher pump wells. Now if we were to be without power…we still have water. Our economy is terrible, although our President states daily it’s improving. We put up some food, and are very glad we did. Food prices are soaring!

Through our food storage, we have food put away that was bought at a steal, when compared to today’s pricing. Deb paid $3.85 cents for a gallon of milk just yesterday.

Our juice supplies for Deb and I, which by the way have worked out fantastically in regards to her cancer, now cost us about 200 bucks a week. This figure has DOUBLED since we started this last year! So what’d we do, we’ve built a greenhouse to help offset this price! A plan!

We had a plan! Our guns are the very same…a plan. We love to shoot, target practice and enjoy doing so. But, in case of a situation of our home being broken into…they are part of a plan. That’s all.

Our Country today is faced by a shortage of jobs, inflation is looming, gas prices are soaring, food pricing is getting to the point that Deb and I don’t know how people with families are making do, and our government is spending money at record levels…in the worst economic times that I can remember.

This cannot continue to last. There HAS to be a breaking point. We have, at the last time I checked, over 42 million Americans on some type of government program. What happens if this money is cut off, which, by the way most of it should be, but that’s another topic entirely.

But once more, if these peoples aid are cut off, this indoctrination that what’s ours IS THEIRS, will lead to anarchy. It has too. They have become ENTITLED! So, when the aid quits coming, they’ll be finding other ways to get food, but in most cases it won’t be by looking for employment. Again, they believe that what’s yours… IS THEIRS!

So, because of all these variables, Deb and I do prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. We do set plans, and feel totally at ease about doing so. We hope there are many more doing exactly the same!

Well, that’s it for today guys, and to Gerry, we love you buddy! Take care, and God bless! As always, Deb wants me to close out by saying, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!”

Dub and Deb

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