Deb and I received this just a little while ago. It comes from our good friend Bonnie, in North Carolina. Bonnie you may remember contributed much of her knowledge of gardening, canning, and always shared her love for our Lord and Savior with Deb and I.

Bonnie, whom I’m sad to say, we don’t communicate with like we should, mostly on our part, but Bonnie also has a very busy schedule. She’s politically active, volunteers at different spots helping out, continues to garden, and keep groceries on the table for her and her husband Steve.

She’s a wonderful, caring person who has always had a special place in our hearts. Deb and I would like to say how much we appreciate her, and also to thank her for this wonderful poem, actually two, she shared with us this Easter morning.

Bonnie, you’re the best, and thanks again for thinking of us! We love you guys.

This first poem was opened in our e-mail…

I wish for all a very happy, happy Easter Day,

And once again I send this old and well-worn poem your way.

I wish for all of you the peace that comes to kindly hearts,

When Christ is welcome in your homes, and of your lives a part.

For there is no denying that He suffered, bled, and died;

And from that knowledge one can neither shy away nor hide!

I know that some deny Him on a sunny, cheerful day,

But quickly call upon Him, when things don’t go their way.

Let us try to keep Him as our Guardian here on earth,

Each and every day of life, to earn our Heavenly worth.

If you but ask He’ll walk with you along the weary way.

Let us celebrate Him, on this glorious Easter Day.


And now… “Resurrection.” We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.


The sun, now slowly peeking from the hills across the way,

Begins the resurrection of another glorious day.

The buds upon the dogwood tree, will lovely blossoms bring;

This is the resurrection of the season we call spring.

We resurrect old memories that dwell within our hearts,

To once again relive the joy, that someone did impart.

I ask you now to focus, on the journey of your life,

And recall the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

For only through His sacrifice, and trusting in His love,

Might we all someday dwell with Him, in Heaven, up above.

In tears of agony and love, He died upon the cross;

To grant to us another chance, to save our souls from loss!

Through resurrection of His son, God showed us there’s a plan,

For righteous spirits to go “Home”, and dwell in Heaven’s Land.

But those who follow Satan, and let HIM pay their bail,

Will never know the joy of life, beyond this earthly veil.

He asks of us so little, as we journey through this land;

But just to keep Him in your heart, and He will hold your hand.

Apply each day, the Golden Rule, to all your friends and neighbors,

And, ask through prayer, that God will guide you, in your earthly labors.

The Savior’s Resurrection, was a promise from our Lord,

That must not be neglected; nor can it be ignored.

If we would one day, all go Home, to dwell in Heaven’s light,

Then we must live our lives for God, and keep that Home in sight.

Written (rather quickly), by Bonnie Fordham Hollingsworth, April 10, 1998

For Jerry Ray Hollingsworth, a cousin in CA.

Copies were distributed at his church on Easter Sunday.

May you all have a joyous and blessed Easter.

Dub and Deb

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  1. Sandy Grant says:

    Bonnie, they are both beautiful……..

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