We Have an Anniversary Today

Good morning guys, how are ya? We hope all goes well, and this finds everyone in good health. Life is great, is it not?

Today, I’d like to take the time and share a few thoughts with you guys, and pass along some very sincere thank you’s to some of the great friends Deb and I have met since the inception of this site.

Our reasoning for the thank you’s is simple. Today, April 1, 2012, is our anniversary of Deb’s one year fight with cancer. Yep, 12 months ago today, our whole world was turned upside down by three words… “you have cancer.”

We were then told it was Stage 4 breast cancer, that it had moved to another spot as well, below her tracheal tube. It was terminal…there is no cure. The best we could hope for was 8-9 months without treatment, and MAYBE 4-5 years with treatment, IF they could get it into remission.

Well, you know that Deb took one chemo treatment, and opted for no more. She decided upon the alternative treatments that she’s been doin ever since. These things have been amazing to us both. She feels great, looks great, and in all honesty, is great!

BUT, let me say this, without the Good Lord’s help, everything we do, or have done, would be for naught. Through his grace, our fight continues. I promise you all, he’s walking with Deb daily!

Put your faith in God, don’t accept no as an alternative, BELIEVE that what treatment you decide on IS working, stay positive, keep a good support group around, exercise, and “DON’T SWEAT THE LITTLE THINGS!”

Cancer is a word my friends, not a sentence. Deb read this in one of the books she’s read, and it has played a very crucial role in her fight. She’s something!

Also, I’d like to say that in reality, this past year has been a blessing to us both. It has shown us that life is not to be taken for granted. It’s shown us that all our time together is literally a blessing, and to enjoy it to the very best of our ability.

It’s shown us that God, IS love, and he alone has the power and authority to right all wrongs. If you’ll only listen, he WILL show you the way.

So, in all honesty, what a great year we’ve had. I’m ecstatic over this one year anniversary, and Deb and I will be sharing many more. You guys have no idea what important roles you’ve played too. This post today is merely expressing our thanks to you all!

First, I have to thank Judi and Brian of the Canadian Free Press. Because of those two, you’ve had to listen to me run my mouth for over a year now. If you’d like their e-mail address to voice your concern over having to tolerate me so often, I’m sure I can find it. I believe it would fall under the title of…cruel and unusual punishment! LOL!

Judi, first off, is simply one fantastic lady. She has been so much help to Deb and I, and we are grateful to her for all her kindness, concern, and prayers on our behalf.

She is the Editor of the CFP, and a dern workaholic! Because of Judi, and Brian, their publication is a light in the darkness in regards to helping to keep us, the US citizens, aware of the political agenda we’re faced with in our Country today.

Yes, they are in Canada, but their publication’s banner declares… “Without America, there is no free world.” This banner, and its proclamation, was indeed what caught my eye, and convinced me that I really needed to visit their site on an ongoing basis.

They tell it like it is, and don’t pull any shots in doing so. A fact is a fact, and they take no qualms about putting it out there in their own attempt to wake OUR Country up. Political correctness be damned!

Brian, quoting from the CFP itself, “Brian is the Web/IT guy, SEO and Marketing Manager, Graphics Editor and Research Assistant for Canada Free Press.” On top of Brian’s abilities to be a very important part of the CFP’s success, he too is one great person.

These two are as nice as the day is long, and not unlike other media outlets, are on call 24-7. If news is breaking, they’re on top of it.

Poor Brian is the one who has suffered the most in our dealings. I am a simple guy. I live simply, love simply, and as far as relationships with other people, I follow a simple rule in that regard as well…your word IS your bond. If you break your word with me, I’m through with you.

Your word really is all you have, and if your word means nothing to you, then I don’t need to be around you. Now, how simple is that?

Brian is a technological wizard, while ole Dub, yours truly, is a technological dinosaur, again, just a simple man. Talking about a clash of ideologies??? Brian didn’t know what hit him, when we started our site. I knew NOTHING about any of this computer mumbo jumbo, and Brian would try and work me through it.

He has, and still suffers from my ignorance of this new age of technological communication. At one point he suggested my log in name as…imadummee! Ha-ha-ha…good one Brian. **!$$##*!^^#! No my friend, that outburst WAS NOT directed at you, I stubbed my toe on a towel layin in the floor…by my desk…at this dern computer! LOL!

All joking aside, they’re great people, great patriots, great friends, and great to be associated with! Deb and I love them both! Thanks guys, for everything!

Then we move on to you guys. What a support group you all have been in Deb’s regard in her fight with this cancer. I swear, I don’t know if we could have done it without you guys! To take upon yourselves the burden of putting total strangers into your own hearts, lives, and prayers has been mind boggling to Deb and I.

What an outpouring of love and comraderie we’ve experienced from you all. I have to say that you have shown us the true meaning of goodness and the extent of goodness that people share with each other in tough times. ..from the heart.

We could never, ever, possibly thank you guys enough, although we thank you anyway. HOW important have you guys been? Deb has told me on numerous occasions that she can FEEL your prayers. Honestly. So again, thank you all, and know that you are in our prayers as well!

So, ole Deb and I are off to church this morning to give thanks for such a wonderful blessing he’s bestowed upon us, among all the others he blesses us with. Today is special to us, and thank you all once more, for your own roles in this day!

God Bless, and remember to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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3 Responses to We Have an Anniversary Today

  1. Gary Bass says:

    GOD is great in all his wonder…

  2. Sandy Grant says:

    Ditto Gary…………..

  3. Jeff Davis says:

    I’m thanking the Good Lord, and I’m sure my Dad is rejoicing in Heaven today. Remember when we were 14 at, I believe it was College Park Baptist Church?


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