From Our Friend, Sandra

Well, top of the morning to ya’ll! We hope everyone is doing just great, and thanks again for stopping back in to visit.

Deb and I have a very dear friend who lives in Mississippi. Shoot, I call her Mississippi bout half the time. Anyway, after I put up on the site that Deb had been diagnosed with cancer, the response of concern and prayers was almost overwhelming to us.

You guys showed us so much love and affection that we couldn’t believe that two people could be so blessed. You all were literally “heaven sent.” Thank you all so very much!

We also were contacted by others that had family members, friends, and even themselves who were also fighting this dreaded disease. Some of these are no longer here with us, but have gone home to meet our Lord. God Bless them.

But through our meetings and conversations with other cancer survivors, and cancer victims, we noticed something right off the bat…these people became family. Honestly, the network we’ve experienced are literally family.

It’s amazing, but it’s true. A common bond, a common fight, and a common foe.

There’s also been several of you who have become really, really close to Deb and I both. One of you is Gerry, in Canada. Another is Ken, out in Texas. What great people these guys are. Loving and caring to Deb and I both, but both lost their wives to this disease.

To Gerry and Ken…we love you guys! Thanks for everything, your support, your love, your concerns, and your prayers. They don’t make em much better than you guys! God Bless ya’ll.

Mississippi falls into this same category… “one of the best!” She contacted us and expressed her love and concern for Deb and I both as well…with a twist.

It seems Sandra had been fighting cancer since 1998. What a “tough cookie” number one, but what a gentle and caring person she has been for Deb. Deb and I talked last night a little, and she expressed to me how appreciative she was over the fact of Sandra coming into our lives.

Sandra has kinda led Deb through this process of fighting cancer, although Sandra opted for chemo treatments. She kept Deb abreast of what to look for prior to treatment, Deb took one chemo, and what to look for afterwards.

She has been a rock for Deb, and has helped to keep her up, and answers any questions Deb may have. What does the blood test mean, what veggies or fruits aid the fight, and in general, just letting Deb know that although we’ve never met personally, besides speaking on the phone, she has a friend who’s involved in the same fight…holding her hand every step of the way!

Sandra, by the way, was diagnosed, CANCER FREE, I believe this past Nov…again after having contracted this disease in 1998! Good for you Sandra, and God Bless you! GREAT NEWS!!

Sandra sent us an e-mail that she says she wrote years ago, A funny, ha-ha look at life. Pre-conception, life itself, and after-life. It also involves a message…a message that there is a God, and by trying to live life as best we can, there are rewards in our after-life.

She has a few kind words for Deb in this that she’s added at the end of her story. Thanks again Sandra.

Let’s go ahead and see what Sandra has to say…

Heaven and Earth and the Reality of it All

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Before Life…

There is a bureau in the before life that you have to approach before you get a soul and move onto earth into a person to those people infanticipating a first member or subsequent members into their families. It’s almost like any government bureaucracy found on earth anywhere any place.

I really don’t remember the name of the guy at the heaven .gov department, he just filled out forms. The line was very long and filled with many, many souls working toward the end and at every desk you stopped to get more paperwork. The paperwork was burdensome and heavy and you struggled through the line to get to the end so you could be born to those parents infanticipating.

At long last you were at the front of the line and met GOD. And GOD said ” give me your book of Life” I looked around and could not find such. God said what are you carrying and I said “paperwork from Heaven.” God said “Good Heavens, don’t you know that is your book of “LIFE”. No, nobody told me.

During that meeting before I was issued to the infanticipating parents, I had an in service meeting with my GOD.

My interjections in the meeting were:

“You are are kidding”

“I don’t think I can do that”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“How did that get in there”

No wonder I have lived the life I have, argumentative child that I was.


That’s where the feathering my wings with good deeds comes from DUB & DEB

The other part of the story not told prior to getting in the lineup in the Before life part, IS…

I personally think of The making of human beings similar to a manufacturing plant.

I personally think that my particular person was made on a Friday. You know, Friday weekend coming up, low stock on parts, hurry up and getter done so we can go home kinda thing.

1. The trunk department had a kinda little trunk but it had a moderate size butt.

They said this will do.

2. The leg department had some short legs, chunky little thighs and some calves and ankles that my Mother would die for. (My mother was into calves and ankles because when she grew up that was the best part of a woman’s body. Little did she know).

3. Going through the mammary gland department not much to choose from there. (I will tell you they could not have been too bad, because daughter has always bemoaned the fact that my gene pool did not extend to her. Have always told her when she is ready for boob job just wheel me in next to her and I will share, kinda like donating a kidney).

4. Going through the head department, only kinda small one left. They said you know this does not quite meet standards, but let’s throw in lots of hair and those great big Deer in the headlights eyes. You know those great big brown ones that are moist all the time. Every time you look at them they look like they are gonna cry. Nobody wants them. Got those.

5. Dam-med Unions. Even God has them.

6. So made it through the put together part and the orientation part and popped out on to the scene at the grand lighted stage of our favorite Infirmary with myself. The doctor said “It’s a girl” Daddy said “It’s grand, healthy baby girl”

Mama said “There must be some mistake, I wanted a boy, and it ain’t very cute”

The Post Script to this story is Mother and Aunt were great movie goers at that time and had ordered a clone Shirley Temple.

My father coming from a family of ten was a realist and took what he got. IT’S BEEN A GRAND LIFE and I have never been disappointed!

Again to you, so there. My story and sticking to it. These are my words and thoughts. Can only share them with the shrinks far, far away. Talking about Deb and her tiny body brought this up. Deb might have a tiny body but her heart and mind are as a Goliath. Ask her and she will tell you what that means.

Thinking of you and Prayers your way.

Post Script to this: Not long after writing this Sister in Law in Arizona called and we had a discussion about this and she just cracked up. She said I had grand delusions and the way she had lived her life she only expected to get trainer wings. We had such a great laugh.

Wrote this a long time ago and have been through much since. After what I went through the last year I do believe that I am not finished doing my list of good deeds. So I am going to hang around a little longer and when I am done I will have the biggest, fluffiest, sexiest white wings ever seen. Soooo big they will cover me up and I probably won’t be able to fly. Fly? Fly where?

Think I will try to entice the archangel Michael with my fluffy wings since he has been my designated guardian Angel since I was born. Catholicism really showing there.

Mississippi: Hope Deb’s apt. went well.

Deb’s appointment did go well, Sandra. Another perfect blood test!

Also, when you do get those big, beautiful wings you so long for, many of them will have come from the amount of goodness you’ve shown to Deb and I both! You have truly been a blessing. We both love you for it!

Well guys, we hope you enjoyed this today. Thank you once again for droppin in to visit with us. God Bless you and yours, and Deb says to be sure and keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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  1. Sandy Grant says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very deep and very touching and when you relate it to your life, it is vivid a walk as you can get. He surely gave us the prescription to live by ……..wonder why we (mostly myself ) can’t use it every step along the way?????

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