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Good morning guys, how’s it going today? Welcome back to Ridin Out the Recession, in Miz Judi’s Kitchen…

Well, we get back on topic today as yesterday I’d ranted a little over the excessive spending and totally irresponsible behavior of our politicians…appreciate your patience!

You know, Deb and I have had a lot of fun with this, but we’ve met some of the most wonderful people. It’s amazing the amount of love and concern shown by others to us, but actually towards most folks in general. There IS still an awful lot of goodness in people’s hearts and you don’t have to look far to see this.

We’ve met and mingled with people, in all honesty worldwide, and this has been a great experience for us. It’s opened our eyes to how different people in different areas conduct their day to day lives, whether it be showing us the different types of work they do, the food they eat and how it’s prepared, how they garden, and the tips they have to share regarding all the above.

Today we’ll share a few videos of some of our friends and what they share with everyone. It’s amazing. We’ll wander around a little bit and show a few different topics altogether, and we get a kick outta all of them.

Honestly, when you watch a video, you ought to check out their channels, as we believe you’ll enjoy them. A lot of good, good info out there and we love it!

We get a weekly update from YouTube of videos that our buddies have uploaded. Most times watchin these are just a hoot!

Our first comes from a buddy in Texas, and this guy is very talented. Honestly I don’t think there’s much he can’t do. He loves to bake breads and this video shows a batch. He didn’t give a recipe on this particular one, but again, look through their channels and you’ll find plenty that do.

Looked good, huh?

Our next video comes from another friend, and this lady is ingenious is finding ways to cut corners, pinch a penny, and save YOU a dime possibly as well.

This video from her is showing you a “Redneck Vacuum Sealer.” We liked to fell down at how unique this was, but so simple to boot. It’s amazing the problems that can be solved with a little thought process and a couple ideas from other buddies.

Deb and I loved this!

Is that neat or what? Again, there’s so much knowledge out there, AND the people that are willing to share it with you…you only have to look!

This next friend is sharing with us how to make Kiwi Chutney, and after watchin this, I believe it would be very good. Let’s take a peek…

Doesn’t that look tasty? I’m goin to get Deb to pick up what we need and make a batch of this.

There’s recipes galore on these channels, and everyone involved will answer any questions you may have. They’ve really been a lot of help to Deb and me in their willingness to share, or to line you out if you experience any problems.

Here’s a buddy we have in Canada. He seems to really be a super nice guy, and at the time was sufferin with some flu symptoms we believe. I feel for him, I can’t stand to be down like that. Deb can’t stand for me to either! I’m like, “Honey…would you…?” Her response… “You’re such a titty-baby Dub!” LOL!

Anyway, this video is showing you some indoor gardening, or…just cause it’s cold outside don’t mean ya cain’t have something growin on the inside. Actually though, there’s tons of people now startin their seedbeds off, prepping for spring!

Now, this next video is from a friend we’ve made in Thailand, of all places. He saw a couple of our videos and subscribed to us. We in turn checked out his channel, and lo and behold, found it to be very, very interesting!

He shares with us all his life in Thailand, and I believe Paul to be a worker in the oil business…well drilling, exploration…if I’m not quite right Paul, just straighten me out buddy!

We love his channel as it takes us to sites, lifestyles, and even cooking, we here in the US only hear of. Actually, I’ll share a couple of his videos with ya’ll today…

The first is in a marketplace in Naklua, Thailand during the Chinese New Year. We hope you guys enjoy this, and we always look forward to more uploaded videos from him!

When’s the last time you had an elephant strollin through town?

The man is livin a wonderful experience, wouldn’t you say?

Shoot, I’m gonna share one more of Paul’s stuff. This is his wife showing how she cooks rice over an open fire, and how she puts it up! Read his description of this right below the video!

Well, what cha think, this way, or…minute rice?? LOL! There’s no sense even askin Deb!!

This next one is from a buddy in New York State. What a beautiful piece of property they have, and when you live as far South as Deb and I, we just don’t get to see such beautiful winter scenery. He does really nice videos, and this is one of a trail camera he’d set up.

Isn’t it gorgeous there? He’s got a really nice place.

Our last video today is from one more friend of ours. She’s a great lady, and VERY knowledgeable in regards to all sorts of gardening. Landscape plants, house plants, vegetable gardens, and basically anything involving gardening and outdoor living she’s on top of.

She’s Diane Mumm and lives in Iowa! Check her out…

Well guys, looks like that will wrap us up for today. We hope you enjoyed the videos, and again, check out their channels. All good people, who love sharin with us all!

You guys have a great day, God Bless, and as Deb always says…Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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