Good morning guys. Well, my good friend AP is pretty dern aggravated with the way things are going here in our Country. AP cannot, who can, come to grips with the outrageous spending and flippant behavior of SO many of our elected politicians…THEY ARE, spending us down the tubes.

I normally try to stay out of the political spectrum very much, but in all honesty this is pretty hard to do. We are small business owners. We know what it takes to make a payroll, and by saying this, we TOTALLY understand there is NO WAY to SPEND yourself out of debt! It just baffles me to no end that SO many “clueless” accept such rhetoric??

Anyway, I spoke with my buddy the other night, and it was obvious in his tone he was upset over the direction of our Country, and…with good reason…

AP is a retired business man, and World War II vet. He loves our Country, and the freedoms and opportunity’s it provides. AP, like so many others, can’t understand how our Country is headed down such a path, led by…socialists. That’s what it is, and the old adage, “If the shoe fits…wear it,” is appropriate in regards to what many of our “ELECTED leaders” are! Why don’t we hear this being pounded daily by “the candidates” seeking to unseat our current President?? I believe the people would flock to a guy who screamed this incessantly, and assured us, that if elected, our Constitution WOULD be the law of the land.

So, are they ALL in it together? Have we gotten to the point that the Republican Party has lost it’s way in what it’s party line is really about? Sadly, we have. So, with that being said, have we also gotten to the point in our Country where the candidates we choose from are being, “spoon-fed” to us? It sure appears to be so.

Regardless, AP is doing all he can in trying to help educate us, and it means A LOT to him. AP is 92 years old, yet believes this next election to be, probably, the most important election in our Country’s history. I agree with him… Also, does he sit around and enjoy his retirement, or does he spend hours daily reading, researching, and actually doing what he can to help turn our Country back around? This through his little publication…”Revolution?” The answer is pretty obvious, huh?

Here’s AP…

Milton Friedman Quotes…….”Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink, and make the combination worthless”….”Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program”……”Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A most more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government”……..”If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 short years, there would be a shortage of sand”

Why the quotes from Milton Friedman well they represent my complete frustration of government, and the Republican Party. My dear “redneck” friend, wrote a book called “Simple Man…Simple Wisdom” which refers to a man who hit the bottom of life, not a scholar or writer, but the life he led was changed by turns one never sees, until it happens. Through our free market, capital based nation, he was afforded the chance to live the “American Dream”, and now leads a life that could be the envy of any person that may come in contact with this real southern “redneck.”

Why the story about my friend, his book deals with very basic beliefs of my life, which in the later part of 2011, I believed that the Republican Party’s position was one that had the possibility to control both the Senate and the House, giving the country the opportunity to correct some, if not all, the drastic laws put in place by President Obama and his radical socialistic party, which I believed, if re-elected would drift more to the left closer to his agenda of defining real class warfare, exploiting the politics of division to pick winners and losers in our economy, and determine our destinies for us–.

President Reagan said, “ Since when do we in America believe our society is made up of two diametrically opposed classes—on rich ,one poor—both in a state of conflict and neither able to get ahead except at the expense of the other? Since when do we in America accept this alien and discredited theory of social and class warfare? Since when do we endorse the politics of envy and division?”

The Presidents on the stage in Cleveland delivered a speech that will reverberate throughout history. It will make it’s because the President announced his plans to act in total and utter disregard for the United States Constitution. Never in 100 plus years, has a precedent of the recess appointment power has a President used such an action while the Senate was still in session. Which brings me to the point where I wanted to start. Just before the Holidays the odds were in the favor of the Republicans to pick up a few seats in the Senate, and to add more seats in the House. The GOP appeared to be in a good position to send the President into retirement. Then came the debates, 9 people thinking they could be the people’s choice, none with major following, or appearing to be “the leader.” Where the hell are the so-called leaders to let this controllable situation become a scramble, which MAY encourage someone who doesn’t win the nomination, to elect to create a “THIRD PARTY” which will dissect the voters who would normally be Anti-Obama.. Instead of firming up the right, the party’s nomination process has become a bloody battle in which the candidates are viciously attacking on another rather than Obama, denouncing core pure conservative principles rather than the failures of big government and seem to producing a “winner” who has no prayer of defeating the incumbent.

One only has to look back to the Obama presidency who got there by addressing these 5 top issues.(1) the climbing unemployment rate (2) the climbing home foreclosure rate (3) crashing 401k and pension plans , leaving retirees in limbo (4) 48 million Americans without health care insurance (5) high percentage of public school failing our children….Unless I am missing some news, during the time that Obama, and Michelle, have been in the White House, none (plus several more important issues) of these 5 issues, which helped Obama become the 44th President of the United States, have been successfully been addressed. Exactly what has this President, and his wife, accomplished that has improved life in the U.S. , other than raise taxes, unemployment, the debt facing all Americans, even those who are not been born at this time., the world’s respect of the United States and all the other virtues that made AMERICA.

The Tea Party helped in the midterm elections, let’s not allow them to be in conflict with the party of the right, even if we are lacking a leader like Reagan to lead the charge……we all must get off our asses and make sure we don’t permit OBAMA TO LAUGH HIS WAY TO THE VOTING BOOTH, IF THE DEMOCRATS CAN NOMINATE A HARD CORE LIBERAL, WHY CAN’T REPUBLICANS OFFER A CLEAR CONSERVATIVE ALTERNATIVE ?…….WE CAN AND MUST..……..AP

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2 Responses to REVOLUTION…..JANUARY 13, 2012…EDITORIAL

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My exact sentiments. I have your book circulating.

    • admin says:

      Why thank you so much Mrs. G! Roll Tide!! LOL! In reality it’s…GO GATORS, but I feel you need humoring from time to time! Thanks for your help with the book… “Politics…from the Dummy!” LOL!! But, I WAS a “ticked off” dummy for sure!! Thanks again Sandy, and tell the “ole lifeguard” hello from rainy Florida this morning! Glad TO SEE IT!!

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