A Little More on the Greenhouse:

Good morning guys, and welcome back. We hope this finds everyone well, and ready for the workweek.

Well, first off, we had a new addition to the clan Friday. We have a cow here on the place, “Horny,” that had a new calf. Also, her name designates what’s up on top of her head, and not her disposition. LOL!

What’s so shocking is that we’ve had these cows over two years now, and it’s her first calf, and she’s just had it. She was headed to the sale-barn, simply because we thought she wouldn’t have us a calf. She was always big and pretty, actually one of the better cows we have, looks wise, but I thought it because she was never with calf.

This was the reason for her headed to the sale-barn down the road shortly. She was eatin grass, but not giving us back anything. I know, I know, there’ll be some people out there that think, oh my, that’s sounds cruel. BUT, let me put that in a different perspective.

How long ya reckon ole Deb would keep layin out the feedbag for me, IF…ole Dub wasn’t producing?? I guarantee you…not long!! So, see what I mean?

By this she always stayed really healthy and I just thought the reasoning for this was that she had no calf to pull her down. Lo and behold, we look out and dern what a pretty little black calf with a little white face. She did good!

When we bought these cows, it was one of those, hurry up and get em here deals! The county was going to take my Ag-Exempt, so we needed some cows…NOW! We wanted to put some cows on the place anyway, but just a little sooner than we’d planned, as we had fence issues.

So, we got a mixed bag. Good cows, a couple old cows, and we have two more that have never calved, so probably a barren cow or two.

But, we were happy, and now that we’re getting calves off them, we’ll start improving our “herd.” This, by keeping our good heifer calves, and working through the Mama’s. As we keep these young heifers comin on, we’ll get rid of others that need to be culled. It’s an ongoing process.

Shoot, once I get where I ain’t producing, I can see Deb cullin me pretty dern quick!

The greenhouse…

Well, we did get a little more done on it Saturday, but we set no speed records in doing so. First off, we had to taper off every joint, bolt, and anything at all that may have snagged the plastic while pulling the roof over it.

So, we took duct tape and wrapped all these potential hazards with three wraps each. I was kinda shocked at the time this took, but, we did take our time, looked hard, and we believe we’ve got it ready for plastic when that step comes.

We ran our 2×6 boards down the sides to anchor our fiberglass to, and used the closure strips to seal off anywhere air could come in. We’re also running 2×6’s on each end. We were going to use plastic on the ends as well, but I decided I’d rather go with the fiberglass. So doing this, we need the 2×6’s on each end as stringers to attach the fiberglass to. Each end will also have a 7’ sliding door. The greenhouse is 18’x 60’.

Today will be the last day we work on the greenhouse until after Deb’s shindig, Saturday. We still have to pressure wash the house, porch, and slab, so that’ll be a day and a half or so. Then Wed. I have meetings most of the day, and then Thursday we’ll turn back into the “honey-do” mode.

This being cleaning carpets, OH JOY, and in general takin Friday to prep for the cookout. Then Saturday, we’ll let her rip, tater chip!

I’m so thankful for all our friends that’ll be attending this with us. Everyone has been so helpful to Deb and I since her ordeal began. All you guys have been outstanding too! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! You guys are great!

To be honest, we’re both really lookin forward to getting the greenhouse set up, and getting started with our seed germination, and getting those little fellers growin off. Can’t wait! This will be such a learning experience for Deb and I, and give us some very good topics by doing so.

I’m here to tell you, that this will be good for us all. By us trying to figure out the best way for us to produce good, fresh vegetables under roof, you guys will surely see some really good tips, and info, on how…NOT to do things! LOL!

Also, you guys out there that have experience in growin under roof, please don’t hesitate to chime in and share your knowledge with us. Save us “the pain,” so to speak! LOL!

We’ll be learning different mixes to add to our soil to enrich it, and give our plants the best possible chance of producing to the best of their ability. This is really going to be a challenge, but a ton of fun along the way! Deb and I are up to it…bitin at the bit, actually!

So you guys are all invited on this ride we’re fixin to climb up on. Again, feel free to chunk in any info you have, and shoot, when we mess up, give us a shout and cut the fool with us over our blunders.
In all seriousness though, I’d like to say thanks to our Good Lord for blessing Deb and I in so many ways. She’s doing so well in regards to her little ordeal, and this was not possible without him!

Our children and grandchildren are all healthy, and so far, are showing signs of having…good sense in their decision making. We’re proud of all them. Our business has weathered through this economy so far, sluggishly at many times, but we’re still plodding along.

Our having the ability to find, and purchase this greenhouse, and keep it mind we found it used. We could not have purchased it new, I’m sure. This is all because of our good friend…Bill Cook. The guy is one of our best friends, and once he found out about our juicing we do daily, and the cost of doing so, that scoundrel went to lookin around for us, and it wasn’t long before he went to hollerin, “I got ya’ll one!”

Thanks Bill!

Finally, one of the biggest blessings the Good Lord has provided us with is…you guys! All jokes aside, this is so true. The love you guys have showered on Deb and I both, has literally been overwhelming to us! What good, good people you guys are! Thank you all, and praise God, for ya’ll!

Well, we’ll close today with a couple videos for ya’ll. The first is a little update on the greenhouse. We actually did more than you can see in this video, but without bein here to see firsthand, you don’t realize it.

The second was kinda special. We’ve been doin these videos on YouTube for a while now. In the last couple weeks we went over the 100 subscribers mark. These are the people who liked our channel enough to subscribe to Deb and I.

I believe this to be over 120 now, and I think our videos have been viewed over 9,100 times??? Good night a livin…it’s hard to believe people find Deb and I…interestin?? Go figure.

Anyway the second video is of me givin a shout out to the viewers and thanking them for thinking enough of our channel to come and watch us. It also was the first time I’d shown my face, this to show them the face…behind the voice, and my, my, what a pretty face it is, huh? LOL!!

Truth be told, there ain’t no tellin how many we lose now, after them seein me!! The ones that keep watchin now have got to be designated as…”true friends” for sure!! LOL!!

Now before I forget, there are two more people we’ve GOT to thank! Judi (HEY Good Lookin…What cha got cookin), and Brian ,who after talkin with me extensively, wanted me to name our website…imadumee, of the Canada Free Press! You guys thought I was gonna forget to mention ya’ll this morning, didn’t ya?

I seen ole Judi’s face getting RED readin this, this morning, and ole Brian goin, “that dumb redneck…” Naw, I’m just pickin at you two…can you imagine such, BUT, I been “in trainin” for quite some time now. Lol!

Seriously, without Judi, Brian, and The Canada Free Press, Deb and I would have met none of you guys. It wouldn’t have happened, because, never in a million years would we have thought ANYONE would want to hear anything we had to say! LOL!

So Judi, Brian, and the CFP, thank ya’ll so much. This has been wonderful, and through you guys workin with us, you opened up a door for us, and we just can’t believe the great people who invite us to come into their home, and visit with us awhile! Thank you to each and every one of you guys!

You guys might wanna “look out” for this next video…ole Bubba gets a shout out as well…Bubba AND the gorilla that is… LOL!

You guys have a great day, and God Bless! Deb says for ya’ll to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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  1. Sandra says:

    Well my goodness, look at that, a face behind the articles.
    Lost a pound or two Dub? Great article, wish it was me,
    too old to garden and greenhouse anymore. Just gonna watch
    you guys do it. Congrats on the calf and greenhouse.

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