Check Out the Greenhouse:

Good morning guys! We hope all are fine today, and getting ready to have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping back by!

Well, we FINALLY got a little time to start on the greenhouse, and spent the last day and a half working on it. It goes up very easily, BUT, we have no plans to go by, oh shoot, we sure did…they were a scratched out system of notes…on the back of…a matchbox!! LOL!!

They might as well of been written in hieroglyphics in regards to my being able to figure them out! We’ve never put one up before, so as far as myself, or the crew, we didn’t have a clue! Luckily though, my ole buddy, Billy, has done this for years, and to that joker…this is a snap!

Honestly, I don’t know if he’s been down here enjoyin the company while helpin us out, or he’s just enjoyin bein around a bunch a dummies?? LOL!

He keeps sayin, “C’mon guys, it’s just like putting a puzzle together!” We’re like… “We cain’t even spell puzzle, Billy!”

This reminds me of a “blonde joke,” but it’s very pertinent in regards to our greenhouse building, AND those dern blondes (all ya’ll blondes know I’m just pickin on you, right?).

Here goes…

Two blondes go to town and get em a picture puzzle. After spending a year or better, day and night in its completion, one looks over at the other one and says, “Can you believe how well we’ve done with this?”

The other blonde goes, “Yeah, it’s really pretty, and it’s been great spending time with you doin it, but is there really a reason why you’re so ecstatic over its completion?”

To which the other blonde says, “Duh, are you kiddin me?? We did it in 12 to 13 months, the box it came in clearly states…2 to 4 years!”

Well, that’s us!

So, ole Billy is the cog that’s makin this wheel turn, no doubt! You gotta watch him though, he’ll sure have you doin something that MAY not be quite “just right,” then the dern guy starts laughin and asking you what in the world you’re doing??

We may possibly finish the frame today, we’ll just have to see how it goes. Billy won’t be here today, BUT, I think he’s got us to the point when he comes back, it’ll at least be…right side up! LOL!
Actually it is pretty simple, but…so are we! LOL! No, now we do have an understanding of how it goes together, and today should be productive. Time will tell, huh?

You guys know that the main reason for the greenhouse is to keep Deb and I in fresh juice. We have become firm believers in the benefits of this. So by having the greenhouse, this will enable us to keep fresh vegetables, and a few fruits comin in year round.

All jokes aside, to keep Deb in fresh juice, it costs us around $110 to $120 dollars…a week! That’s quite a lot, but when lookin at Deb and how well she’s doin, it ain’t nothing but a thang! You cain’t put a price on your health…not in my book anyway!

Here’s a shot of what we juice daily. Some days we add more, some days a little less…but normally 20 to 25 different fruits and vegetables, daily…

When I’d first met ole Deb, I PROBABLY wouldn’t have dropped that kind a money on her, weekly, but shoot, through the years…dang if she ain’t kinda “grown on me!” LOL!

Plus, when we get this mess whipped, she’ll pay me back…WITH INTEREST!! LOL!

On top of this, we both love piddlin around growin things. We both can’t wait to get this thing up, and operating.

Here’s a few more pictures…the first is of the turkey’s havin breakfast. Yeah, as bad as I hate to admit it, they ARE on an entitlement program! LOL!

The next pictures are of the greenhouse construction. It is comin along pretty good. It’s a 18’x60’. The last picture is of the little girl…Cheyenne. She normally helps me feed up in the mornings, but it was low 40’s this morning, and she’s like…go ahead! I’ll watch ya!

Here’s a video we did…

You guys have a great day, and God Bless! Deb says to tell ya’ll… “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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