It’s 24 Degrees at the House This Morning, and a “few other things to boot”:

Good morning, and dad-gum if it ain’t cold here today! We saw 22 a couple times the last couple years, but the 24 we had today is prior to anything like this type of cold. We normally have some low to mid 30’s, but not this time.

We’d seen a couple days of low to mid 40’s, but that’s it, so really nothing was completely dormant before this today. This could put a big hit on citrus and vegetables coming from down here.

When you have trees still tryin to push out new growth and the temps fall this quick, this low, this can be big, big problems. We’ll know in a couple days what we’re looking at damage wise. Hopefully…we dodged a bullet.

If so, the fruit trees will be much better prepared to take the next cold like this, but honestly, if we keep getting these kinda temps, who knows? Let’s see, what is it our elected leaders keep “preachin on” this bein? You know, when they wanna continue to bilk billions from “We the People?”

Oh yeah…GLOBAL WARMING?? Well, I promise ya, there ain’t NO short britches bein worn down here this morning! I guess because it’s just…TOO HOT?? Go figure.

Here’s an interesting article I read quite a while back… Check it out, then decide about this global warming for yourself. But you have to understand…our government, and its scientific community, are already backin away from the term, “global warming,” and callin it something else.

Global Warming

Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of today’s politicians would learn ONE, SIMPLE, VIRTUE? Like…tellin THE TRUTH for a change?? But why would they do that when people like Al Gore can make BILLIONS, by scare tactics!

Plus they know that the ones listenin to them, don’t look or study, to see if possibly their elected leaders just might be fillin their heads with…well, let’s just say, they’re stretchin the truth, some!! They’ve literally gotten it into their heads that we just have to have them making our decisions for us, cause…we ain’t smart enough to do it for ourselves!

On top of this, they’ve become SO corrupt, they pass all types of different laws that have no bearing what-so-ever on bettering our lives, by maybe, just maybe, backin off all this taxation, regulation, and mis-representation, and let our business’ grow! THEN, and only then, will our economy recover!

Grow our economy, shoot, THEY killed the economy, and that was their intent! Then, after the destruction of our car companies through poor management, excessive labor contracts, excessive health care policies, excessive retirement packages, OUR GOVERNMENT decided that THEY would take over the automobile industry??

Boy, I sure felt nice and warm inside after finding this out! I mean if you look at the Postal Service, Am-Trak, Freddie and Fannie, and even the unaccountability of federal spending as a whole, didn’t you feel comfortable with this as well?

THEN, after the takeover, they GIVE the unions a 20 percent share??? The biggest reason for the downfall of our car industry…is REWARDED by getting a 20% stake??? Boy, that’s good sound business principle, is it not??

Well shoot guys, give em a break, I mean I believe there’s about a whopping 8 to 10% of our current administration that have ACTUALLY made a payroll! So why worry, these guys are on top of things, huh?

Oh well, let me get off this subject. The reasoning is simply that even though it’s 24 outside here this morning, it’s already gotten up to over a 100 or better here in the office! In other words, I might better shut up before…I blow a gasket! LOL!

I just walked back in from the garden, and man…I ain’t used to these temps! I know you guys up in the north country figure I must be a dern “titty-baby,” (Deb’s favorite description of me), but when you were in short britches two days ago, dang if that ain’t quite a change!

We were out of greens in the house to juice this morning, so I went out and cut us some collards, mustards, broccoli, and cabbage leaves to add in our juice. Honestly, you’d be shocked at the amount of juice you get from these. Literally, once we started juicing them, I was amazed at the quantity of juice they do give you!

Plus, with the different types of citrus now coming in, what a nutritional boost we get from this! Seriously guys, it would benefit you to start juicing some, sick or not. Deb and I both wish we’d have started this years, and years ago!

If we had of, things may be a little different around here! Just the other day Deb asked me, “Dub, ya wanna go upstairs and have sex?” Bein I’m getting a little older now, I had to be truthful with her, so…I told her, “Deb, ya got I decision to make. We can either go upstairs, OR we can have sex, BUT, I cain’t do both!” LOL!

Actually she didn’t ask me that anyway. Good thing though. If she’d of asked me to do ANYTHING that pertained to sex…they’d a had to put me in…intensive care! My ole heart just couldn’t have stood it! But again, IF I had a been juicing startin years back…who knows, huh? LOL!!

Just a short time ago, we’d did a post on a good friend of ours, and his family, showing some videos of their garden, along with how to can a few different things. They’re just a great bunch of people, and dad-gum if they didn’t return the favor.

I saw their last video, and dern if those guys didn’t do a shout out to ole Dub and Deb. Now personally, I can’t imagine them ever possibly have done one for a nicer couple, but who am I to say?? LOL!

No, it was very nice of Tim and Co. to do such a thing, and Deb and I both appreciated it to no end! So Tim, here’s to ya buddy!

Here’s their video with our shout out…

Let me tell you all this. Because of Judi and ole Brian at the CFP, our life was changed. By them letting us do our site, and then meeting all these wonderful people through YouTube as well, boy have we been blessed by the experience!

So let me close today by once more, thanking all our good friends, many who we now consider family, that we’ve met through the Canada Free Press, our own site, and YouTube! You guys have just been so wonderful to Deb and I both…thank you all!

Oh, before I close, I almost forgot!

Have you guys been listening to the news today?? It seems that we’ve gotten some very bad news out of Australia. The inventor of the boomerang-handgrenade…has been killed! Think about it…LOL!

You guys have a great day and God Bless, ya hear? Also, ole Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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2 Responses to It’s 24 Degrees at the House This Morning, and a “few other things to boot”:

  1. Kunoichi says:

    Had to go to my handy temperature converter to figure out if 24 was cold or not! ;-)

    So your 24F is equal to about -4C. Where I’m at, we’re having an unusually warm winter. Our high of the day reached 5C (41F), and this weekend we’re supposed to get even warmer. Your daytime temperature is slightly warmer than our nightime low! Our usual temperatures range from a high of -8C (17.6F) to a low of -19C (-2.2F). We’ve got almost no snow at all.

    Interestingly, I’m not hearing *anyone* trying to blame the unusual weather on global warming this year.

    I hope things warm up for you, and there’s not too much cold damage.

    • admin says:

      Kunoichi…How the heck are you? Great hearin from you again. We weathered the cold pretty good this time…PHEW! Thanks for your concern!! No, you’re right, not to much bein spouted off about “global warmin” for sure! BUT, we all know that’s what it is though, huh? I mean…Al Gore wouldn’t steer ya wrong, just to put a few billion in his pocketbook, would he? NAW….course not! LOL!

      We hope you guys are doing fine, and God bless you and yours!

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