A Couple Updates…Our Trip, and the Hog Trap…with video’s:

Hey guys, how are you? We hope all goes well for everyone, and once more, we hope you all have thoroughly enjoyed your Thanksgiving and its long weekend!

You know Deb and I are headed to Vicksburg, and although we’ve had a couple of delays, what else is new, we’re leaving out Sun. morning at 4 am. We’re really looking forward to the trip, and are ready to get headed out.

This will be Deb and my first “vacation” to come and go as we please, in maybe 5-6 years, and goodness gracious, I hope I know what to do with myself.

We’ll start off stayin with Sandra, or “Mississippi,” so as bad as I hate it, it’s looking like I’ll have to have my “manners on.” I sure hope I can pull that one off, but I promise you, ole Deb’ll keep close tabs on me! Course, that’s her job description…keepin Dub outta trouble!

She does a good job at it, but good night, she’s on call 24-7 in that regard…

We’ve rented a motor home for the trip, and I did a video showing the one we’ve rented. We took it for 14 days, and I gotta tell you all, we both thought they’d be a little more expensive, but we were pleasantly surprised at the cost. In reality, we both are wondering why we’ve never checked into using them prior to now??

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and if you’ve never looked into traveling this way before, I suggest you look into it. Again, you may be just like Deb and I, and be surprised at how reasonable these actually are.

In this video, we have Shelby Lynn, our 4 year old granddaughter giving us a tour of it. I got the biggest kick outta of doing this with her, and honestly, I thought she did a great job! Check her out, and let us know.

We had one lady that watches our Youtube videos and she commented on how cute Shelby was, and that as she got older, she’d get out of her “camera shyness.” For those that already know Shelby, you’re already aware that Red is her Daddy, and neither he, nor Shelby Lynn have a shy bone in their bodies!

Now, an update on our hog pen/trap. You know the hogs had become a problem in regards to our pastures, so we built a good, strong pen to catch these dern things! Check.

The trap door, we’d gotten a little advice from a man up in North Florida, so after taking a look at his method for the door, we then changed ours out. Check!

So, we baited the pen up, for couple of days, then baited the trap in earnest. The first night it was set, I knew we’d caught the pigs. Cheyenne kept running to our fence and just barking away back towards the pen, so I knew she was hearing them. Sure enough she did…the pigs WERE caught! Check!

I got up the next morning, went to the pen, and sure enough…the pigs were gone. Check! Wait a minute, the pigs were gone?? Yep, we’d left a stump inside the pen next to the fence, and sure enough, the dern things had climbed up on the stump, and jumped out.

I knew to cut that thing out, but we didn’t, so boy, I was ticked! I imagine though, the dern pigs were probably pretty elated over our stupidity! The trap builders not being very smart? CHECK, and DOUBLE CHECK!! LOL!!

Here’s a video of the pen after we’d caught the pigs. You can see they rooted the pen up all over, and you can see the stump they jumped off of to escape. I just imagine the dern things had got a good view of me out there before, and once they saw that trap door close shut, they had only one thought on their mind…ME, lightin up the grill! LOL!

I’d of left town too, under such dire consequences, wouldn’t you have as well?

So, we immediately cut the dad-gum stump out, and raised up the sides of the pen another half a bull panel, or two more feet. Now, we’re ready once again! Look out pigs, we’ll git ya now for sure!

So, here’s a look at our new, redone pen/trap.

I can smell the smoker now…

Well guys, we’re gonna close for today, and if we can pick up internet on Deb’s laptop, we’ll keep you aware of our comings and goings, and post a few times while we’re gone. You guys take good care, and we’ll be speaking with you all very soon.

Thanks for all your support in regards to our site, and God Bless each and every one of you!

Thanks for droppin back in to visit with us once again, and Deb says to keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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