Wishing You All, a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys. We’re awful glad you’ve stopped back by to visit with us again…Happy Thanksgiving!

Isn’t this time of the year just outstanding? The holidays are getting underway, and the first being Thanksgiving. Isn’t that just a wonderful word by itself? THANKSGIVING…it couldn’t get any more self-explanatory than that, could it?

I know in our household it’s all about family and friends, good food, good fellowship…and FOOTBALL! Not necessarily in that order. LOL!

Seriously, Thanksgiving is just that, a time for giving thanks.

For us, this Thanksgiving has a very special meaning. This being simply that here we are at the end of November, and Deb is doing fantastic. We’re into the time frame now that her original Doctor told us was her life expectancy with her type of cancer. So far…so good.

To be honest, once diagnosed, we had no idea of what to do, where to start, or even what to look for. We, like so many others thought our treatment to be chemo, and that’s where Deb’s mindset was focused. You listen to your Doctor, right?

We had our faith shaken right off the bat though, as our first Doctor and the Doctor we’re now using, were as far apart on their treatment procedure as you can get. 180 degree difference mind you. We were like, “Man, what’s up with this, so…we started asking questions, researching, and looking for any and everything we could find in regards to fighting cancer.

She did do one chemo, and most know the rest of the story. Deb went, “one, and done.”

But you know what? Through this site, once many of you became aware of Deb’s diagnosis, we started receiving all types of info into the use of alternative treatments, and here we are today.
So today, Deb and I would like to stop, and say thank you to all you good people who supplied us with good information number one, and secondly, we’re thanking you today for taking the time out of your own busy schedules to care enough for Deb to send all this along for us! You guys are simply outstanding!

All of your prayers, concern, and love expressed to our family have been simply overwhelming to us all, and although words can’t express it deeply enough, once more…thank you all!
Now, we also have another very important reason for this Thanksgiving being special. I’d told you guys that Deb and I were going to Vicksburg, and this because of a lady that has once again, become very dear to our hearts…”Mississippi,” or Sandra.

We found out that last week Sandra was pronounced…CANCER FREE! After fighting cancer since 1998, Sandra is, well, as she likes to describe it…”squeaky clean!”

God Bless you Sandra, and all of your family. She’s been a rock for Deb to hold on to, and has supported Deb in all she does. They’ve become fast friends, and have formed a bond that I’m sure will last from here on out. She’s become…part of our family.

So, because of people like Sandra, and all you others, our life is surely blessed.

Judi and Brian of the Canada Free Press. As you all know they’re two wonderful people. Without those two, our website would never have taken place. You would not believe the time and effort, along with A LOT of good advice those people have provided to us.

In regards to patience, they have got to be the two most patient people I’ve ever been around. I gotta tell you, ole Dub can really wear on somebody’s nerves, and shoot, those two have put up with me, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever even flustered them…and I’ve tried everything, even going into “trainin!!” LOL!

Judi…Brian…thank you both for everything!

So, take the time today, stop, look around, and realize just how blessed you, and your own families are. Enjoy this day, and make it the best day it can possibly be.

Enjoy your family and friends. Take the time, and make the effort to hold them and to tell them you love them. Our time here is limited, and only our good Lord knows for sure how much we have. Life is short my friends. Make the very best of it!

For all of you that will be on the road the next few days, please…drive safely. Take your time, and watch out for…the other guy!

Many of you will be having… “a toddy, or two.” Be responsible, and have a designated driver. You surely don’t want to ruin your, or someone else’s holiday either.

Believe me too, that if you drink, I ain’t preaching for, or against it, either way. It bothers me none at all. Back “in the day,” I didn’t have “a toddy or two.” No, no…I always had “a toddy or six!” Our pond out by the house couldn’t hold…what I HAVE drank! LOL! I’m just asking for you to be safe.

I, for one, surely can’t be pointing a FINGER, cause if I do, shoot, I’ll have people pointin their WHOLE HAND at me! LOL! I think that may just be called…skeleton’s in your closet!! Ha! I better get off this before I mess around and “slip up” here this morning!

Before we close out for today, let’s look at a couple videos..

The first is a humorous look at Thanksgiving from…a turkey’s perspective. A Thanksgiving parody of MC Hammer’s… “Can’t Touch This.”

The second is a song , sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter, and is a traditional look at Thanksgiving, that Deb and I thought was very good. Please take a look and decide for yourself!

In closing today, we’d like to say once again…Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and the very best to you and yours!

Deb says to be sure and keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart! God Bless!

Dub and Deb

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