Taking Deb On A Trip:

Good morning! How is everybody today? We’d like to thank you guys again for stopping back by to visit with us today.

Well, Friday morning Deb and I are going to take a little trip. We’ll be gone 10-14 days, and we’ll be taking along our “baby girl,” Cheyenne along too. Deb says she ain’t going without ole “Shiny girl.” I suggested they stay here and I’d go alone, but that ain’t gonna fly. I wonder why??

Anyway I told her we needed to take a break and get away for a few days and she said, “Where to?”

I suggested Orlando, it’s about 20 minutes from us, and she said, “No way!” I asked her, “Why, is it too far to drive? If so, we can stay a little closer to home if you’d like…we don’t really HAVE to go that far if you don’t want to.”

Well, she’s JUST NOW started speaking to me again! I swear, I’ll never figure a woman out! I did tell her that I’d take her on a trip, but shoot, I figured Orlando would be far enough! Wouldn’t you?

You guys can weigh in on this too, if you’d like. I’d kinda like hearing from you on this one. If you feel I’m right in this thinking…please let Deb know, okay?

Actually we’re going to Vicksburg, Mississippi for 4-5 days first off. We’re headed out there to meet a woman and her family for the first time. We met this lady through our website, and what a good friend she has become to Deb and I.

You’ve seen her comments many times, and she is a wonderful person. She’s the lady you all know as “Mississippi” on our site. She is who supplied us with that delicious fried okra recipe.

Her name is Sandra, and actually Sandra has become a part of our extended family. Sandra started commenting on some of our columns, and she and I started corresponding back and forth like we do with so many of ya’ll anymore.

Then Deb was diagnosed with cancer, and her and Deb have spent many hours on the phone together since. Those two all of a sudden had a common bond after Deb’s diagnosis…Sandra had cancer too.

Sandra has been fighting cancer since 1998. She’s been undergoing chemo on and off since 1998, and last week Sandra received wonderful news…CANCER FREE!! Isn’t that just the greatest thing? We’re so very happy for her and her family.

We had the trip planned prior to her getting her all clear, but this is literally the icing on the cake for our trip. We’re just ecstatic over her good news, and we can’t wait to get there and hug her neck! This has been a long time coming for her, and bless her heart, she deserves all the good things that come her way!

We’re also looking forward to…some good eats while we’re there! I’m just willing to bet them Mississippi women can put some good groceries on the table! I personally…can’t wait.

I’ll be in kinda a Catch 22 while there though. First off, I’ve been on a diet, plus trying to basically eat most of the things Deb has been needing and eating, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. This along with MORE fresh fruits and vegetables! LOL!

Since trying to eat more along the lines of what Deb’s been needing, I’ve lost 36 pounds. I got on the scales at Winn-Dixie earlier today and was down to 279 from, well, you do the math…

But, my dilemma is this…I sure don’t want these nice people putting on the feedbag, and them feeling like maybe I don’t like there cooking. I gotta tell you, if they thought that, well, that just might break my heart. We sure don’t want to do that, do we?? Heck No!

So, I’m leaning towards eating enough so they know I enjoyed it. LOL!

Anyway, we’re looking forward to finally meeting Sandra and her family face to face. Deb said that Sandra had told her that she’d have everybody there, waving at us when we pull up.

Deb says, “Well, Sandra, you think they’ll be waving to beat the band when we pull up, if you REALLY want to see em waving at us, then just wait until they see us pulling out!” She told Sandra also, “That they’ll be so happy we’re leaving, they might just throw a shoulder out of socket!”

I told Deb after she’d told me about it, “To speak for herself, they might actually LIKE me!”

Once we leave Sandra, we’ll head down to Gulfport to see one of Deb’s sister’s, Joyce, and her two daughters, Karen and Amanda. Joyce has already put in her order for fresh peas, I knew I shouldn’t have made a video of our food storage room dad-gummit!

But I told Deb not to worry, I’d already pulled a pint of peas off the shelf, and dern if they ain’t got Joyce’s name written all over them! Deb said, “A PINT?” I told her if she didn’t want to take Joyce that many, I’d just dump her a jelly jar full!

I swear, in Deb’s regard, I don’t know whether I’m comin or goin. She says Joyce wants some peas, I grab a pint, tell Deb what I’ve got…and she gets mad?? Well, what’s she mad at?? Am I giving too many peas away, or does she feel a pint isn’t enough?? You know, if they’d just come out and tell you what they wanted you to take them, wouldn’t life be much simpler? I’d think so! LOL!

Seriously though Joyce is gonna get her peas, and we’re looking forward to seein her and her family too. Joyce, I believe, is a blackjack dealer at one of the casino’s, so man, I’m gonna have to keep ole Deb on a short leash!

Oh that woman sure might like to gamble some, and she has only one drawback which pertains to gambling…she ain’t very good at it!! Hence…the short leash statement!

But, we’re going for a good time, and I’ll be the first one to admit it, and the loudest to shout it…she deserves this getaway! Since her diagnosis, she has worked so very hard in fighting this, and I’m here to tell you…she’s doing one heck of a job! This IS her trip, and she’s welcome to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This one…is on me!

We’ve been really busy lately, and on top of that we’re trying to get our stuff together. But I told her to don’t worry about anything the next two to three days. By giving her these next few days off, so to speak, I figure that ought to give her PLENTY of time to get out on the road shoulder and pick up enough aluminum cans so she can have her a little jingle in her pocket…to gamble with!

See, I pretty much think of everything, huh?

We’ve got a little surprise while we’re in Gulfport. We have two other readers, Sandy and Bill, from Mobile. You know these guys too, if you’ve read us very long. They’re our two friends from Alabama who have been supplying me with the Bama football team jokes, and Sandy comments from time to time as well.

Well, Sandy and Bill are going to meet us in Gulfport too. We’ve never met these guys face to face either, but boy, we’re sure looking forward to it! They’re just good, down to earth people too.

Once leaving Gulfport, we may stop by their home on the way back. We’ve got to stop in Lucedale, Mississippi on our way home to look at a mobile kitchen. Deb and I are contemplating getting one and starting a barbeque stand…you know our motto already…“you’d have to be a rooster…to get a better piece of chicken!” Now, if you were driving by, and saw that quote…you’d just HAVE to stop and try it, wouldn’t you? Yeah, you would!

Anyway, we’re not going just to buy one outright. We just want to see what’s out there, how they’re set up, and the cost.

We have talked about one for the last couple of years. People will come over, eat with us and go, “Man, you guys ought to have a restaurant, this is GOOD!” I’m like, “Oh, really? It’s free right now. Would you still come and tell us how GOOD it is, if we were charging you $7 bucks a plate??” LOL!

Actually though, we’d just about talked ourselves into one, and then…Deb was diagnosed with cancer. For those who remember this, her prognosis wasn’t good at all. 8 to 9 months without treatment, so that knocked our barbeque stand in the head.

Well, now we’re 8 months into it and Deb looks, and feels great, so, we’re beginning to rethink this little venture. She has been telling me now for the last couple months, I’m ready to do this if you are, so we’ll see. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t but we are looking at it again…

But as you guys can see, our trip is based upon people we’ve met through this site. Once again, Deb and I would like to thank everyone of ya’ll for being so supportive of “Ridin Out the Recession.”

This site has made this trip available to us. This site has allowed these friendships to nourish, and hopefully this continues to be the case. We love each and every one of you guys, and because of you, we look forward to getting a new column back up, and visiting with you all once again!

If any of you live close enough to possibly “hook up” with us while we’re gone, we’d love to see, and meet you as well. Drop us a line, and I’ll send you our cell phone numbers, and who knows…the more the merrier!

God Bless you and yours, and Deb says TO BE SURE and keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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One Response to Taking Deb On A Trip:

  1. Sandra says:

    As you all know Mississippi is know as the Hospitality State. So D&D leave your diets at home. For you guys the door is always open and we are as near as the phone. Deb is progressing quite well. Proud of both of you. Just call me Mississippi. Thanks for the headsup in your column. Maybe will give hope to others. No I won’t share my recipes with you! If you want my recipes buy a copy of “White Trash Cooking” or “Road Kill”. Jus’ kiddin. I would like to add I give a lot of credit to my special Doctor and her staff. She has taken care of me for years and gotten me this far.
    Happy Thanksgiving All!

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