Videos Of The New Door For the Hog Pen/Trap, And What’s Still in the Garden:

Hey guys, and welcome back today. We hope everything is going along just fine for everyone, and you’re all getting primed up for Thanksgiving. Can you believe another year is almost gone. Where does the time go anymore?

Well, we’d showed you our hog pen we built earlier, and we feel it turned out nice. It’s located in a good spot with plenty of shade for the hotter months, and is a well built, sturdy pen. But, we found a flaw. Maybe flaw isn’t the right word, as our old setup worked, but this new system will definitely work out better for us.

What changed our mind? A friend from Youtube sent us over a diagram of a trap he’d built. After looking over his plan, then comparing it to our layout, it was obvious that his setup would be much more efficient. So…we made the switch!

If you’d watched the earlier videos we’d put up while building the pen, you saw our old trapdoor setup. It swung from hinges and opened up, and out. It closed fine, but we couldn’t figure a way for it to latch itself somehow when the pigs sprang the trap.

So we got to wondering if whether or not the pigs might be able to “jimmy” the door open enough to escape once they’d been caught. Our setup got to lookin pretty iffy once we saw the other system. It too is simple, easy to build, but it has little to no chance of allowing escape.

But you know what else this new door shows us all? The power of people, the importance of sharing knowledge, and the role these simple things play in helping out in our day to day lives. This is just one example of comparing, and sharing ideas with each other, and through this…we ended up with a better door system than we had originally.

This is what our website is about…and our videos that are put up on Youtube. People read about, or watch the videos, and learn new ideas, shared through the knowledge of others. This is what it is all about.

I know since Deb and I started this site, through the goodness and guidance of Judi and Brian, and the Canada Free Press, this was the main reason for doing so…helping others.

While it didn’t take Deb and I long to figure out, we really don’t know much about nothing, some of our readers, or friends would step up, and answer a question or share their own knowledge of doing things, and so far, hasn’t it worked out great?

Not only do we hope we have made a small difference in someone’s lives, but we have met so many good, good people, and several we now consider friends, and some even have become extended members of our family.

Deb and I are so glad, and so fortunate, to have had the opportunity to do this and meet the wonderful people it has allowed us to associate with! Then we hit our little “bump in the road” with Deb, and what an outpouring of love, concern and prayers! WOW!

Thanks guys, you’ve been outstanding, and you all are appreciated by us both!

But, this is what we do as Americans…we help each other out. Once more, because of this simple fact…we have a better pen. This, on account of one man sharing his knowledge of a subject…with another. Yessiree!

Anyway, here’s a video of the change we made, and how the new door operates.

Another video we have today is of our garden, and what’s still goin on out there in it.

We’re down to our okra, which has just produced and produced…and will, until the first hard frost. Deb and I are going on a trip the day after Thanksgiving which we’ll tell ya’ll about in another day or two, and ole Dale can’t wait for us to leave. Why? He’ll be pickling up my okra while we’re gone!! He’s ON READY, that scoundrel!

I’m picking at Dale this morning, but in all honesty we’re glad he’ll be here to picking it while we’re gone, and he loves it too. So ole Dale will be able to put up a considerable amount for him and whoever else decides they want some. Just help yourself!!

We’ve pickled a total of 229 pints already, plus we have enough in the kitchen we picked late yesterday afternoon to make another 15-20 pints. Then we’ll pickle what we can get between now and Thanksgiving, and from there out…it’s Dales.

Our mustard greens are coming in good now. Matter a fact we’ll cut probably enough for 6-8 messes today possibly, but it’s looking like it will be Sunday. Dale will be in “them muthas” too while we’re away.
We’ve been eating them already in salads , and I’ve been eating them raw with a Remoulade Sauce.

I put this recipe up a day or two ago, and if you missed it, it is given in the description of the video, right above the comments. Check it out…it is VERY good on fresh vegetables as a dipping sauce.
We then have a row of cabbage and broccoli. We’re not sure how they’ll do but we’re giving them a whirl.

Dale also planted him some vegetables. This time of the year we don’t have much garden going on, so we had plenty of room and told him to help himself. So he planted 2 rows of collard greens, and a half a row apiece of broccoli and cabbage.

Besides what we’ve just talked about…the garden is pretty much done. It’s been a lot of fun, and it has supplied us with a huge bounty of good, fresh, vegetables once more. We thoroughly enjoy gardening, and love our lifestyle. We’re very, very blessed!

Here’s the video of our garden…

Also, our friends from Alabama sent us a new picture of Alabama’s football stadium. You know already that LSU beat Bama in a squeaker, and this was on account of four missed Alabama field goals.

With that being said, the University has made one small renovation, and you can see it below…


We wish all of you the best that life can offer, and God Bless you and yours! Deb says, “Keep a smile on your face, and one in your heart!

Dub and Deb

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