Reader Comments for Coverin’ the Bases:

From: Craig
Hey Dub,

I must say, I’ve learned a few things from you in the short time I’ve been reading your articles.  For example, I did finally find a cast iron skillet a couple of years ago.  Always wanted one, but all I could find were these pans with the Teflon coating.  What I didn’t understand was the need to season the pan.  So, a few days ago I wiped a bit of olive oil on the pan and put it in the oven.  I used it for the first time this morning scrambling 18 eggs!  Amazing how easily it cleans up now.  And the 18 eggs?  They are all now in my dehydrator for the big experiment of making powdered eggs.  I learned through this that with the 4 trays I can do 18 eggs at a time.  I dug out and cleaned up the blender.  After I see how this turns out, I’m going to try the same thing with cheddar cheese.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.  There is a local real estate lady near here who lives in the country and has hens.  She wants to know how to do this.  Don’t know for sure, but this might be a source of cheaper eggs if she can’t handle them all.  She says they don’t lay a lot in winter but in the summer they lay a lot.

I’ve also tried out this morning a coffee percolator (no electricity needed).  I haven’t seen one of those since I was a little boy with my grandparents.  So, I went out and bought a cheap one.  Seems to work fine.  I put 3 spoons of coffee for 4 cups of water.  I may have to use a spoon per cup or let it percolate for more than 7 minutes but it isn’t bad.  The down side is after I bought this I actually found we had kept my grandmother’s percolator which is glass.  Oh well, now I have 2!

We’re making progress.

**Thanks for coming by again Craig! We appreciate hearing from you anytime. Yes, let me know how the eggs turn out. If you feel this works out good for you, get back with us as I’d sure like to do some of that myself! Also let us know about the cheese too.

I don’t know if this works or not, it may be an old “wives tale,” but I’ve read I believe, that if you give the hens some warm water to drink, instead of tap water, the egg production will pick up. Again, I don’t know for sure. Ask her to attempt it, who knows, it may work. They’ll probably pee more for sure! LOL!

Listen Craig, thanks again buddy, and I’ll be getting back with you!

Re: Canada Free Press
From: MizVonderW
My Mother & Dad lived in Central Northern Arkansas.  As the plants grew larger (tomato plants reached a height of 6′) it was more difficult to water.  Mother came up with an idea!  She bought an inexpensive square sprinkler (it was a square garden), Dad clamped it to a tall step ladder & hooked a hose to it, placed it in the middle of the garden.  Turn it on and you have your own rain.  An adjustable oscillating sprinkler, adjusted to water just the width of of the raised beds was used.
P.S.  They had their own well.
My husband prefers a drip system.

 **Hey MizVonDerW, how have you guys been? You always help out with some good advice for everyone! Thanks for dropping back in, we appreciate hearing from you guys. I do something similar in our bigger garden. I use the back and forth fan sprinkler, but I set it on a table to get it above the plants…works good. We’re on a well system. I move the sprinkler…Deb moves the table!! Took years to get her to understand she had the “easy part!” LOL! She’s downstairs with our youngest granddaughter….so I can write whatever I want! Just between us, right?

Your husband is probably right in regards to the drip system. Less water usage, and it all goes straight to the roots if placed right…very little waste.

In the orange groves down here, we use a microjet system. Runs from 1” tubing to each tree where a little jet sits on a stand maybe 12” high. It sprays a fine mist right at the base of the tree. They’re also very good cold protection. The orange trees form a big canopy. During the cold weather, they’re run all night. The 70 degree water keeps the tree warm up under the canopy. You can literally see if you have a grove that only partially has microjet. The ones that do are obvious versus the ones that don’t. Night and day difference!

Thanks again, and ya’ll come back, you hear!

Dub and Deb

From: Craig
Hey Dub,
I wanted to comment on a couple of things you mentioned.  In one email you mentioned cheerios.  I was eating those as a snack food before you were even a twinkle in your mother’s eye!  Yesterday you mentioned in your article about gardening tomato sandwiches!  Oh crap, I haven’t heard of those in many years.  I somehow forgot about them.  Oh ya’, get out the salt and pepper.  Besides peanut butter on toast another good one is toast with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Today is my birthday which is no big deal to me.  In fact, when my brother turned 50, his daughters had a surprise get together for him at which I said I was celebrating because I wasn’t 50.  Look at me now on a wild rip for 60!  4 more years and still sanding floors.  I was greeted by my wife this morning when I was waking up with “guess what today is?  You’re 73!”.  smart a..!  I think I must try a tomato sandwich today.

**Hey Craig…don’t you ever work?? Naw, I’m just picking at you, you old fa..! I want everybody to know that Craig, is one great guy, but old, very, very old…but a great guy! I’m still “jerkin your chain!” Craig knows this, but I wanted to make sure everyone else does!

I only showed this comment because I’d like for everybody to give Craig a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Though at his age, I’d just as soon nobody knew I was having another one!

I heard that when Rachel lit all the candles on Craig’s cake…the Fire Department showed up at his house! When I mentioned the tomato sandwiches you’re speaking of, I literally had you on my mind. They’re really easy to eat when you’re losing your teeth!

Alright, I’m through picking at you, “Birthday Boy!” You know it’s all in fun, and I’m very aware I’m in for some payback…and soon! We love you guys Craig, and ya’ll really seem to be good people. We feel blessed knowing you guys and enjoy hearing from you every time!

Thanks for being the guy you are, and Happy Birthday, and hope you have many more!! Enjoy your tomato sandwich, buddy!

Oh…it almost slipped my mind! My birthdays is on…forget it, buster!


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  1. Sandy Grant says:

    Looking for the postings of Craigs eggs after the dehydration………

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